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  1. Loved it and looking forward to the next episode. It's nice to have something a bit different to watch.  
  2. we used weed suppressing fabric which worked well for a few years.
  3. well the sun came out this afternoon..............wondered what it was. We have used a lot more wood on the fire this year although I don't think it is colder than last year it certainly seems to have lasted forever.
  4. if you type in Agent Rose on Amazon, 2 books about the SOE are there.
  5. I prefer books, but it is much easier to take a loaded kindle with you when travelling than a bookcase. I have also discovered for the 1st time ever I can read in the car without feeling sick, I don't know why as I can't read books or magazines in the car. It makes the long journeys go much faster! I haven't yet paid for a book on there either.
  6. I forgot to mention there are 2 of us. That's the answer from a barrel sorted.
  7. As the forum has been a bit quite.......... There are a lot of posters on here who ask how much do I need to live on. As we all know it is relative, now I'm not asking how much income anybody has but I am interested in what peoples perception is of a) a low income b) a modest income and c) a comfortable income. shall I go first? a) 10 - 18 thousand euros (I couldn't live on this!) b)18-28 thousand c) anything more! so it would be interesting to see peoples perception from those living in anything from a barrel to a chateau!!  
  8. So what happens if you leave the black bags out for the dustbin men? We have a communal bin area in the village where we take the rubbish between bin emptying. As we can get extra recycling bags from the Mayors office I suggest you try there for the food bin.
  9. if you have the full blood tests, how will you interprete the results? No point just having a blood count as any number of things could cause tiredness.
  10. Never had a soggy bottom!, do you use the rack rather than the roasting tray, mine came with a lower rack, a higher  rack and an oven tray, also an extender ring for doing a roast. I have used it as a grill with the higher rack and it works well.   The glass bowl is heavy though so don't use it too far from the sink.
  11. Buddlea, roses, lavender, sedum, bearded iris, hollyhocks. Yukka are ok but a bit lethal if you need to get anywhere near them! Anything we have planted in the spring generally doesn't last the summer. The 1st thing I do when we get to the house is go out in the garden and see what has died or thrived.
  12. doesn't sound much like fostering to me! I think he is probably one to keep. I have always said the only thing better than owning a dog is owning 2 (or 3 in our case) I bet the little chap can't believe how lucky he is.
  13. this thread has just cracked me up1  
  14. Anyone been watching this series, it's on FX, season 2 has just started in the UK. We recorded the 1st series and watched them all virtually back to back. Haven't enjoyed a "cop" show this much for ages.
  15. Rose D'Anjou is a sweet rose and quite cheap too
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