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  1. Our house has been on the market for two years now - there is nothing wrong with it and it is not overpriced - in fact it is very cheap! Our first immobilier has had no viewings in two years - can you believe that - and we are going to change to another company. We have two other agents, one in Villeneuve Minervois one in Mazamet. Who have, at least, had some viewings. Question is we need another Agent based in Carcassonne - our house is in the Montagne Noire 25km north of Carcassonne.Any recommendations? It is a 3 bed semi, fully furnished and equipped €58,000. As far as I can see it is about the cheapest habitable property around and we still cant entice a buyer! Any one had recent dealings with an immobilier in Carcassonne?
  2. Polly

    Pet passport

    Our vet in Carcassonne asked to see a copy of the blood test (the one that proves the dog has rabies antibodies) - we didn't have it with us as our vet in England had kept it.  The vet suggested we bring it with us next time we visit France, so I obtained a photo copy and now keep it with the Pet Passport.  The vet used our own Advantix which we had brought with us and so we had only to pay for the worming and the consultation. I agree with the other posters about visiting your local vet and establishing a relationship with them.
  3. Hello Polly - I don't mind that there are two of us! - I don't post much anyway, unless I am searching for info - I leave it to others to chit-chat.  I'm sure we won't be mistaken for each other. It could prove interesting tho' ....................
  4. Hi Guys,  Been this week to collect the flea treatment and scalibor collar and asked the vet for Advantix as we are right on the edge of Aude/Tarn - Our vet is now confused as the Advantix (which they do not generally prescribe - they use Frontline as a general rule) gives protection against sandfly and thinks the collar is not required as it may o.d. on the sandfly protection - she has asked me to investigate.  On reading the packaging I think she may be right and that the Advantix alone will be alright - any comments please? Your help is greatly appreciated - thanks!    
  5. We live in the Montagne Noire, South of Mazamet, at Miraval Cabardes  in Aude .400 meteres altitude.  I think the weather varies which side of the Mountain you are.  Here we get approx one week of snow, and some rain.  It is cold and sometimes misty.  However, in the Summer, the evenings are cool for sleeping - It is a beautiful place to be.....
  6. Still trying to sort out everything I need to bring Millie with us this summer! Got the Heartworm tablet and the Frontline .... My vet is trying to persuade me that a Scalibor - ProtectorBand is required for Sand Flies which can apparently infect dogs with Leishmaniasis. Do any of you know whether this is required in Aude? Or is the vet just trying to get me to spend as much money as possible?!!   
  7. Can you give me the name of the Practice please Quillan as I want to write to them to make an appointment.  Thanks.
  8. Thank you to both of you.  Would they be open on a Monday?  I know some businesses are closed on Mondays. To be no longer than my 48 hours I need to go on a Monday. Also would they have an email address?
  9. We will be brining our dogs with us this summer.  Can anyone recommend a vet in Carcassonne please.  Also what are the opening hours of  French vets.  Thanks.
  10. Can any one please recommend a vet to me in Carcassonne.  We are bringing our dogs this year now we have the pet passports and will need to visit the vet for their treatment. Thanks in advance!
  11. Have a look at Chateau de Cavanac which is just South of Carcassonne off the road to the hospital. http://www.chateau-de-cavanac.fr/  They do an all inclusive 5 course meal which includes apperitif, digestive and a bottle or red, white and rose wine for 42 eurosin summer it is possible to eat outside on their covered terrace - not sure whether there would be suitable veggie food but the website does have  menu so you could have a look. Have a look at Pages Jaunes for florists, hairdressers etc. Polly
  12. There is a Rotary Club in Carcassonne I think they meet on a Wednesday but I'm not sure.  Haven't been to it yet! but there is a sign just as you come out of the Airport on a lampost giving the meeting dates!! Polly
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