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  1. This is a warning about a certain lady who may contact you wanting one of these puppies! This lady had recently taken a puppy without paying for it and it was taken back and it was found to be very thin and it is now dangerously ill with suspected Parvovirus at the vet. This woman neglected this puppy and also 'lost' a small terrier she adopted from me some time ago! I will PM you this woman's name so you are away that this would NOT be a good home for a puppy!
  2. Hi - have you had a look at the SPA in Carcassonne? Rowan is the contact there and they usually always have goldens.
  3. It's amazing how such news can cheer up a lousy day isn't it. I was getting very depressed about Fanny when out of the blue the 'phone call came and the cogs in the machine sprang into action. I am keeping in close touch but so far Fanny seems to have her feet firmly under the table and on her new mistress's bed too! She's an interesting breed we discover - an Isreli Desert dog - incredibly loyal and wonderful guards. You learn something every day. Have a good week-end people.
  4. Very happy to report that I was lucky enough to find Fanny a home at the beginning of this week and it seems it's a match made in heaven! A lovely lady and now her lovely dog for company and friendship. This was right as Fanny's time was running out - fate stepped in...
  5. I really feel so happy when the older ones find homes and this boy has waited so long for his turn! Couldn't stop a tear rolling down my cheek when I saw the picture Jouals!
  6. The calendar is done and at the printers - for three sample pages out of the 12 - go to this link to see how it will look :- https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/22895850/1/Calendar%202011?h=182ef9
  7. Errr what is that? I go down the box that appears under the picture in photobucket to the very bottom one - the one that has all the bits within the brackets that is says to do, click on copy and then post it on here. When I preview the post it's all there just fine but then it mucks up on the actual post? Thing is I have to use the same procedure for posts on TF and it works every time! It does annoy me because I never used to have a problem and now I feel bad that someone always has to make my pics live for me - don't like being a nuisance! :(
  8. [IMG]http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab161/squarepeg2010/Fanny2.jpg[/IMG]  [IMG]http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab161/squarepeg2010/fanny3.jpg[/IMG]  Merlin are you using the 'link' icon to make your pics live ? 
  9. Poor Fanny will end up in a refuge after this date if we can't find her a home or foster home to give us more time. She is 7 years old, spayed, vaccinated and chipped. Here is the link to her on my website and I will post more pictures soon. I found her a home with a foster family but Fanny didn't settle as she's not been used to other dogs. I will also post what her foster home said about her so there is a full picture. http://doglinks.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/fanny-kind-berger-cross-riberac-24/ Here is one picture but I'm not holding my breath that it works as I seem not be able to get pictures to work on here any more for some reason? [IMG]http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab161/squarepeg2010/Fanny.jpg[/IMG]
  10. They are going to the printer tomorrow and will cost 6 euros. You can order by emailing me your address at :- [email protected] and paying by using the donate button on my website :- http://doglinks.wordpress.com/ or sending a cheque if you prefer. Many thanks to all ordering - I will have the proofs for people to see on request later in the week and will post them on doglinks.
  11. Chrissie - I will find out if a note can be put in and let you know.
  12. Dear Christine - my life would be very hollow if I gave up doing this now. Each happy face helps melt the pain of the ones that aren't so lucky.
  13. Yes of course Jean - they are being printed in the UK so no problem at all. Just send me your address and I will start the distribution list going as I've had lots of people today already - I'm so pleased! Thanks for fixing the pictures for me that man! :)))
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