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    There are four main seasons in France, just as in the UK. They are spring summer autumn and winter. Although they have different names in France...I suppose if you google them, you will find this info out. I do know that winter is Hinver, if thats of any use. The best time I have found to plant seeds is in spring. Bonnes Chances with your hortyculcheral adventure
  2. my personal favourite - always gets a great reception...hold out your pointer finger and loudly proclaim "Pull me finger!!" One can do this to unsusspecting members of the public on the bus, just before alighting.
  3. why eye Geordie girl just read your post i've had trouble with my internet and been away for 3 years at her majs pleasure (so to speek). No I did not lock em in ( but i was )
  4. Has anybody visited the outdoor ice rink in Granville - its a super day out. I had a great , if not slightly embarrassing, day on the ice. My hubby and I were skating like Torvill & Dean, I was going to suggest we even try the Bolero routine - unitl he passed wind rather loudly and the shock caused me to fall flat on my face!!! [:$] Hairendous!!!!!
  5. Good luck - but a word a warning - check a dictionary or 'google' it before hand. For all you know, it could French for 'Swinging Party'!!![:$]
  6. Is today officially the 'crape' est day of the year ?!!!![:-))]
  7. Good news folks - found out yesterday that Leclerc in Angneaux stocks a wide variety of Vienetta's - yet to find a mint one though! [:-))]
  8. I'm not too sure as I only picked it up the other day for the first time. You maybe right though as I am in Manche at the moment. Although I could forsee a downside also as certain sections of the ex-pat community prefering to stick solely with the English language and not integrating fully with these wonderful French people. [blink][blink]
  9. My favourite read is 'Rendezvous' which is a monthly magazine for ex-pats.  It is a fantastic read and provides a vital link to the English community.
  10. ...my personal favourite, not quite so exotic but does the job all the same - two slices of baguette and a scraping of cranberry sauce mmmmmmmmmmm......Hee Hee!! DELICIOUS!!
  11. Holyhead to Dublin £4.99 return if youre in that part of the woods throughout January . A great way to spend new year if youre on a drawstring budget
  12. YUCK!!! Whilst dining in what i thought was a plush French Restaurant (in France), I asked the garcon for something called 'escargoats'...imagine my horror when said garcon arrived bearing nothing more than a commoner garden slug...complete with SHELL!!!!! I stormed out and told my husband that we should contact the Gendarmes (the French Environmental Health). I was so disappointed, I thought that I was getting a French version of Walls Vienetta. And on that note, does anyone know where I can purchase a mint flavoured one - my local Champion doesn't seem to stock them?  
  13. Pardon my french as they say! I did mean crepes, but I'm not quite down with the lingo yet!
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