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  1. Yes, I can imagine (and remember) all too well. Good luck with the healing; the pain never really goes away, in my opinion.
  2. I don't suppose you could be persuaded to get a puppy from a refuge?
  3. And she was courteous enough to write to me to thank me too. Wonder if she wants any more dogs.......!
  4. The SPA Carcassonne has its open days this weekend, so please come and see us. We have 130 dogs and the same number of cats looking for homes. Lots of PUPPIES and KITTENS too! A group of volunteers, including English-speakers will be there to introduce you to the animals and there will be games and refreshments. Route de Berriac (behind Geant 2) Saturday and Sunday 1400-1800 Tel 0468 25 35 45
  5. Only to glad to be of help. As I always say, we are all in the same game, so whereas getting dogs out of the SPA Carcassonne will always be my priority, I am happy to pass on details of other refuge dogs if it seems to make sense, which it clearly did for Leo! Rowan www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk
  6. HI BJC Have you tried posting her on http://www.chat-perdu.org/? Maybe someone is looking for her; you never know! I will let the SPA know that you have a "spare cat" and see if anyone has asked about her, too! Rowan
  7. Well, the SPA sent the papers off in February, so I think it is just a question of waiting. It can take ages, I know. It did with my two. Yes, we have treated the concrete kennels, but I don't think the treatment is too effective, as the employees have to hose the kennels out twice a day, and I guess that washes the product off. We try treating the grass parks too, but it is not very effective either.One solution is never to put the dogs out, but they love running round off the lead, so it seems a bit unfair. What we are doing now is Frontlining each dog as it goes back to its kennel after either a walk or some time in the park. Gradually we will get to them all, but we have LOTS of dogs, needless to say. And I HATE finding ticks on myself, which I do almost every evening. Sometimes they are even "dug in" as it were. I am thinking of getting a scalibor collar for myself!!! I got very fond of Pip while he was there, as Merlin knows. I am so happy he is with her being loved.
  8. To be honest, it was hard to know what to do while he was still with us at the refuge. After the bath we did as much de-tangling and de-ticking as we could and I am so sorry Merlin still had so many to deal with. We did Frontline him, so some of them may have left of their own accord. I have to reiterate that he was bathed because we thought it would make him more comfortable (his tail was matted to his body so he was unable to move it) and it wasn't done just cos he was due to leave, cos at the time we didn't know. We are trying to treat as many dogs with Frontline as we can, as the place is overrun. Lots of the cost of this falls to us volunteers, as the SPA is veery short of funds. Ultimately tho you have to decide if continuing to cut fur off a dog who is getting distressed is the way to go. I went for the option of treating him with Frontline and hoping he would feel better with half a haircut than he had done before any of it was done. Ref the papers for Geisha, Christine, they will come from the Central Canine in Paris. The SPA cannot hurry this process up. If Geisha becomes lost, the Central Canine will contact the SPA who will contact you, so that will close the loop before Paris completes its work. Glad she is fine.
  9. Christine To answer your question, even before we knew that lovely Merlin was taking Pip, we (the volunteers) gave him a bath with a special soothing shampoo and cut off as much fur from him as we could. When I picked him up the first time, I thought he was covered with tumours, but in fact it was matted fur, which I, along with a couple of volunteers, carefully removed (or as much as we could without causing him distress) I had Pip out of his cage and in my arms almost every day while I was at the refuge, and the other volunteers did what they could to make him comfortable, too. The people at the refuge are not uncaring. They are just massively busy and sometimes a bit overwhelmed. And as you know, the reason Geisha was left alone was that she had an owner who was expected to come back for her but never did. We DID learn from that and we do our best to make the all the dogs as happy as we can, regardless of age or prospects for rehoming.
  10. Hello everyone It seems that English setters are a bit like buses... As many of you know, Alex dit Athos is now in the gentle hands of Merlin. Yippee. However last week another English setter was brought in to the SPA. His owner has been hospitallised and at 10 and a half years old, Rhum is now homeless. Rhum has all his jabs, is already tatooed and appears to be in good health, tho at his age he is no spring chicken. He is already suffering greatly at the refuge. It took a volunteer 15 minutes to coax him out of his kennel on Tuesday and yesterday he did not want to know at all. He is sinking into depression, as do many dogs of good breeding who find themselves homeless after so long with a family. Rhum needs only gentle exercise. He sits quite happily by my side without a lead on, but loves to be stroked. Fine with other dogs of both sexes and cats, Rhum still enjoys his food (at least he wolfed down the cheese I fed him). With the refuge gradually filling up again, soon there will be no space for this lovely boy and it would be wonderful if someone were able to offer him a warm place to spend what time he has left. Please, if you can help, contact me via my site www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk Many thanks. I hope the pictures come out okay. It is a bit hit and miss for me! Rowan  [IMG]http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx153/rowan1965/Rhum3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx153/rowan1965/Rhum2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx153/rowan1965/Rhum1.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Sorry for this rather off-track post, but it is dog-rescue related....honest! I am meeting someone to hand over a dog from the SPA on Friday and Agen appears to be the halfway-ish point. I will be coming from direction Toulouse and the new owners from direction Bordeaux. Does anyone know the Agen area well enough to suggest a meeting point? Ideally not a motorway services, cos they are loud and scary. I was thinking more of a trading zone, the sort of place where we may find a Decathlon or a Gamm Vert etc, where it wouldn't be too horrid for the dog to stretch her legs and for me to wait with her till her new owners arrive. And close to the Autoroute, too! Many thanks! Rowan
  12. Okay, here is the latest on Alex. Together with another volunteer I took him to a magnetiseuse last Thursday, and one of the man comments she made was on how Alex has an incredible desire to live. After seeing her, he seems to have improved even further and on Saturday he actually jumped up to greet me when I went into the park to see him Right we thought, if he is refusing to give up, SO ARE WE!!! Two nights ago we launched an appeal on the SPA Carcassonne Facebook page for a home for Alex, with the promise that if a home could be found, a second appeal would be launched for funds to help with his care. At the same time, Merlin launched an appeal on her site, Doglinks (www.doglinks.wordpress.com). The upshot is that as soon as transport can be arranged, Alex is going up to Merlin's magical kingdom, and all being well, a few weeks later will be cared for by a friend of Merlin's, who is a dog therapist. YIPPEEE! Please bear in mind that Alex is a very sick boy, and no miracles are expected. However he will be in the best of hands and being out of the refuge will give him even more reason to live. Also be aware that, although Merlin is doing this out of the kindness of her heart, I am sure she would be grateful for any financial help that can be given. Her site has a donate button on the right hand side, and Merlin will keep everyone in touch with Alex's progress. The SPA Carcassonne appeal will run simultaneously via Facebook. Thanks to everyone for their continued interest in this wonderful dog and thanks most of all to Merlin for starting him on the next phase of his life. Thanks in advance for your donations. Rowan
  13. My Lily is called Lily-Belly for the same reason!
  14. SIX? I should be so lucky! Thanks anyway...maybe you know someone who would like to adopt....
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