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  1. I was asking the same question...where is the pie man.
  2. Thank you....Getting closer....Next week I may get closer. Do any of you have a grand house/chateau for B and B in the SW. and desire more buisness.....I am planning something for next Jan.      
  3. Looking for as direct tel number for Marie-Dominique Perrin who edits Chambres d hotes Secretes. She seems difficult to find....the book is published but Hatchette in France. Can any one help please?
  4. Even the best of hotels can get trouble......there are people out there who make crazy reports...just to appear imoportant.By the way does anyone know Veules les roses in Normandy......it is a really pretty seaside village with lots of character and one of the most interesting looking hotels I have ever seen. Not the best hotel though...breakfast boreing....Not difficult to produce a great breakast at a fairly low cost. So many people put no effort into their work. Bacon and eggs ...by the way nice to eat...sometimes...but no so good for the body!            
  5.                                    By the way all cat lovers seem to get up early.
  6. The problem with the general public offering their views.....is that they are"the general public" and that means that we all have different standards. For those people who search for the cheapest...and lets hope that it is clean  and near the beach...then do not use a guide book..no need. Others look for a special experience...want to know that the property was re-decorated last spring and that owners husband  cooks a great leek and prawn tart....and that there are 4 bedrooms with very comfortable beds...and you can choose your room.You can locate the hotel or b and b by map  and you can expect that the property has been inspected by an expert.The expert is usually an ex chef or hotel keeper.   Many guides can diirect you to locations on line offering contact tel numbers ....call the owner get some extra info...a night or so in a good location...great place works magic.Even paying 20 pounds for a guide book will make a good investment...makes good reading..usually.... Sorry but Trip adviser does not work for me.
  7. Ivory and dark grey is perfect......grey is really good...and ivory. Is Mrs W still interested in design? We certainly find it interesting and creative.
  8. I have found  that Armstrongs are in Paris......so I will call them .....in the morn...Probably success!
  9. thanks for trying everyone.....maybe it can be shipped in ...but I am trying a mag in the morn called Maiosn creative...they have it on one of their pages......hopefully I may find it France
  10. I know some people will be looking for a 2/3 bed house somewhere near Bordeaux/Bergerac as they will have a job to go to there.33 They will need a graden and have two children. If you can help please let me know.
  11. should be portion of money!
  12. I will be offering art tutorials on my premises and at the nearby river[will be indicated and detailed onm my website]A teacher at a local art college[self employed] will be taking anmd conducting the class. I will not be banking/utalising the artists postion of money...so can I still collect this money and pass it to the tuitor...without tax involvement. I merely want to make my programme/project more interesting.
  13. with B and B surely by law breakfast has to be included in the price? Wondering why bacon and eggs in France?
  14. knowledge certainly does dispel fear.
  15. Think that there is a flying school near St Foy.33
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