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  1. I use CA and I receive my Civil Service pension in Euros into the CA account.

    I don't know who adminsters teachers pensions in the UK but it might be worth contacting them and telling them that you still want your pension payments only in Euros.

    You could also ask at your branch why CA have asked for this or consider changing banks..

  2. Well it seems that all the documents the automated website asked for did not matter (I could not attach them anyway).

    We have been invited to the Prefecture on Monday 8th of February for prints and photograph.

    Good old France
  3. It may be the responsibility of your water company (the one that supplies your mains water) so my first port of call would be them as, here anyway, they are responsible for land drainage,
  4. Thanks all, the grey out parts on the website are now available but are only asking for documents that I have already sent ie Passport, proof of last 3 months and date of residence. So sent again. Nowhere to upload any other documents.

    Will wait for prefecture reply.
  5. Thanks for your replies. On this website


    There is - To apply, you will need to send a photographed or scanned copy of your passport as well as one or more other additional documents depending on your situation (see table link).

    The table link has -

    I have been living in France for more than 5 years -

    I have never held a permanent residence permit*

    1*. A valid passport

    2*. The residence permit which I hold or, if I have never had a residence permit in France, a document indicating the date of settlement in France.

    3*. Proof of residence in France 2020

    As I have sent these in the past, although proof of residence was for 2019 (under the old system) then I don't understand why they want the rest of the documents...

    I am still waiting for a reply from the prefecture.
  6. You can't start afresh as you receive a GED number which you must use.

    I can't find a contact for tech guys on the site so I will wait for a reply from the Prefecture.

    Thanks for your replies.
  7. thanks, but when I return to the website and use the 'supplement' function there is no possibility of uploading anything.(everything is greyed out).
  8. sorry i meant proof of french residence 2009
  9. Thanks Mint.

    The email they sent is automated so I have sent them a message via the contact page on the Prefecture site.

    I didn't realise that they wanted so many documents especially if you read the R.I.F.T website that says over 5 years only need passport, proof of residency 2020 and proof of ownership in 2009..

    Nothing is easy here is it..
  10. Hi all,

    We sent off some documents on the old CDS website before they closed it, this was for over 5 year CDS. Yesterday we received the following from the prefecture.

    Votre demande de titre de séjour a été instruite par la préfecture. Elle porte le numéro suivant : (numéro 'GED' à rappeler dans vos futures démarches).

    Certaines pièces manquent toutefois à votre dossier.

    Afin de finaliser votre démarche, merci de nous communiquer dans les plus brefs délais les éléments suivants :

    1. Justificatif de domicile de moins de 3 mois

    2. Avis d’imposition 2020 ou autres preuves de ressources financières pour l’année 2020

    3. Attestation de couverture sociale en cours de validité

    4. Justificatif égal ou datant de plus de 5ans, pour justifier des 5 ans de présence sur le territoire français

    5. Justificatifs datant de 2009.(année d’arrivée sur le territoire) afin de justifier votre présence sur le territoire français.

    6. Acte de naissance

    7. Acte de mariage (si mariage)

    Pour cela, vous devez vous connecter à nouveau sur le site https://contacts-demarches.interieur.gouv.fr/brexit-demande-titre-sejour/

    Cocher sur la page d’accueil la case « Complément ». Puis saisir votre numéro de dossier (qui figure au début de ce message) afin de télécharger les pièces demandées.

    Ceci est un message automatique, merci de ne pas y répondre.

    On entering the website the only documents that they were asking for was numbers 1. and 5. How do I upload the remainder that they were asking for?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. They give nothing for my expenses. Although if i use a chemist in another department, we are on the border of two 86 + 8, then I don't get charged for the prescription. If I use a chemist in my own department then they charge me for them.
  12. I am piggybacking on my OH S1, don't receive mine until 2019. We have a mutuelle and both our French NI numbers are listed on said mutuelle.

    However when it comes to doctors visits etc my OH gets the reimbursement but I don't. When checking the l'Assurance Maladie en ligne it is showing there is no Mutuelle in my name.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Have a mobile contract with Orange that covers europe, DOM etc. With this contract you get two sim cards one for the phone and one to use in another device, MIFI, Tablet etc.

    Was in Spain recently and the MiFi device wouldnt get a signal after me trying everything. I had used the same device earlier in the year and it worked perfectly in Spain and Italy. Anyway contacted Orange help line and spent 2 1/2 hours with so called expert with no joy. The numpty I was dealing with tried to tell me that my contract was for France only and also that data roaming does not include Spain!!

    You couldn't make it up....
  14. I use Orange and have 40GB a month contract with 2 sim cards, one for the phone and the other to use in a MiFi device or similar. Both SIMs use the same mobile number. The allowance can be used anywhere in Europe and all at 4G (if you can get it) with speeds around the 80MB on 4G and around 8MB on H+. All this for a sum of €31.99.

    We did have a landline but we are over 8kms from the exchange so internet speeds via that were around 512kbs and with line rental cost about €28
  15. You say you used to receive tv stations. What receiver did you use and has it been updated to take in the latest frequency changes. It may be that the receiver box just needs an update, have you tried that?

    My suggestion would be if your receiver box can't be updated then get something like a Humax Freesat box, which will automatically update it self via satellite.

    Good luck.
  16. [quote user="powerdesal"]CdeC ????????[/quote]

    Certificat de Cession
  17. [quote user="woolybanana"]Are left handed bikes road legal in UK?[/quote]

    Only if they were legal before thy became legal in France!!
  18. I have had an offer on my motorcycle from a buyer in the UK and I am prepared to deliver it to the UK. My question is. What documents do I send to the prefecture to say the vehicle has been sold, is it cert of cessation and main part of Carte Gris and giving the tear off slip to the buyer? or does the buyer have the full carte gris with it endorsed 'Vendu' and date of sale.

    Your help in this is appreciated.

  19. We are part exing our camping car(bought in france) for another newer one using a camping car dealer and my questions are.

    Do you think the dealer will do all the change over paperwork i.e. certificat de cession, Carte grise etc

    Also will I have to take a new insurance or will my current insurance just issue another carte verte with the new registration number starting from the day of handover.

    Thanks for any help as this is the first time we have done this.
  20. Even though $ky is on the narrow you can still watch it in Southern Spain etc with a 80cm dish.........
  21. I have both French and UK tv licenses and what really galls me is that I can watch French television all over Europe with a 60cm dish (mounted on top of camper) as well as Dutch and German with no fall off of signal but as soon as you get outside of the UK footprint then no UK tv , unless you have a $ky contract.

    This must be against the freedom of movement in Europe. I know the license fee is to pay the BBC for there over staffed offices etc but something needs to be done....
  22. Just for your information.

    My Civil Service Pension arrived in our French account yesterday and was also in the bank on the 2nd october (due date is 2nd of the month) and my wifes state pension has always arrived in the bank on the due date and shows up on the statement even on a Sunday. Our bank is CA.
  23. Yes, it was 2E and found within a couple of minutes.

    Hope you find it eventually.
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