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  1. I tried to delete the garbage at the bottom of my post above but without success, therefore please ignore the garbage.
  2. Thank you very much Norman for all the time and trouble you are taking.  I have studied the links you gave me and unfortunately they do not help me. In part the form says - Quote People who wish to demand a QR code must:     Be aged 18 and over (under 18s will not need a health pass until September 30, while under 12s are exempt from the requirement altogether)     Have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency - Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson     Have been vaccinated in a country outside of the EU, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and the UK (only England and Wales). People vaccinated in England and Wales can scan the QR codes on the certificates into France’s Covid app TousAntiCovid and use this as a health pass, the French government states. Unquote. Thus England and Wales are a special case, and are excluded from the links that you gave me.  These links are for visitors to France and the forms require copies of travel documents for leaving France. Unfortunately visitors to UK from France only receive a paper letter which does not have a QR code.  The QR Codes are only issued to UK Residents who are entered into the NHS Computer System. I have bought a membership to the Connexion French Newspaper which says the following on my particular problem - Quote What about French residents who were vaccinated abroad? The Connexion has contacted the foreign affairs ministry to find out if French residents vaccinated abroad can also benefit from this system, and is awaiting a response. Unquote. It therefore seems that there is no answer at the moment to my problem.  Again, thank you very much for all your efforts.
  3. Thank you for that very helpful post Norman, unfortunately we do not have NHS Apps where we can download a digital pass.  We have tried to set up an NHS App but as we are not on the UK Health System we are not on the NHS computer.  When in the UK we have to ask the GP surgery to manually forwar repeat prescriptions. Therefore we only have the NHS Covid Pass letter which does not have a QR code printed on it, so we cannot find a way to enter this letter into the TousAntiCovid app.
  4. We do not seem to be able to scan our NHS Covid Pass letters into the TousAntiCovid app. Unfortunately our NHS Pass Letters do not have a QR code on the right. There is a bar code at the top left of the letters, underneath that there is a very very small square box which looks like a QR code but which does not scan into the TousAntiCovid app.  Then under that on the left is the UK address, underneath the address is an oblong box looking like a QR code which does not scan, alongside that still on the left is another very small box that does not scan. We tried to scan the bar code into the ToutAntiCovid app but without success. We are French residents and we received our vaccination in the UK while visiting the UK so we do not have an NHS app.  We only have the NHS letters which do not seem to have a QR code.  The GP surgery and the vaccination centre in UK are not responding to our messages. We would be very grateful for any help. 
  5. We have now received our UK NHS Covid Pass Letters, as we received our vaccinations in the UK as temporary visitors.  We do not have an NHS login. Yesterday I thought that I read on here that I could load the TousAntiCovid app to my smartphone, and then load the UK paper details to the TousAntiCovid app by scanning the QR code and thus get a pass in French on my phone, and that it only took two minutes.  Unfortunately I cannot find it today. I wonder if anybody could advise how to do this in easy 1 2 3 steps for a smartphone idiot as I have borrowed this one and have no idea how to use it.  I would be very grateful for yor advice.
  6. After receiving such helpful posts to my original request for advice, it seemed only right to let everyone know how helpful they had been, and also to go into some detail for others still to go to the Prefecture. Looking at some other threads, I do see what you mean about people asking for help and then not giving feedback which seems a shame.
