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  1. Thanks everyone. No, we have had no income in France since we moved and so hopefully I have misunderstood about the two different declarations. Will do as everyone suggests and fill out the numbers for the first three months and will write appropriate comments in the "any other info" box. They already have our UK address and I have done the declarations online for years. The UK tax situation is clear ( and yes, the removal date of 31st March was chosen for obvious reasons!) Right, time to sort out the numbers and sit at the computer with a damp towel wrapped round my head..... :) Chrissie
  2. Having moved back to the UK during March 2019, I am now faced with doing the 2019 tax return. During my “final” visit to the local tax office, I was told I would have to complete two returns, one for the pre-move period and one for the rest of the year. I wasn’t too worried, thinking that I would come back to France and go to the tax office in person. Now, of course, that is not possible. Has anyone managed to go through the same process, either online or by paper return? Thanks in advance Chrissie
  3. I was just about to post a message saying "hooray - no fosse septique! " when I saw this one. Fascinating. We are on mains drainage and this was just a minor mention when we bought the place, so hopefully won't be a problem if we sell..... Chrissie (81)
  4. I had a lady come round today who showed interest - I met her by chance and as I do not have the house for sale with immobiliers with an exclusive mandat, I assume there would be no problem selling directly to her. But if this happens, which documents would I be obliged to produce for her and the notaire? I assume an up to date Diagnostiques, a plan cadastrale, the proof that I am the owner...... Anything else? Chrissie (81)
  5. Thanks, that's great to hear. (Would have replied sooner but our internet has been down yet again, sigh). Now for a potentially really stupid question - once in the UK, if we decide to go for an all-in-one supplier of phone, internet and TV package such as Sky, does the actual phone line still have to be connected by BT? Do they decide if we can keep the old number? And do they charge line rental? We have been here for so long that I feel we are returning to a country where we understand NOTHING! Chrissie
  6. ...........in the UK? We have a standard setup of a base unit and two extra handsets. Base is connected to the SFR boxm others just inot the mains. Is there any point in taking the phones to the UK? Can the plugs (which look like little black boxes - ?transformers?) be changed? Chrissie (81)
  7. I agree that points don't (currently) follow you when you swap French for UK licence, but I understand you cannot switch back until you have been resident in the UK for 183 days. I have had quotes from a few insurers using my French licence, so I am about to sign up for a 2 day course near me to get this back up to 12 points. Then I plan to do as PatF's husband did, and go to UK and buy a car, bring it down here for bringing last bits and dog etc back up to UK, getting rid of the French car altogether. Have to say there are so many things to think about that my head is spinning. Perhaps we should have a new section on the Forum called "Going Back to the UK"......! Chrissie
  8. Sorry, only just followed your link and see there IS a course possible, so guess I'd better look at that.
  9. So not till 2021 then. Boo. Can I go on any kind of course to restore the situation? We are moving back to the UK sometime this year and I will need to get car insurance there - I imagine it will be more expensive if I have points deducted..... Which gives rise to another thought - will my current French insurers be aware? Should I have informed them?..... Eek Chrissie
  10. In March 2015 I was done for not waiting long enough at a STOP sign. I was docked 4 points. I think those were due to be restored after 3 years, i.e. in March 2018. However, I was flashed for speeding in mid Jan 2018 and docked another point. That point was restored after 6 months, but I was advised I still have the other 4 outstanding. Can anyone tell me when I can expect them to be restored (assuming I am a perfect citizen between now and whenever)? I tried asking my local police station, with whom I am on fairly agreeable terms (!) and there was much head-scratching and no consensus on the answer. Thanks in advance Chrissie (81)
  11. Well, that's fascinating - I shall definitely be investigating Bishops Move, thank you everyone! I'm glad you found an outlet for your books, Judith - I have managed to persuade someone else to take over the sales here in aid of the local dog refuge, so that's a relief. Chrissie
  12. For a variety of reasons (not just the dreaded B-word!) we are moving back to the UK. Does anyone have recommendations for removal firms? We would want a full packing service on contents of a large house. I did a search on the Forum but couldn't find anything within the last few years...... Thanks in advance Chrissie (81)
