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Toilet training at night a puppy?


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So for the last 3 weeks I've been getting up at night to let the pup out. Sometimes we've still had accidents and sometimes he only goes when I go outside with him. I generally only get up once as I give last meal at 5 and last trip around the garden is usually after 22.30. He will be 11 weeks old this week.

Some say let them cry and don't get up and others say set the alarm probably for at least twice.

Last night I got up at 4am and went out with him all he did was a wee. This morning, 2 poos in the crate (it is only a small crate at this stage).

I don't mind getting up with him but I'd rather he toileted then than in his crate.

He is in a crate at bedtime and moments when I have to go out. He doesn't cry now at bedtime which he was doing.

Any tips anyone?

Also, the worming pills from the pharmacy are they any good?

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There are a few ways of how you can help your puppy:

Keep your puppy with you at all times during toilet training.

Use appropriate and motivating rewards.

Take your puppy out every hour. The more occasions you have that you can reward the appropriate behavior, the quicker your puppy will ‘get it’.

Be patient and consistent and avoid punishment.
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Since my original post, I'm pleased to say our puppy has been going through the night from 23h to 09.00. So we're very pleased with that.

We adopted a dog from the SPA last Saturday. A similar age to our boy , around 6 months. So far so good, they both go in cages last thing and go round to 8am.

They're similar ages and so far seem to play fight a lot of the time.

Ideal playmates? Or a match made to be. We believe in fate. The SPA dog was the only female (which we wanted) and it was just by chance we went. Karma?? Perhaps but we think she found us, not the other way round.

Either way she's a lovely mix breed dog and is fitting in nicely with us all.

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