  7. Well we are now back from our trip to Carcassonne, and I would like to thank everybody who responded, and in particular Nomoss for his extremely helpful advice.  Even just confirming the address was invaluable. After searching the area on Google street view we decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and we booked a hotel with car parking.  We then took a taxi to the Prefecture and we were excedingly glad that we did.  We have quite a big car, and the very narrow roads frightened us even in the taxi.  When we arrived at the Prefecture we saw that there was nowhere visible to park, both on arrival and on departure.  The taxi dropped us at the door, and the security guard helped us to enter and pass through security.  The step at the entrance is there but it is not a problem for wheelchairs. Once inside we were shown to reception who looked at our emails with the appointment times, and then gave us a ticket which stated that it was for those without an appointment.  This ticket gave us a number of 959 and told us that there were 29 people in front of us!  When we got to the seating area the illuminated sign showed the number 201!!  We got chatting and it seemed that on arrival the ticketing is passed out to first come first served, but this is roughly in the order of the appointments.  We also found out that there were only two couples in front of us with three people for fingerprinting.  Each person, including ourselves, took only 5 minutes to be processed.  The illuminated sign did not work, and was permanently on the number 201.  The other people there also confirmed that they had had great difficulty parking, and had eventuallly parked at quite some distance from the Prefecture.  Luckily they were all quite fit. While waiting I investigated the loos, and while there did appear to be a disabled loo, all loos were closed to the public due to Covid!!!  So pleased that we had gone to the hotel for the loo before going, and that we were returning directly to the hotel!!! There was very little waiting time as each person only took 5 minutes for the passport to be checked, one photo cut out for the paperwork, and for the fingerprints to be taken.  We ended up leaving the Prefecture 5 minutes before our second appointment.  All people were very friendly and helpful. Even though we were only going from Port Leucate, we were very glad that we decided to take a hotel, and then use taxis.  The taxi number we used ended in the numbers 50 50, and they were prompt and efficient. Hope this helps other people, and thank you all for your helpful posts.  We would certainly recommend finding somewhere to park safely, and then take a taxi from there.  For us this meant booking an IBIS hotel for the night.
  8. Thank you everybody, especially nomoss who has given some very comprehensive and helpful advice.  I am trying to absorb this, it is good to know that the department is on the ground floor, and I presume they have a loo there.  So the main difficulty seems to be parking.  I am trying to follow nomoss' advice on Google street view. Many thanks indeed.
  9. Thank you for that Sue, unfortunately I have received the notification by email which says not to reply, and there are no contact details. I had not thought that it might be upstairs with no lift, so thank you! It is a very good idea to email the prefecture, and we will, but they wish us to attend in order to take our fingerprints, so this might not work. When you went to the prefecture did you enter through the small black door shown on Google street view?
  10. I have now reeived the date for our appointment for our "titre de séjours", with an instruction to attend at the "à la préfecture de Préfecture de l'Aude" with no address given, or even the town where the prefecture, or sub prefecture, is. I am aware that there is a sub-prefecture in Narbonne, but I suspect that we have to go to the Carcassonne Prefecture at 52 Rue Jean Bringer.  Looking this up on Google is worrying as on the street view I cannot find where to enter the prefecture. Also very worrying is that I am handicapped and my wife of 75 years old must push me in a wheelchair, but I cannot see any parking spaces anywhere near the prefecture, let alone blue badge parking spaces. I would be grateful for the advice of anyone who has attended the Prefecture de l'Aude for the TdS as to how to get there, where to park, and if there are any loos in the building. Very many thanks, David
  11. Thank you pomme, very helpful.
  12. Sorry, entered this twice.
  13. I am completing the tax return online, but I cannot find anywhere to enter the phrase "Revenus de pensions de retraite britanniques de €[amount] exempts de CSG et CRDS parce que je ne suis pas à la charge de l'assurance maladie française". I would be grateful if anyone could advise please.
  14. When declaring online, I cannot find a place to claim exemption from CSG etc "Revenus de pensions de retraite britanniques de €[amount] exempts de CSG et CRDS parce que je ne suis pas à la charge de l'assurance maladie française". I would be very grateful for advice as to how to enter this phrase. Thank you.
  15. Thank you very much indeed Catalpa for such a very helpful response which fully answers my question.  The link you supplied was was very useful, and I would like to thank you for such an excellent answer - I am very much relieved. You did not know but I had thought of supplying Tax returns as our first French tax return was in 2004.  I kept the tax returns so I am able to supply a French tax form for 2004 and 2020, but long ago I dumped the utility bills etc.  However, in the online advice, tax returns are not mentioned so I was a bit worried. Thanks for such a clear answer, I was expecting some flack for leaving it so late.
  16. I am just starting the process, and I wonder if a married couple have to register separately or jointly.  This may be a silly question, but I would be grateful for a reply - thanks.