  13. How marvellous! So sad that your (second) puppy should need re-homing at her young age, but great that you have found her. How lucky she is. I'm sure you will all have a great and enjoyable doggy life! Chrissie(81)
  14. Hi Irene Thanks for your message - we did very well on the day and were able to raise 1866 euros for the refuges. Thank goodness people still like a good read! Wishing you all the best with your final signing and your new life in the UK. Chrissie (81)
  15. Irene, Thank you again for such a wonderful and huge collection of books you donated (especilly as all nice and clean and laid out in trays). Although we are still a couple of weeks from the sale itself, my husband and I succumbed to 12 books from the boot of the car, so the dog refuge is already winning! Good luck with your move back to the UK Chrissie (81)
  16. Thanks for that - I eventually found them under: https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/formulaire/ followed by the number you want. I have bookmarked the page! Chrissie (81)
  17. Having opted to pay online for three years now, I have usually prinited out the paper forms and used those for calculating what goes where before registering the numbers on line. Not exactly "going paperless" but it suits me. This year I don't seem to be able to find the part on their site which allows you to download and print out the blank forms..... has anyone any idea where they are now? Chrissie (81)
  18. This year's sale of English books will be on Sunday 27th May, at Aussillon in the Tarn. It works like this: Kind people give me their unwanted English books (often in almost brand-new condition) and I onsell them on the day for just 1 euro each. I already have over 1000 books stacked up ready to go, with more promised between now and the end of May. Last year, between sales of books, donations and the accumulated advantage of tax reductions on previous years' gifts to the refuges, we managed to donate just under 1800 euros, so it is a successful formula and also a sociable afternoon. The sale will take place between 2pm and 5pm, at 12 rue des Ecoles, Aussillon. All the money raised is divided between the ASA Chenil d'Aussillon (dogs) and Le Chat Protégé at Marican (cats). For more information, please call Chrissie on 06 21 37 60 01.
  19. Right - this year's sale will be on 27th May - I will start a new thread to publicise this. Judith - I will try to pm you my details so if there is any chance of meeting up in time to get the books you can contact me. Halldfandid - any thoughts re meeting up around the Cordes area? Chrissie (81)
  20. Would be very interested to hear how theproduct worked out. Would it damage plants? The bits I want to clean all have niceplants growing at the base, and the only time I tried one of those guys who comes round with a lorry (ho hum, yes, I know) I ended up with lovely clean walls and a long bed of dead plants. Chrissie (81)
  21. It looks as though the next book sale for the animal refuges will be late May/early June - I will have to get my permit from the Mairie etc to firm up the date. But this means I should be looking at taking you up on your kind offers of books. Re the Figeac books - would it be possible to meet up somewhere in the vicinity of Cordes sur Ciel, which I reckon is about halfway between us and you? And Judith, are you anywhere near Minerve - as I can easily persuade my other half to go there for lunch and we could pick up your books along, no doubt, with some of our favourite local wines....? Cheers Chrissie (81)
  22. Most people go for the detective stuff and any light fiction - I tend to specify "modern fiction" to avoid people clearing out a load of ancient stuff from their attics, Also recipe books and videos, none of which sell well (although DVDs sell OK). Anything interesting has a chance of raising some cash, so you can err on the safe side and let me have the biogs etc! Thanks again Chrissie
  23. Many thanks Halldfandid and Judith The sale takes place once or twice a year, to avoid buying fatigue, and new stock is ALWAYS welcome! Please do put aside any books you could give and I will see about collection a bit later in the spring or summer if that is OK. Have to say I am not sure re logistics of getting books from Figeac, but someone from here may be driving to UK via that area later in the year - I will ask around. Best wishes Chrissie
  24. Well, obviously, that should read "English book sale!" ..... blame the wine..... Chrissie (81)
  25. I am holding a Bring and Buy of English books on Sunday 10th September from 2pm to 5pm. Books will cost 1 euro. All the proceeds go to the ASA Dog Refuge at Aussillon and Le Chat Protégé (both near Mazamet). Location of the sale is 12 rue des Ecoles, 81200 Aussillon. This is normally a well-attended sale, with the emphasis on modern fiction. Call me on 06 21 37 60 01 for more information, or if you are able to donate books in advance - this enables me to lay them out in good time! Chrissie (81)
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