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  1. Thanks for your nice feedback Cathy, it makes my day
  2. Print pas cher is pretty good too and it is cheaper than Vistaprint (once you've had the freebies obviously) http://www.printpascher.com/
  3. Hi everyone, Here is a small guide to help you complete your income tax form for your auto-entrepreneur business. http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/index.php/news/general/how-to-complete-your-impot-2042C-form-as-an-auto-entrepreneur-micro
  4. Hi everyone, I have read an interesting article in the September issue of The French Paper, about an association being created to help bilingual kids keep up with their english while in France. The article mentioned BEE Bilingual Education Exchange in the south of France. Have you come across a similar association in La Manche? Cherbourg, Saint Lo area? We have 3 children aged 7, 3 and 2 and would love to find a local group to ensure they have enough exposure and fun with their 2nd language. Suggestions welcome.
  5. I just checked it and it's working OK. You do need Flash installed on your computer to make it play, you can get it from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?promoid=BUIGP if you don't have it.
  6. French health care and pregnancy cover explained http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/video/french-health-care-cover-explained-video In this 25 minute video I give you a complete overview of how the French health care system works for entrepreneurs. Find out how to set up your health cover, how to get your social security number, how your carte vitale works and how to add members of your family onto your health scheme - plus much more. It also includes practical tips and pregnancy cover for women entrepreneurs.
  7. I'm publishing a free weekly, time permitting, informational video on the auto-entrepreneur and other French businesses models. Hope you find them useful. http://www.youtube.com/user/valerielemiere -Valerie ========== To get updates you have a few choices depending on your taste: 1. RSS news reader: :http://gdata.youtube.com/...e-profile 2. RSS news reader: http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/home/rss 3. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/startbusinessinfrance 4. Twitter: http://twitter.com/valerie_50
  8. If you are struggling to complete your auto entrepreneur online registration form, watch this 45 min video. http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/video/how-to-register-as-an-auto-entrepreneur-watch The video takes you through each section of the form explaining how to fill it in, as well as explaining the impact of your choices (health cover, income tax, social charges exoneration). The last 5 mins summarises what will happen next, once you have registered your business. After watching the video, you should feel comfortable doing it all again on your own. Hope this helps
  9. Hairdresser and Beauticians are regulated activities. You will therefore have to prove your qualification now (if you register an entreprise individuelle as an artisan) or later (if you register as an auto-entrepreneur). Have a copy of your diplomas translated. You need the equivalent of an apprenticeship. If you worked in those fields for at least 3 years as an employee or a business owner, a proof of this experience will be enough (payslips, or official business papers).
  10. Here are some maps to find local help all across France - Chambre de Metiers (crafts, building work - artisans) - Chamber of Commerce (trade, B&B, gites, limited companies) http://www.cci.fr/recherche_cci - URSSAF (intellectual based services - professions liberales ) small english section http://www.anglais.urssaf.fr/ - also try Boutique de Gestion, they have business advisors that cover crafts, trade, services.http://www.boutiques-de-gestion.com/implant/cart.htm
  11. Versement liberatoire de l'impot sur le revenu = did you opt for youru income tax paid at source? When you registered your business you had the option to pay your income tax on a quarterly basis, as you do for your turnover. Dig out your registration form and check if you did. If you did add an extra 1% (activite commerciales) for sales activity or 2.2% for services (prestations de services).
  12. The auto entrepreneur is a great fit for an eBay shop. It enables you to try and test your business without too much risk, as you will only pay your social charges according to what you sell (a fixed 12% of your turnover). As a registered auto entrepreneur business you will also be issued with a SIRET number, i.e. your business ID number, which Paypal are likely to request at some point to prove that you are all legal.
  13. Hi Marielle, There is a bit of confusion here: the auto entrepreneur is a micro entreprise, but with some simplified registration process and the ability to pay your social charges & income tax according to your actual turnover. Unfortunately, you won't be able to de-register your company to start again as an auto entrepreneur. If you have registered recently, they will be an option for the owner of a micro entreprise to opt for the regime micro social, which enables you to pay your social charges according to your actual turnover. If your business has been going for a few years (> 3 years)  there is no benefits in opting for the new scheme, as your social charges will already be based on your real activity and you should already have paid all your taxes up-dates for year 1 & 2. If you created your company this year what you could do is write to the body collecting your social charges (RSI or URSSAF) and state your estimated turnover for 2008. Then ask them to base your cotisation for next year on your 2008 figures for more accuracy.
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