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  1. Thank you Cajal, but that is not the link I need.  I am signed into my account, and I should be able to access the magazine through links on the page without any further signing in.

    Thank you anyway,


    p.s.  I have now found the link, and it seems that I was looking in the wrong place.  Thank you Cajal for your kind assistance.


  2. I must be getting a little bit gaga.  I took out a subscription for the online magazine for all the latest info about Brexit and what was needed to obtain a CdS, but now I have forgotten how to access this magazine on my account.  I am a full member of this forum and have been trying without success to access the magazine, so I would be grateful for some reminder as to how to access this online magazine.

    Thanks in anticipation,


  3. I should have updated my original post for the benefit of other applicants.

    I downloaded the forms, completed them, had my French GP tick a couple of boxes (all that is needed for a renewal), and then took them with photos to Carcasson.  In Carcasson a very friendly lady at the reception desk checked over the forms, made sure that everything was in order, and also that I had claimed as many benefits as I was elligible for.  She gave me my photos back.

    She then advised that Carcasson no longer dealt with blue cards, but she would send on the forms to the correct office, together with her recommendation that I did indeed qualify for the blue card, and also the Handicapped Card as I am more than 80% disabled.

    Quite quickly, perhaps about one month, maybe less, I received a letter from the authorities saying my renewal had been approved, and inviting me to post my photo on their on-line site.  I duly did this and quite soon my new plastic credit card sized Blue Badge arrived together with a sticky plastic envelope to stick the blue badge to the windscreen.  The Handicapped Card was also a credit card sized piece of plastic.

    I found the whole system to be quite simple, even for my limited French and limited computer skills.  I was also surprised how quick it was as my original application took over six months to be approved.


  4. Thank you all for your replies.  I did try your number in the UK Idun, but got fed up waiting, so hung up.

    As I have lodged the forms with the French Tax I think I will wait till they reply, and then take it from there.

    Thanks all,


  5. Thanks for that Norman - I think you are correct, but I also think form 730 has been superceeded.  It came up in my search as a predecessor to the 5000 form which is also be used for business.  I have searched the internet and the French Impots site and I cannot find a suitable certificate.

    This morning we completed the forms 5000-EN-SD in triplicate, one each for my wife and I, and traipsed down to the local tax office.  They were very helpful, but advised that the form 5000 was not the correct form.  However, they were not able to suggest the correct form, so they took our completed 5000 forms and said that they would forward them to Narbonne for their consideration.  They expect the reply will take about one month, so I will just have to wait and see.  At least they should send me something in writing for the UK Tax Man.

    Thanks very much for your replies.


  6. Thanks for the reply Norman,

    That is indeed the form 5000 that I was referring to.  That form is titled Certificate of Residence, but there is nowhere on the form for French Residence.

    In the previous form 730 para 4 was specific about French Residency, but form 5000 para 4 has been changed and does not now cover French Residency.   The text of form 5000 now seems to apply to reclaiming, or not paying, French tax on French income.

    I was wondering if there was another form apart from form 5000 (Form 5000-EN-SD is the version of the form in English).

    Many thanks for replying,


  7. For some reason the UK Tax people have decided that they require me to supply a French Certificate of Tax Residency, issued by the French Tax Authorities.  They recommend French Form 5000.

    I have searched on line but I cannot find any appropriate certificate.

    There used to be a form numbered 730 which was suitable, but this has been superceded by form 5000 which does not seem to cover French residency.

    This is a demand by the UK Tax Men so I have to comply, but I do not know what to do, so any advice would be very gratefully received.

    Thank you,


  8. "Why is David talking about David as though he is a different person who is agreeing with his mis-interpretation of the law?"

    Two different Davids, one David and the other david.

    David would not agree with the term "mis-representation of the law".

  9. The post by david above refers, and his link is relevant

    In UK I filed to receive rent in full, or gross without deduction of income tax by either the tenant or letting agent, by means of form NRL1i for non resident landlord.

    For the UK tax year 2017/2018 I then completed forms SA109 and SA105 and submitted them to UK Inland Revenue.  After checking the forms they sent me a certificate to advise that as I had spent longer than 6 months out of the UK during the tax year, then I was exempt from paying UK tax, and that the tax must instead be paid in my country of residence which was France.

    This was confirmed by my UK accountant and also by my financial advisor in UK.

    All is explained on the Inland Revenue site through the link given by david above.

