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  1. Hi I have gites, and no affiliation to any pool companies. We are visited by the DDASS every month in season as are friends of ours who have gites locally. We are in department 16. We are charged around 100 euros per visit for the pleasure and the lab anaysis. There is no choice in this. What poolguy has said in his 1st post is pretty much on the money, however to clarify, the DDASS are only interested in the quality of your water, not fencing, disabled access etc etc - JUST WATER QUALITY. If you have PAYING GUESTS (hotel, B&B, camp site, gite or whatever) then you are classified as a public pool, the system may seem harsh, but there is no "only just public pool" category - you are or you arnt, plain and simple! I see it as a good thing, becuase it enforces us (gite owners etc) to take pool water quality seriously -as it should be with any amenities you provide to paying guests. David  
  2. placoplatre rose (ie the pink stuff) could be used to replace the existing cladding, but you wouldn't want to just clag it over the top of you existing cladding.  
  3. There is a product called Filgum, by GEB comes in a blue & white tub, this is none setting sanitary mastic, just like Plumbers Mate. Used for bedding in sinks, waste traps etc. It's readily available in the diy sheds etc http://www.raccords-services.fr/catalogue.php?level=4&level1=9&level2=188&level3=1665  
  4. I have had this exact problem before. We are registered for TVA, as is our supplier. The explanation I have been given by the auditors of the publisher is that (an here is the good bit). The advert purchased is printed/distributed in the UK for the UK market, it is not exported, therefore it is liable for VAT. Other advetisers we have used in the UK have not charged us VAT though...  
  5. Hi Andrew Thanks for the info.. is the 32 into the pool?? in which case what was the temp of the pool (output) and the gain over air temperature?? I'm very interested but concerned that the gain by using super efficient (and expensive) evacuated panels is lost by having to then pass it all through a super inefficient heat exchanger. brgds    
  6. I have a salt water electrolyser (aka chlorinator) and have been very happy with it (most of the time), as I find it much better than putting a ltr or more of eau de javel in my pool every day. I have tried both systems, I don't care what anyone says about them both being chlorine, the salt water pool system is sooo much nicer on the skin and eyes. Not all salt water chlorinators are the same, like everything else they have to be sized correctly, maintained correctly, and fed the right amount of salt. (I seem to recal JJ mentioning in a post last year that his was undersized) Cassenarde makes a very interesting statement above, perhaps he (or someone else) will explain to me why: My daily pool test show that I have chlorine (lots of it!) in my pool? ALL salt water chlorinator manufacturers recommend that you add cynuric acid as a stabiliser to your pool (up to 70ppm) to prevent the chlorine produced by the CHLORINATOR being burnt off by bright sunlight - Presumably you wouldn't need to do this if the chlorine was only exposed for a brief micro-second in the depths of the pump house? Whilst I understand that after the process salt is reformed I wasn't under the impression that it happened in a "blink of an eye" in the chlorinating unit  
  7. Looks like a set of instruction that come with a new stove rather that a law. YES/NO ??    
  8. [quote user="clarksinfrance"]One other quick bit of info, it is required (by law) to have a chimney (also read flue) swept twice a year, once during the burning season; and once during the warm season. [/quote] Do you mean that (some) insurance companies require that you have your chimney swept once a year and obtain a "certificat de ramonage" in order to validate you insurance?  
  9. [quote user="mmaddock"] I bought an extension to the flu to extend it further up the chimney [/quote] Your flu liner must extend all the way to the top of your chimney anything less is dangerous- how high is your chimney and how high is the flu up inside it??    
  10. Hi Jonzjob So I hope the panel has been running fine over the summer - real nice pics BTW thanks! Have you managed to collect any real-life data to share with us? i.e. How much warmer is the pool over ambient air temp???? Thanks
  11. Andrew Have you had problems with the stick on borders coming loose? What is the expected life-span of them? Is it down to how they are applied? Thanks  
  12. Yes, I have a real problem shifling it[:@] Andrew - can you let us know about replacement (stick on?) borders for the top of the pool, as that is what I will probably want to do for next year Thanks  
  13. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Yes, it has crashed my browser three times now. Annoying. [/quote] Whoops, that's what happens when you cut and paste late at night! Sorry about that Dick & all- What browser are you using [;-)]
  14. [quote user="ltf"]I think something like 29% of people use Firefox [/quote] Less that 12% worldwide, less than 5% in the UK, the stats from my site seem to echo this: Browsers (Top 10)   -       Browsers Grabber Hits Percent MS Internet Explorer No 15199 88 % Firefox No 1374 7.9 % Safari No 273 1.5 % Mozilla No 262 1.5 % Unknown ? 53 0.3 % Netscape No 34 0.1 % Opera  
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