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  1. My husband is registered as a micro-entreprise and has now reached age 60.  Does anyone know if it will be possible for him to de-register as a micro-entreprise and re-register as an auto-entrepreneur w.e.f. 1.1.09 which means he will pay less in social charges? Thanks in advance. Marielle
  2. A friendly neighbour has now taken the box to see if he can sort it.  Have tried most of the things suggested although I am not sure if I left it on standby for 24 hours, I certainly left it with the green light on.  Will let you know outcome of neighbour's post mortem when I have it. Thanks for all suggestions. Marielle
  3. Anton - Thanks for your suggestions, will try all this tomorrow.  Can't face doing it now, have been out all day and  just want a large glass of red and relax.  Will let you know how things go. Many thanks. Marielle
  4. Thanks for suggestions.  Have tried unplugging, leaving for 10 mins and plugging back in.  We have had rain, but not a great deal.  Have tried the box at a neighbour's and it's fine.  All the connections look OK.  Think we will have to resort to the other suggestion of kicking my Dad out and pinching his TV set-up.  Can't understand why it's been OK since Saturday and then yesterday we started this business of losing channels.  They were there and then started disappearing.
  5. Don't know if anyone out there can help.  I noticed yesterday that we were losing some of our channels and today we lost even more until we were down to just BBC1 and BBC2, the picture quality was fine on the channels we were receiving.  Tried turning the digibox off and then back on and now have NO SATELLITE SIGNAL BEING RECEIVED.  There is no signal strength or signal quality.  There was no gradual degradation of the picture.  We have recently installed a new  dual LMB and cable.  My father's digibox is fine, he lives above us and uses the same LMB.  Any suggestions?  If not French TV and satellite beckon. Marielle 
  6. Have finally today received a cheque from him, but it's a lesson learnt the hard way.  It's been a hassle and taken numerous telephone calls.  Will never work for him again and will let all my contacts know about him, so he's done himself a big disservice.  
  7. A cautionary note for artisans operating in the Charente area, particularly around Chasseneuil. There is a project manager, and I use the term loosely as he knows nothing about the building trade, employing artisans and then not paying them in full for work carried out.  He always claims to have put the cheque in the post.   To be honest I was warned about him when I first went on site, but because I knew him through a mutual friend thought it would be OK.  He only owes us 300 euros, but has apparently done this to others in the past.  Never answers his phone, mobile or Email.  The one time I did manage to get him by phoning v. early in the morning he told me "the cheque must have been lost in the post, I'll send another right away, sorry mate".  He probably knows it's not worth me pursuing him legally and if he shortchanges others each time it's no wonder he can afford to play golf and have numerous holidays.   
  8. Hi - I always pay my bill using the telephone.  From memory, they ask you for your client reference number, which is at the top of the bill.  You then put in your readings, the higher and the lower.  The automated voice will ask you to confirm the readings by pressing the * button.  Basically, that's it.  Good luck.  
  9. Hi - I can only advise on the rate generally applied here in the Charente, which is 30 euros per sq. metres.
  10. I use Luttese 2000 long duree which is available from all large builders merchants.  English plaster is OK to use in winter, but cracks in the heat of the summer. Marielle
  11. Beryl - Thanks for info.  Will try this site and see what we come up with.  Tetley - Will keep you informed as to what happens. Thanks everyone else for all the helpful info. and comments.
  12. Chris - Thanks so much for your kind words.  What is it with Ron??  In response to some other posts, we have spoken to the various agencies and I don't know if it's just this area but they didn't seem to want to help.  Anyway he's back at work now but it's going to take some time for us to get back (financially) to where we were before his accident.  The only person who was really helpful was the URSSAF woman, although she explained that because the cotisations due were the regularisations they just have to be paid.  We're cancelling the insurance and looking for some cover which is more suitable.  If anyone has any suggestions for a good level of cover which does not cost the absolute earth, would appreciate it. 
  13. Sorry, didn't have time to finish previous post as the dogs decided it was time for a walk.  My point was not really about how much you get paid from the State, if at all, but the fact that you are still expected to pay all your cotisations.  In the UK you pay as you earn, not pay even if you're not earning.  If my husband is contributing at a rate of 48% of his income why is it unreasonable to expect something in return.  He certainly would not be contributing at that level in the UK on his current earnings.  We were sensible and we did take out insurance which our bank agence recommended and which he assured us would pay out w.e.f. first day of sickness, so please don't be so condescending.   This was posted as a warning to others, who are not on a high income - mostly in this area due to the fact that there are so many "builders" working in the black, but that's another matter.
  14. We did take out an accident insurance through our bank, but, that would only pay out in the event of his being 5% disabled.  Unfortunately, our bank advisor did not tell us that at the time!! 
  15. My husband has been off sick for 3 months with a broken leg.  During the period of his incapacity he has received 17 euros per day from the assurance maladie but has still had to pay all his cotisations to RAM, URSSAF and AVA.  We have found it all a terrible strain and without the help of my father we would have just gone under!  I find it incredible that in a supposedly socialist country there is absolutely no help from any of the agencies.  Their attitude is one of "it's nothing to do with us".  After 90 days he has been exonerated from cotisations for AVA for the 4eme trimestre 2006, but this does not take the form of any kind of refund but just gets taken off of the 2007 cotisations.  We are seriously considering giving up and going back to the UK!  Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience?
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