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What to finish the exterior with?


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Nearly 2 years on, and the time has come to finish the project that the previous owner began. Whilst we have a working swimming pool, just about everything else needs doing. The focus right now is on how to 'finish' the pool house which is of a breeze block construction, as follows:

The question is how to finish it off and what preparation would need to be done? I've read some great ideas on here in the past, hence rather steer people in a particular direction, I'd prefer to open it up to your (practical...) creativity and see what people suggest!



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I would render in white cement and local sand. Wet wall and paint on a weak mixture of PVA and sand. Then a scratch coat of 4 sand to 1 of white cement. Comb over with a scarifier,  piece of wood with nails sticking through, after about 1 hour. Leave to dry covering if sun is too harsh. Finally a top coat and possibly comb with a spomge. As recommended by my builder I only do the grung work of mixing and barrowing unless it is a very small area. If you are lucky with local sand it will match the render on local houses.
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