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Retaining invalidity level reimbursements after retirement age.

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With a view to reaching retirement age of 65 next year (July 2011), and trying to retain my 100% disability cover, I have been going through my old CPAM papers, and I found one letter dated 14 November 2003 which states:-


Object:  Exoneration du ticket moderateur au titre d'une affection de longue duree.

Beneficiaire: Me


Selon avis du service medical, les soins relatifs a affection de longe duree du beneficiare cite en reference seront rembourses a 100% pendant la periode du 16.10.2003 au 16.10.2024.


I am puzzled as at the 16.10.2024 I will be 78 and a bit, so why that year?   Also I am not sure if I have an affection de longe duree as classed in France, but I am physically disabled.

Can it be correct that I am entitled to 100% cover untill 2024, or is this wrong?  Have the rules changed since 2003?

I wonder if it may be a typo and that 2024 should read 2004.  If so, could I hold CPAM to this form?

I would hate to rely on this, and then find that CPAM do not honour this letter.  This letter was included in my original bundle of documents when I first joined CPAM, and the wording and style is different to my annual attestations.  I had just filed it without realising it's importance, and then kept the annual attestation (which came with this form) for general use.

Thanks for your advices.


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