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  1. Thank you for those who gave positive responses, I went to a local tourist office and they had information on all Airports where there were flying schools.  A local one had an e-mail address and I am to meet an instructor on Saturday.  So far so good.  Have noticed that to fly solo there is an exam, if I get that far, hope I can take it in English.
  2. Cathy,

    yes I had seen the site, might give it a try as a starter as I have yet to visit that area.  Problem is that Limoge is a long way to go if I continue and need to get my 45+ hours in.

  3. We took our English licenses to out Marie and they did all the rest, all we needed to do was provide a stamped addressed envelope. 

    We changed ours as my wife, being diabetic doesn't have to renew her license every 3 years, and they both go on beyond 70.

  4. It is many years since I flew in a light aircraft, ranging from Austers to Tiger Moths, my first flight was a Chipmonk at Croydon airport.  I now have the idea that I would like to learn to Fly.

    Living in South West Orne I was wondering if there were any English Speaking flying school in the area. 

  5. Living in Normandy we want to visit other parts of France out of season.  Is there a web site or book that details hotels or B&B's that accept dogs?
  6. You can always take the easy way out.

    We went to the Marie.  Filled out the form, they copied our passport and Tax de Habitaion and gave us a copy of our driving license.  Two weeks later the French licenses came through the post.

    Simple realy.  Don't need to turn it into a problem.

  7. Why is this still open, Forum moderators need to let us know if Searcher30 has been vetted and cleared.
  8. We have just had our loft converted two two bedrooms, bathroom and storeroom.  we needede to have a support beam lifted  metre.  the only stripping of the roof was for replacement velux windows and two new dormers.  With the conversion we did need to have five 'ventilation' tiles.  With the change of the supports we did have to have a new metal cross support.  No major tile stripping was undertaken.
  9. Strange view on selling property, it is not only the British who are after this type of property, and I would use a local Immobillier rather than a British agent.  I would say that you should look at a local agent who deals with all nationalities.  In this area there are a lot of Parisians who have houses and who would probably be interested.  Why be blinkered, or is it the view that the British will pay more for a property than it is worth? 
  10. Quillan, you haven't blocked this yet, I never thought of using this Forum to write a book or become a 'French Expert', sounds like a money maker to me as the originator has found.
  11. I am not sure how far south it goes, as I stop off in Orne, problem is Rouen as it doesn't bypass it, there are signposts but it is a slow process, particularly if you are passing as the industrial estates throw out.

    according to the Region magazine 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles a day use it in the section between Alencon and Rouen.

  12. Be fair Katie, he has made one response so must only be 48, I rarely read them now as they are so far fetched.  What concerns me is with all his worries if he believes every response then they will have a major problem.  This forum is like asking a question to two politicians, you get three answers.

    I think that this person is in defenite need of paying someone professional to answer their questions, or they are trying to up their counter.

  13. [quote user="cameol"]Surely the big supermarches are open on the Monday after Easter? I didn't think they had bank holidays here?[/quote]

    The Bank Holiday over here is on the Monday only not the Friday and Monday as in the UK.  Two weeks then we have another on the 1st May, one week and Monday 8th May, its all go over here.

  14. "Don't forget to put a sticker on your letterboxes saying " PAS DE PUBLICITE S.V.P". otherwise you'll be swamped with free ads and local supermarket promotions, it's a terrible waste of paper

    . Well Bassman I must say i'm disappointed, i thought you may be the ex bass player from Pink Floyd or someone moved over to France inbetween tours.  I think i'll start a "Who's famous on the forum" thread to see who i can find" (the official quote didn't work)


    Don't you beleive it Twinkle, the local supermarket promotions are an essential part of life over here, it enables us to plan our shopping and ensure that we can get good deals, like half a pig for the freezer, don't ask what we did with half a head and half a tongue, and where the frsh fish are going to be cheep. The local postie doesn't deliver to those properties that are not fully occupied.

  15. All the shops in our village are open for half a day on Bank Holidays so I would carry the minimum food as you would have to pay excess baggage
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