  17. Thanks for that Idun.  You are correct, it is very complicated and I am not sure if I understand it.  I discussed this with a UK acountant who then discussed it with HMRC, and it seems that I overstayed my number of days in UK (I  was quite ill).  I thought I was in the medically allowed days, but HMRC did not accept this and said that I was not sufficiently ill, and that I could have left the UK even if it was only to a French channel port! It seems that I am now taxed as a dual resident, and it will take some years to extract myself from UK tax.  I was told that under the double tax agreement I would not pay much more tax than normal, but that it would be split between France and UK. The pension payments from which HMRC have deducted tax were all received in 2019, and need to be declared in France under the double taxation agreement.  I am just not sure which boxes to declare it in. Thanks for your kind assistance.
  18. Due to being hospitalised when on holiday in the UK, and then recovering there before being fit to travel (a three day drive from Weymouth to Port Leucate), I exceeded my UK allowance, so unfortunately I am now taxed in both UK and France. I have one private pension which has been taxed in UK, but I cannot find out where to declare it in the French on-line forms, and would be gratefull for some guidance. Thanks in anticipation. David
  19. Thank you very much indeed for that Norman, and a very fast reply too. Perhaps there is hope that we may be able to take out a new re-direction, as it looks as if it may be quite a while before we can get back to France.
  20. Due to Coronavirus we are stuck in UK, and I have been trying to extend our mail redirection which we have in place from our house in France to an address in the UK. On the La Poste website I find that I cannot extend the existing redirection, and that the facility for making a new redirection is not available. I wonder if anybody knows how long it will be until the redirection service is restored?  Is this a temporaty thing due to Coronavirus or just La Poste? Thank you in advance. David
  21. Thank you nomoss, Unfortunately I am in a wheelchair, and with my wife being less than fully fit I can no longer travel by air.  Further, I need a large estate car to take my wheelchair, in addition to our packing for the journey to France, and shopping trips while in France.  It is also a French registered car, so we could not leave it parked unattended in the UK - we do not have a garage to park it in. As we would have intended to be in France until a return to the UK for Christmas 2020, and we need a car for every journey away from the house, it does not seem feasible for us to hire a small car. However, thank you very much for your thoughtful suggestion. David
  22. Gardian, Thanks very much for that, yes you are correct we are French residents seeking to return to France, and we are registered under the French healthcare. The reason we use Brittany Ferries is because in the UK we are based in Weymouth, and it is a long way to Dover/Folkstone, but that is something we will look into.  Thank you indeed for the suggestion.  I did try phoning the hotels en route, but they had no information and were waiting for "Head Office" to tell them. I will revert when we have followed up your idea. Thank you also to Chessie and Pomme for your very kind, considerate and helpful posts. David
  23. Wooleybanana, Thank you very much for that - I very much fear that you are correct, and that we will have to scrap our trip and weather the storm in an unsuitable place in the UK.  Another problem is that our car insurance requires the car to return to France by mid April, and the car is due a Control Technique in mid May, so I don't what we are going to do about that. Thanks for your help, David
  24. alittlebitfrench, We had hoped to get back to our house in France where we would be much better suited to weather the virus storm.  In France everything is on the ground floor for the wheelchair, the garden is large, the neighbours are helpful, and there are walks along the seashore which are empty of people.  As opposed to a pokey place in UK which is quite unsuitable for long term incarceration and with no neighbours. What is wrong with that?  And why the profanity?  As it is, we seem to have left it too late and we will be cooped up in UK unable to leave the place. Thank you for your consideration. David
  25. We are in the UK at the moment and had planned to return by car to our house near Narbonne, leaving the UK next Friday.  We are now 73 years old, not awfully fit with one of us in a wheelchair, and this journey takes us three days via Caen and Bordeaux with two hotel stops in France on the way.We are concerned that the hotels may be closed by the time we get to them, that the restaurants in the hotels may be closed, and we also wonder what facilities may be open on the autoroutes.We are worried that we may have left it too late, and that we may be trapped in UK for the summer or the forseeable future. I cannot find any answers about hotels or autoroute facilities on line, and any advice would be gratefully received.Thank you in anticipation.
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