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  1. Someone told me that they thought there was a maximum bhp for French registered bikes. I was thinking of buying a big BMW tourer eg 1200 RT and re -registering it in France. Can anyone advise in a more informed way? Thanks
  2. I have recently bought near Confelons and would be interested to know where and when there are any street markets within say a 25 km radius. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am thinking of renovating my typically French dark oak kitchen. The range cooker we like from Conforama is mixed fuel (electric oven / gas hob). Before buying, does anyone know if it is likely that a French manufactured appliance will be compatible with bottled gas?
  4. Hi fellow bikers....just bought a house near Confelons 16 with a triple and a single garage ....bliss!! Taking the bikes out soon. I know this must have been asked a 1000 times but there is one area of the registration process I am unclear about. Can you register a bike in France if you are a non resident? At the moment, French place is a maison secondaire and I will not be registering for residency. It would be great if this is possible if for no other reason than avoiding an annual run to the UK for MOT purposes...Once I'm a bit more settled I hope to find out about any group activity near me.
  5. Hi again 60 something.......the gardening / pool team's website is [email protected] Tel no : 0033 680737143. The woman's name is Sophie. If you decide to make contact and you are asked where the recommendation came from, I would appreciate if you mentioned the people who have bought in Le Queroy.
  6. Someone told me that there is an informal group of non French speakers that meets in the Confelons area for social gatherings and maintains its own self help / lend a skill / information website. We are moving to the Charente, near Confelons in July from Scotland. It would be really helpful to register with this association. Can anyone help with their website address
  7. Hi 60 something.....I have just bought a house near Confelons although I dont sign until early July. The house was owned by an English couple who used a husband and wife team to maintain their large garden and pool. I believe the husband has extensive experience of pools having worked for a pool installation firm. I also believe they live near Chabanais. I will need to ask my partner (who is in bed at the moment) in the morning for their contact details. I will post these later. Good luck with your move. You must be very excited - I know I am and I've got three and a bit months to go. , that's why I am up typing this instead of being in bed like a sensible person....
  8. Searcher...I have just bought privately. The advert was in 1st for French Property.
  9. Hi Glacier 1.........We have just bought privately in Charente from an English seller. She did have to drop her price to a realistic level but the property sold quickly. We saw the advert on 1st for French Property which seems an excellent website. There were a number of people interested in the property in the UK but we were able to travel at once. Buyers are out there!
  10. Checked out the ebay site. Property Index seems to be just another multi-agency advertising site as their entries are not in auction format. Can't see the point in advertising on ebay.
  11. Thanks for the tip Ernie....It is probably totally obvious but I never thought of checking the prices. I assumed they would be pretty well identical to the UK. Just checked a couple of items on my list and found a bed was almost double the price and a chest plus 40%. Looks like its back to the drawing board.....We are flying out next Monday to give our intended purchase near Confelons 16 a final visit before signing. Does anyone know of a good second hand furniture shop nearby?
  12. Clair...interesyed in buying uk goods online. I am in the process of purchasing a house in the Charente and as it is a maison secondaire, will have to be completely equipped. Noticed that many French goods are much more expensive than UK sourced, particularly electrical appliances eg 250 euros for a small fridge as opposed to £100. Do you or anyone else have any experience of buying larger goods online from UK source and having them shipped to France? Is the extra shipping cost worthwhile?
  13. Thanks Binky and the other posters who took the trouble to respond. Seems the answer is yes, I can order online and have the goods delivered......GREAT!
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