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URGENT - Leo, the JR cross, needs a foster or permanent home ASAP!!! (Cahors, 46)

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Can anyone offer a home to Leo??  This really is a life and death situation for little Leo. Unfortunately another larger dog in the household has taken a dislike to Leo and has now attacked him twice, leaving Leo with serious injuries.  He is recovering after veterinary attention - but must be found a new home urgently, even if it is a foster home in the interim.  Leo is a Jack Rusell cross and is about 7.  He is micro chipped (250 269 201 031 594) and vaccinated. His owner is very upset that things have come to this, but she accepts that Leo must be found a new home urgently, the situation is impossible between the 2 dogs and is a tragedy waiting to happen.  She will pay for any veterinary treatment he may need for his injuries and arrange transport if need be.

If you could offer Leo a foster or permanent home with you, please get in touch, thanks.

Here are some photos of Leo, before his attack and after - he needs lots of TLC to get him over this!!  Leo would be best suited now to a quiet, calm home with no other dogs and no small children. He is ok with cats with the usual careful introduction.






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Wonderful news today, Leo has gone off to a new home!!!!!!!  Many thanks to everyone who helped to get Leo out of his desperate situation, especially his new owners who fell in love with him as soon as they met him.  Apparently he is settling in well, already making himself comfortable on his new owners laps!!!  He is one happy dog and the center of attention in his new home as the only dog!!!

Here are some photos of him setting off today - what a grin!





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Only to glad to be of help. As I always say, we are all in the same game, so whereas getting dogs out of the SPA Carcassonne will always be my priority, I am happy to pass on details of other refuge dogs if it seems to make sense, which it clearly did for Leo!


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