    I have been living in France since 2003, and have been a French tax resident since 2004.  Since then I have not paid any UK tax, all tax on pensions etc being paid in France.  Property rental income is very new to me, and this is my first attempt to declare it in France.  It would certainly be easier for me if I paid UK tax on the rental income, but I was advised that if I said if I paid UK tax on the rental,  this would imply that I spent more than 6 months in the UK, and then I would become a UK tax resident for all matters.  I presume that this would then lose us our medical cover in France.

    It is all very complicated to me, and I am definitely not a tax expert.

  10. Hello frexpt.  Thanks for your input.

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with your statement "UK rental income is definitely taxable in the UK, not in France.".

    If you are registered in UK as an overseas landlord, then provided that you have spent more than six months of the UK tax year overseas, or outside the UK, then UK rental income is not taxed in UK, but is taxed in the country of your tax residence.

    Thus if you are tax resident in France, UK rental is taxable in France if you are registered with the UK authorities as an overseas landlord.

  11. Thank you Daft Doctor for your helpful reply.  However, I do wonder if we are talking about different matters.

    My post related specifically to micro foncier  where the gross rental income is less than 15,000 Euros.  In this system there is no form 2044 or annee blanche, and expenses are granted at 30% without needing to claim detailed expenses.

    Further, I was told by the UK tax authorities that as I am a French tax resident, my UK rental income was not subject to UK tax, but that I had to declare it in France as it was definitely subject to French tax.

    I am not sure if my suggestions as to which boxes to complete are correct, and I would welcome any comments for micro foncier box entries.  Re-reading this thread I see that frexpt also mentions using the gross rental figure, and then claiming expenses.  However, Parsnips says to use gross throughout as the micro foncier automatically deducts 30% for ecpenses.

    Any thoughts welcome.

  12. I have been wrestling with this for a while now.  I have followed Parsnips, and on a different forum he says :-


    Thank you Parsnips, a little more complicated than I thought. Could

    you advise me further I have no tax liability in the UK. Gross rental

    income before, ground/service rents, agents fees, expenses etc: Eur.9961

    net rental income Eur.4991 Form 2047: Section 4 & 6 Is that the

    gross amount, before deductions for costs and associated expenses? GROSS -(it says so on the form)  ,

    Form 2042: 4BE = gross amount ? YES

    4BK = net amount or deductions? With your gross you are entitled

    to a special treatment which gives a set deduction of 30% for expenses,

    without filling any other forms ; if you opt for real expenses you are

    commited to that for 3 years and have to complete a set of forms – given

    that these rents will ultimately  be exempted from french tax , i

    suggest you go for the 4BE ,4BK route. Both GROSS.

    8TK = ?????- Same figure as 4BK.

    This is my first year of rental income, so perhaps next year it will be a little easier for me. Thanks again for your time.


    From this I understand that for properties rented in the UK for less than 15,000 Euros per year Gross, the following boxes should be completed, but I may be wrong.

    A) No UK tax paid on rental income.

    2047 - Section 4 - enter gross rental income for the 12 month calendar year.

    2047 - section 6 - do not complete as no tax has been paid in the UK.

    2042 - Micro foncier - 4BE Gross income

    2042 - Micro foncier - 4BK - Gross income

    2042 - 8TK - Gross income.

    B) UK tax paid on rental income.

    2047 - Section 4 - enter gross rental income for the 12 month calendar year.

    2047 - section 6 - complete this section with gross figures to get a tax credit in France, thus no double taxation.

    2042 - Micro foncier - 4BE Gross income

    2042 - Micro foncier - 4BK - Gross income

    2042 - 8TK - Gross income.

    This is just my understanding and I may be wrong.  I would welcome any and all comments as I am slowly sinking in paper work which I am not good at at all!!


  13. "These boxes are new and hopefully will prevent CSG being charged on your

    pensions. Previously your entries on 2047 made that clear (as mud?)"

    Thank you very much for that Kong.  Very re-assuring as it looks as if I did not forget to declare the E121 last year.


  14. Thank you very much indeed - job done.

    I have now discovered that I do not seem to have checked these boxes last year!  Not sure what to do about that.


  15. On the old paper declaration I used to put a note about being a holder of an E121.  While declaring on line I cannot find anywhere to make this remark, or alternatively any box to tick.

    Grateful for any assistance of how to complete this declaration on line.



  16. Due to ill health we are thinking of selling our main home in France and moving back to the UK.

    As homes can take a long time to sell, we are trying to find out how long a main home is exempt from capital gains tax after we return to UK.  Some sites say 1 year, and other sites are emphatic that it is five years before capital gains tax is due.

    Any guidance would be welcome.

