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  1. The first year we brought our dog we didn't have a Scalibor collar. The vet in France who did the paperwork for our return trip showed us a map and told us how prevalent the sandflies now are in our area and spreading further north. She advised that we get a Scalibor collar for our visit the following year and thought we were lucky our pet hadn't been bitten. So I don't think your vet is trying to get money out of you. I have just paid £12 for a large collar from our vets.

  2. After having got rid of a lot of our pine trees there is no need to any more. There is a new invention which  claims to capture the caterpillars.


    L'eco piege from the society Mesange verte de bages


    €25 is worth it.

  3. I haven't been on the train but visited Font Romeau in summer. It was 27 degrees down on the plain and 6 degrees up there. I would suggest wrapping up for the journey.  As far as I am aware you can get on and off the train but the timings need scrutiny. Here is some info, sorry if you already have this.


  4. I know what you mean we have plastic t&g ones on the roof. Yes they are not the same.

    The mermaid ones come in large sheets so fewer joints.We only have a join in the corner and you can buy matching jointing strips making it entirely waterproof.

  5. We have these in our shower in the UK. 6 years later they still look as good as new, easy to clean and yes waterproof. They are made from marine ply with thick laminate sealed so water can not get in. Hubby says a doddle to fit but we didn't put them on existing tiles but yes you can do so. We have this make. http://www.epsombathrooms.co.uk/mermaid.html

    I wouldn't know how to search for them in French unfortunately. If you find out can you pass it on as when we are ready to renovate our bathroom we will be using this rather than tiles.

  6. I  claimed for two damaged tyres from insurance for car hire.€ 180 euros. They were superb and paid up on receipt of bills.We have used them now for a few years and have saved a fortune not paying the daily charges from car hire companies. Not all hire agreements cover tyres and windscreens.
  7. I have 6 of these for my pool, it is only small. They raise the temperature about 2 degrees. I bought them from America so they were half of the cost that I have seen them advertised in Europe, they are obviously not as good as solar heating but serve their purpose.
  8. Kathy

    Bay tree

    Thanks for the replies, it was the one for culinary purposes I wanted. We live down in 66 and I put a cover over my yukka in case of frost so would do the same with a bay. We have irrigated the garden and would do so with the bay in a pot.
  9. Kathy

    Bay tree

    I would like a bay tree on a stem of about 1  metre to put in a pot by my front door. These are abundant in England but wondered if they were available in France.
  10. We bought crepie in Ton Piere that is like cream but a bit lighter.
  11. We continued with the house insurance that our vendor had and he gave us the original document saying what was covered. This time when the renewal was due the company wrote saying what the new price was. We paid this but have also not got anything back document wise. I thought that you had now to be notified in advance of your renewal costs in order to notify them in case you wanted to change insurers. This law has not been in force long, so some insurers may have chosen not to uphold it yet.We are with Aviva.
  12. Yes I read your posting last time when I didn't know what they were. It was very informative thank you. We are only out at certain times of the year so it is difficult to stop them before they nest up high. Prior to our visit last week it was only 7 weeks since we were in France and we didn't spot anything. Perhaps we didn't look close enough. As some of our trees are on a steep banking it is fairly lethal to gain access up the tree, like you we used all manner of tools to chop out the branches. I am heartened that we may win the battle we have already lost several trees and don't want to lose anymore. Last Easter we had to burn the caterpillars when they were on the ground, it was not nice but we have a dog also and can't risk it. This time we removed 26 nests from 3 trees. Next October I shall be on the lookout. What did you decide about the micro biological insectiside?
  13. We are in Dept 66 right on the Spanish border. The soil is not very good, mostly clay. We have an oak, mimosa and some spindly trees (not sure what they are) lower down the banking. If we take down the two pines I am worried about all the banking being washed away by the rain. I shall look at aciers, thank you.
  14. Last year we chopped out lots of chenille nests from our pine trees without spoiling them too much however, last week when we visited they were back nesting with a vengence. This latest operation has left the pine trees looking very thin and we think if we have to do this again next year we will be left with totem poles not trees. We are thinking of planting something near to them that will give us privacy but not too invasive just in case we have to lose them next year. They are located on a steep banking. Has anyone any suggestions as what would be the best option? I cannot find any advice on how to eradicate the chenille processionalles without cutting off the nests and burning them.
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