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  1. would have thought that proximity to a golf course would be a good place to start :-)
  2. they are lovely, I sell my crafts (cards and pictures) in the uk at craft fairs, there are a couple of wood turners/sculptors there. The wood is so tactile and I didn't realise that there were so many beautiful wood grains.
  3. I fell asleep too. Normally this only happens when men chasing balls are on the telly....but now it's spread to the F1 too, and it's the only sport I really watched.
  4. we saw that too......and commented on it.
  5. I dunno first you loose a ball now you only have a little box..what next?
  6. indoors, books, and drawing/colouring I also had a bontempi organ and a stylophone....   outdoors....(too poor for a bike) skipping rope, chalk for hopscotch, tennis balls (used to play 2ball) roller skates and a football. All the kids in the street used to get together and build go karts
  7. always listen to nostalgie in France and my local radio wave 105 in England
  8. ViVienne


    online, after you get the calculation you have to scroll down and press submit otherwise you haven't sent it. You should then get confirmation of receipt
  9. had fish and chips for tea last night.....having sausage and chips tonight.......then I'm off to turn myself in!!
  10. was the whole of the old town of L'Aguillon flooded? I have a friend who has a lovely old house there that her husband has being doing up for years. We have stayed there a couple of times. It is her holiday home.
  11. I guess your option then is to choose something you are very familiar with then you won't have to focus on the lyrics because you already know them, if you do a compilation of all your favourite tracks the routine may well help you sleep.
  12. I now have a confused national identity and I don't know if I'm supposed to be getting my hair manicured and nails extended ( or was it the other way round) Celine you cannot be suprised that people are going to take offence to your comments. I belong to a union that has a womens section, a black section a gay and lesbion section, and a disabled section. There is however no white or male section. I don't think criticising the way other women choose to look is a very effective method of discussing womens issues.
  13. not music but...I find that as soon as sport involving blokes chasing a ball around a field is on the telly I'm off asleep in no time at all!!
  14. well I am a woman 365 days of the year so I don't need 1 special day to discuss it!!!
  15. the log making is "mens work!" in our house so they are pretty well compressed, maybe yours weren't quite dry.
  16. poor thing, must have really shaken her up.
  17. not much effort, maybe the gadget has changed sinced the 80s. Ours is a brick shaped metal press.
  18. I tried the logs, and they burn fine, better to put in the fire after it has got going though, I will use a mixture of paper and real logs.
  19. lovely and sunny in Hampshire cold though.
  20. sat here on my own laughing...............thank you
  21. La Redoute is good in the uk, does anyone know what the French one is like? they have lots more stuff in the French version
  22. I bought mine on a recommendation, we are building up a stock of them so I hope they are ok!
  23. I just bought a "log" maker to make logs from newspapers, you have to tear them into strips and soak them for a couple of days then press them into brick shape logs, they take about a week to dry out then you can use them on your fire, They are supposed to burn for about 1 hour and I think they are going to be a good way of getting the log burner going.  A great way to use up all those newspapers we have been keeping to recycle.
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