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  1. Although our local shops are quite busy, and number plates from a lot of destinations, everyone is wearing a mask. Most of our shops have run out of hand gel, or haven't replaced, so a good idea to carry disinfectant wipes and hand gel. It's too soon to go back to pre pandemic
  2. I will always be European, as Brits we are. I'm sad about leaving the EU, I'm just an invader for now as I don't envisage ending my days here in France My fear is ending up in EHPAD For that, if it comes, I'd prefer to be in UK
  3. I'm still around although I rarely post on here these days but when I needed help this forum was here for me, so thank you for your help. I remember Sunday Driver, and would like to send my best wishes to Caroline and the rest of his family. It's a cruel disease which I am currently experiencing with my own Mum, who will be 94 tomorrow. Keep safe everyone
  4. We struggle with just a bit more than that a month! We do have a mortgage so I presume we are classified as rich.
  5. Hi Sue here are the answers: Country = USA Never ordered from them before it was ordered from an Instagram advert The item was a buy one get one free of a cat carrier bag Nothing particularly exciting and it said free postage.
  6. I'm presuming. Trouble is I am awaiting a package so I wasn't sure what to do. So I googled and found a lot of people talking about this particular message. Anyway I've now blocked the number and didn't click on the link. Anyone else had this before? ..................Cher(e) ...first name used... vous devez payer 1.95€ TVA pour votre colis,payer en ligne et eviter les frais de dedouanement(15€): http://6aj.us/Sawg m9d.us/Sn6I
  7. Mint, is this the correct shampoo please? https://www.yves-rocher.fr/cheveux/type-de-produit/shampooing/volume-et-matiere---shampooing-gelee/p/yr.R58006
  8. sounds brilliant Mint, thank you for posting back. ATM I'm trying to let my hair go into a bob style again, it's at that difficult, in between stage so whatever I do it doesn't look like much. Mind you with the hot weather returning I have to pin as much up as I can as my neck and hair remain permanently wet.
  9. I've looked on the website and see that I can pay either in € or £. Has anyone paid in euros and if so, is it like Amazon UK where they convert the rate and you pay exactly as it states in €. I would prefer to pay in € but not if I'm going to have additional charges. Just trying to work out if it's better to pay £ or €? Thanks
  10. Thanks Mint for your reply, I'll take a look. Don't know if you know of Golden Paste? It is homemade using turmeric, coconut or olive oil, black pepper (piperine) and water. It's very easy to make and saves a fortune buying curcuma tablets. If you want the recipe I will happily send. Only problem is, it can create yellow fingers or tops so you have to prepare using an old board. It looks like I'm a 100 a day smoker if it stains my fingers lol.
  11. Hoddy I'd like to give my thanks. Please could you give us a brief on what being a moderator entails? Perhaps that might help for people who think they have spare time?
  12. Thanks Mint I will look up the biotin. Which site do you use, or do Holland and Barrett UK have it? I tried Kelp for my nails but found no difference. I'd love strong nails too, perhaps I'm asking too much ? look forward to hearing how you get on with the shampoo. At the end of the day, thank goodness we're here, still to talk about it. Long may it continue ??
  13. [quote user="mint"]There is a shop in Périgueux too, Hoddy. But it'll have to be on-line for me as it's the other side of Périgueux from us and Périgueux has had road works for years and nobody other than ambulance drivers know how to negotiate the streets! I trust your judgment, Hoddy, and I think I'll buy some of their "volumizing" shampoo. Though my hair's grown back, it is now very fine and I am conscious of the bald patch on top of my head[:-))] Still, it looks to be nice hair, much better than I could hope to expect, it just lacks shine and body. I also have an excellent hairdresser and she always makes me feel like a filmstar when I leave the salon. She does nothing more than cut it, lol, so I will have to look for a very small budget film to star in! [/quote] Mint, I've been told I have partial alopecia, so have a job covering the balder patches. My hair has never recovered from chemo 11 years ago. Mind you I've always had very fine, dead straight hair, so when growing back I was hoping for thicker and curlier locks . Sadly didn't happen. Maybe I'll give Ives Rocher a try, I've heard their products are good. Good luck.
  14. Hi mint. Which online stores do you use please? My pharmacy bill is going up with all the supplements I usually take, like magnesium and glucosamine.
  15. Much cooler here today, rain too, but a welcome relief from high temperatures.
  16. As I'm in dept 24 which appears red I gather we are at risk? What can we do to protect ourselves? Our garden has loads of citronella.
  17. Errr, snake oil? Sorry to be dim but what is it and does it work? Might give it a go myself for pain perhaps
  18. So sorry to hear this has happened Norman but you are sure to be able to contest it? In the last 16 years I've been ALD for diabetes and two types of cancer. Thankfully the cancer side so far, is not a worry. However the diabetes side will remain, as a "lifelong" problem. They're more and more cutting back on transport for ALD conditions and my endocrinologist stresses every time that so many people take advantage, as in get a VSL but then go shopping, have a lunch and then go to their appointments. It's no surprise really they're cutting back, but this affects genuine ALD. It has become more of a cutback in my 16 years.
  19. Minnie I have a contract with Coriolis, a side kick to orange. I get 4g, free sms to French mobiles and it picks up the WiFi very well. I have my phone set to 4g when not in range of a Wi-Fi signal. It costs just under 14€ a month, most of the time I don't use anything like that as I get WiFi. I'm sure I've used my phone when I've been at your house so that possibly answers the question of getting a signal or 4g. To contact most family and friends in the UK and Spain I use WhatsApp, which is free. Good luck
  20. Thanks for the link Norman. I just checked and for us it says no restrictions, yet. We're due hailstones, orage, rain and wind tonight so I guess that will top up the water butts.
  21. Facebook have regional groups for buying/selling items of any description, even free things if you just want to get rid of stuff. Emmaus are good so I would investigate that option, even a troc if there is a local one. You probably can find a local charity shop if you are happy to donate. Depending on the time you have, garage/house sales are quite popular. You usually advertise with a board pointing in the direction or at the local maire. Good luck and sorry for your loss.
  22. [quote user="richard51"]Mmmm - OH not convinced. I was about to give sarcastic response about WBs translation but perhaps Spain is far enough south for it to be a possibility, especially with BnBs sane post. However, looking on the internet further there appears to be the possibility that it is wild thyme. There is a website that will apparently correlate photos of flowers with their names - OH has details apparently. So we will do that when she/we have time. Can you post a link to that website please? If so, then bizarre, as our favourite restaurant is called the "Bryn de Thym" and we were there only yesterday. Can google it but you will need to book as its very popular with locals.[/quote]
  23. Idun because he isn't here a lot of the time as he works away from France. When here, he relies on me of course
  24. Exactly idun. I don't want to end up in a French care home, nor do I want to die in France. My French is Ok, of sorts, but the question is how long to leave it before returning to UK (not a thought I relish) or going somewhere else. My OH wouldn't consider UK, yet he doesn't speak any French so without me he's buggered. If he goes first, well, a tough one! But I don't want to stay in France.
  25. I have found watercress in Grand Fraise. They also do quite a few things that I haven't found in other shops. Our nearest one is a good hour away so when we go I usually over buy ?
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