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  1. Quite a difference to the little box sitting on my desk!!! Fancy carrying that about with you.
  2. Bletchley Park is soon to close due to lack of funding. This building was vital to the allies in WW2 as a code-breaking facility, without which the war may have had a different ending. It receives no funding from the government (perhaps they should breed guinea pigs) and relies solely on donations and visitors. I would ask all ex-pats to sign the petition to save this park - it costs nothing. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/BletchleyPark/
  3. Thanks tj - well worth me having a look. Appreciate the  help. B
  4. Has anyone used a movie download service? Not talking about the p2p but the 'pay per movie' idea. I'd like to download some old movies but want to do so legally and without hassle.
  5. Not at all. If I hear them I answer. If I am out I ring them back Don't see either the problem or your logic.Perhaps we have different types of friends? Mine understand the problem and are happy to to help.
  6. I use an answering machine. I still get calls, but once the machine kicks in they always ring off. I did ask all my friends to wait for the machine to answer and then simply say their name. Works well and no-one is offended.
  7. Why not have a look at the VideoHelp site. Pleanty of free advice and free programmes http://www.videohelp.com/ Brian
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    That's more the kind of price I want to pay Jonzjob
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    [quote user="Jonzjob"]You could always get a Rena Ware 18/10 stainless steel one. It has a stainless/carbon/stainless construction so the heat spreads quickly and evenly. It will only cost you about £350 and it has a lifetime warranty too!! Mind you it has got a small flat bottom. [/quote] I don't want to take out a mortgage at my age! Thanks anyway.
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    I think you're right osie. I have now more or less decided on a Carbon Steel Wok.
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    Many many thanks to all.. I think a trip to one of the larger towns (Agen perhaps) will help. I live near Monflanquin and can't think of any suitable shops around. No mains gas so am on bottled although I don't know if that would make a difference temperature wise. Love the pictures!!
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    Many years ago (probably in the 70's or 80's)  I used a Wok. It was an absolute pain in the backside to season. Due to changes in my lifestyle, I feel I want to try the Wok experience again, but hopefully without the seasoning part. Can anyone recommend a decent Wok? Not large as it's only for one person.
  13. Thanks Anton and Fridgeman. You make it sound so easy that I might just bite the bullet and give it a go! Need to rest a while first though to build up enough courage. Funny thing is I've repaired several computers for friends (just as a hobby) and have no problems taking them apart and setting them up.
  14. Thanks all for the replies. I am still as confused as ever but might sit down and ponder for a little while. As the dish is already setup (Astra/Astra2/Hotbird/Sirius)  I think it only needs the receiver setting up.
  15. I currently have a SEDEA dual tuner satellite receiver (PVR) and motorised setup. I get intermittent problems which I am sure are related to the receiver itself. I have another receiver (also a PVR) which I would like to replace the Sedea with (instructions are in English) I am however a complete nerd with such things and wonder therefore if anyone on the forum could do it for me. I am quite willing to pay. I live near Monflanquin.
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