    Many thanks in advance,


  17. Thank you very much Norman, that was my understanding as well.  I will download Adobe Reader DC, and then print out the same forms as last time.  Perhaps when I can open the forms I might find them updated.

    Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

  18. Thank you everybody, I have tried those links but my French is not up to understanding the site, and I am still confused.

    I found that form 13788.01 had downloaded to my computer, but I cannot open it.  It seems that I have to update my Adobe first which is a problem for later.

    If I understand correctly the application forms have not changed, but perhaps the Blue Badge and Invalidity Card may be different.

  19. My blue parking badge and Carte d'Invalidity are due for renewal and I was going to download forms 13788.01 for the cards, 13878.01 for the medical certificate, and 51299.01 for the instructions, then send the forms to Carcassonne for the Aude Department.

    However, my neighbour tells me that the forms have changed and been updated.  I have searched the web but I cannot find any updated forms.

    I would be grateful if anybody could advise whether the forms have actually changed, and if so what numbers I should download.

    Thanks very much indeed in advance.


  20. Thank you for your reply Cathar Tours.  My comments about the French health system were because some people asked why I was going to UK.  I agree with you about my weight, and I took that into consideration.  Why I am not impressed with medical facilities in Leucate is that there are no doctors with wheelchair access or parking, so I go to Fitou where the GP is open for three half days a week (12 hours per week).  The nearest hospitals are Narbonne or Perpignan which take 35 to 45 minutes fast drive in winter, and well over one hour in summer.  In summer the medical facilities here are somewhat overwhelmed by tourists.  There are no dentists with wheelchair access.  I have waited for one month for non urgent x-rays here during summer.  We used to live in Deux Sevres where the medical facilities were excellent.
    The delays in UK were because I recently spent two months in a French hospital with sepsis, most of the time in intensive care.  Most of my internal organs stopped at one time or another, including my kidney and my heart.  The UK hospital therefore wanted various tests before operating, none of which were because of my weight.  Because of the NHS delays these tests took months.  When I was eventually passed as fit to operate it took another six weeks to be put on the operating list due to a hold up in the internal system.  The hospital staff seemed proud of their waiting lists.  I put on the weight due to fluid retention after the sepsis as my health never recovered properly after the sepsis, and my kidney is still not functioning properly..

    However, this is not relevant to the post which is about tax returning to the UK.


  21. Thank you everybody for all your replies which are very reassuring.

    I started trying to get treatment in UK in early October 2017 thinking it would be easy.  However, with NHS waiting lists for MRI, heart scans, consultants, etc, time went by.

    I think that I must now opt to go onto UK tax from the 1st Jan 2018 which would not be too painful as we were considering going onto the UK tax anyway because of my health, and selling our house in France.

    Your advices seem to suggest that going onto UK tax from the 1st Jan 2018 might be the best solution.

    I am now back in France without yet having had surgery, and my GP says that I cannot get treatment in Perpignan as I am too large for the MRI scanners.  I could go to Toulouse though, but having surgery there would be difficult.  I must say that we are disappointed with the medical facilities in this area of France.

    Thanks very much for all your help.  Now I have to try to find out how to change to UK tax, and whether I would qualify for self assessment or not.


  22. We have been tax resident in France since 2004, but due to ill health we think we must return to the uk, and register for uk tax.

    We are thinking of doing this on the 1st January 2018 as we have already paid the 2017 French tax.  We were in the UK from Jan to March due to hospital treatment, and my health has not improved.  Are there any problems with this date, or would this mean that we would have to pay uk tax for the whole 2017/2018 uk tax year rather than just for the Jan to 5th April period?

    Any practical advice as to how to change back to UK tax would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance,


  23. Thank you very much for that, I will try again today.


    Tried again and all went well - thanks very much for the assistance.

  24. I think that I am being particularly thick, last year I completed my tax forms online and thought it was easy.  This year I seem to have forgotten how to do it.

    In particular I can login, but seem to go directly to the blue form 2042 without the option to go to form 2047 first.  I cannot find out how to go to forms 2047 and the bank accounts form while online before completing form 2042.  This is difficult as I understand that I have to complete form 2047 (UK Income)  before I complete form 2042 (total income).

    I would be grateful for some very basic instructions as to how to access these forms online as I am going round and round in circles and will probably start raising alarm bells on the computer with the number of times I have logged on, played around and then logged off.

    Many thanks in anticipation, and apologies for asking a stupid question.


  25. My insurance allows me to drive the car directly to the test centre for a pre-arranged test.

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