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Disabled in France

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We have just bought a computer keyboard (clavier enfant) for our grandchildren for Christmas.

The letters are picked out in bright colours. The consonants are in green and the vowels in purple. Other buttons are in red, blue, green and yellow. The other good thing is the buttons are large.

I think for the disabled this would be a perfect accessory to the computer, with large buttons for fingers and for those with poor eyesight the bright colours would help them to pick out the letters and buttons. I have put the website below. I wonder what others think?



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That looks lovely & bright, Coral. What a good idea to have larger keys. I notice that it is not a true AZERTY; the M is in a different place (compared to the laptop I'm typing on, anyway).

There is a large key QUERTY keyboard, but it isn't colourful. Keyboard, Monster Keys large print. 

You can buy large print stickers to put on an existing keyboard, either black or light background (white letters on black ground are often easier to read). You would need either the AZERTY or the QUERTY set, depending on what your keyboard setting is, because the numbers, punctuation and signs are combined on different keys.

Azerty here http://www.avh.asso.fr/magasin/produits/14650-14651.php

Querty here http://onlineshop.rnib.org.uk/browse.asp?n=11&c=80&sc=266&it=1&l=3 

The Bluestork site has some interesting products. I'm interested in the laptop stand as I use a book at the moment & could also do with some central USB ports (mine are all on the right & I'm a leftie). I can't see how to order though. Did you buy direct from them, Coral?


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We bought it in Carrefour in Dijon.

We are here permenantly and our grandchildren are at school here so we thought it would be good for them. They are used to French keyboards but as the children are 5 and 7 we thought it was good with the vowels and consonants highlighted.

I was also thinking about partially sighted children/adults as the colours can hel with seeing items and as for people with hand problems I thought the keys were an excellent size.


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