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  1. We live near Cahors in the Lot.  Over the past month we've experienced more torrential downpours than usual and with the advent of the change of TV satellite we have lost the signal to our Sky box more frequently than prior to the changeover. Our dish is 70cm horizontal and 60cm vertical and is attatched to the chimney stack on the roof. The signal strength reading has always been 6/7 on a scale of 1-10 and the signal quality has aways been 9 on a scale of 1-10. This afternoon I attempted to fine tune its position using an in-line meter but all to no avail as I  was unable to achieve a higher signal strength with either horizontal or vertical adjustment. So, my question is, do I install a larger diameter dish or is the loss of signal during rain something we have to live with. Prior to the satellite changeover we could sometimes lose the signal during torrential rain but not during bog-standard rain. Thanks cajal
  2. Good afternoon, Success at last.  Thanks for both of your suggestions.  Unfortunately Rutlands wanted approx £25 postage and the cycle shop didn't know such a product existed. Anyway my wife took up the challenge and trawled around the quincailleries and at the 4th one she visited found the French equivalent -"Lubrifiant Glisse Bois"  manufactured by Express. It comes in an aerosol can, ( beggars can't be choosers) doesn't contain silicone, doesn't stain wood and is applied to both the wood and machine face. Once again, thanks for taking the time to respond to my query. cajal
  3. Good morning, I would like to give my planer/thicknesser beds and various other machine beds a coating of the above. Does anybody know if this product is available here in France and if so what  is it referred to in French and which retail outlets are likely to sell it. Axminster will not post this product outside of the UK. TIA cajal
  4. cajal


    We lost one of our dogs to Leishmaniasis last April, as she was a Greek rescue dog we had given a home to 3 and a half years earlier, we assume that she must have contracted it there, although she tested negative before being brought from Greece.  We will never be sure, as we had also had subsequent holidays in the Lot region of France, and she had appeared well when we first rehomed her with us in the UK.  It can take as little as a few months to as long as c7 years to appear, depending on the resistance of the dog.  Only a blood test can confirm a diagnosis.  There is a lot of information on the internet re this horrible disease and it is present in France.  Protective collars are available from your vet called Scalibor collars.  As UK vets do not come across this very often, our vet did not think it was Leishmaniasis at first, and put it down to skin allergies, or food allergies or just old age.  It was only when I found detailed information on sypmtoms on the internet that I put 2 and 2 together and we brought it up again with out vet, sadly it was confirmed with a blood test.  The very best of luck, I hope your dog gets the all clear. Jane
  5. Forget Eparcyl.  Just flush live Yoghurt down the toilet.The fosse expert from Parc de Causse recommended that one.
  6. Moneybookers (France) BNP Code Banque.............30004 Code Guichet.............00828 Numero de Compte.....0010616512 RIB............................76 cajal
  7. The gas quarterly charge and the cost per unit. We are on town gas and our unit cost is :-  units consumed x 11.35 (coefficient conversion) x €0.0285  The standing charge is €10.33 / month Hope that helps. cajal
  8. New edition now available for download. http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/1/ cajal
  9. Either way you should all now be aware that there are imminent changes in the pipeline so to keep up to date it may be prudent to visit the Grisoft site regularly to check on the progress. Please try posting in smaller text you have made it rather all too large on my computer now !! Everything appears normal on my screen. cajal  
  10. There are two versions of AVG 6.0 'Paid for' and 'Free'.  The following link will explain the situation for those who use the 'Free' version http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/16/lng/us/tpl/v5 cajal
  11. From http://www.grisoft.com site **************************** End of Support for AVG 6.0 Grisoft announces the end of support for AVG version 6.0 effective on December 31, 2004 for technical reasons. This version has been available since 1999. It's structure does not allow for further improvements planned for version 7 nor improvements of detection techniques expected to come in the future. End of support means we will no longer provide program updates or Virus Database updates for version 6.0 and therefore, within days, this version will not protect against new virus outbreaks! Current AVG 6.0 users should upgrade to AVG 7.0. Information on upgrading to version 7.0 can be found at http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_upgrade.php. - October 25, 2004 - ***************************** If you are a registered user of the free version of AVG6.0 you can upgrade to AVG7.0 for free   cajal
  12. For anyone wishing to transfer money from France (€) to the UK (£) and wants to use Moneybookers France (BNP) to carryout the transfer the following are required by your own bank. Code Banque..............30004 Code Guichet..............00828 Numero de Compte......00010616512 RIB...........................76 Hope that helps cajal
  13. Hi,   Whilst on the topic of Moneybookers, has anybody used their transfer system in reverse ie Personal French bank account (€)                     V Moneybookers French bank account (€)                      V Personal UK bank account (£)   If so, how has the service you received compared to the UK->France transfer.   TIA   cajal  
  14. > pet passport about to be sorted; < If you are only just embarking on acquiring a pet passport it will be a minimum of 7 months until you can use the pet scheme. If of course you only intend taking the dog out of the UK and not returning, a pet passport will not be required. cajal
  15. cajal


    We actually used the services of Blevins Franks on Tuesday of last week. The meeting was held at their offices here in London where we had the sevices of two of their tax advisors for approx two hours. Although we have done our own extensive research in the field of tax avoidance (not evaision) and financial investment we found that we were able to gain far more insight into the whole workings of the French system and our specific requirements regarding capital gains, inheritance and wealth tax, social charges, estate planning etc. etc. Mrs cajal had a follow up meeting, of about one hour the following day, specifically with regard to her pension situation. (Mine is pretty well clear cut). We are now awaiting a call/meeting with one of their investment advisors who is at present in Spain. They will forward a report to us with advice and recommendations within 7 - 10 days. We are also able to have follow-up meetings / discussions during the next 6 months inclusive within the fee. Only time will tell if the advice issued was good/useful or not but the meeting has enabled us to implement procedures that are relevant to our situation sooner rather than later. As I said earlier, we have done extensive research, but we felt that books and conversations will only produce generalised information and what we were looking for was advice specifically regarding our situation and circumstances. Ultimately, I am sure we will more than recoup their charges having used the advice they have offered. Hope that helps cajal
  16. LAST EDITED ON 03-Feb-04 AT 09:21 AM (GMT) We are in the process of sourcing a new TV. Researching different models I find that certain sets have the feature of a Built in Tuner and appear to conform to particular Broadcasting Standards ( PAL SECAM NTSC ) As the UK and the majority of Europe adopt PAL and France SECAM my question is: If I purchase a TV in the UK which has a 'built in tuner' for 'broadcasting standards' PAL SECAM & NTSC will it be able to receive and transmit French terrestial TV if used in France. Or does the 'broadcasting standard' only refer to video playback? TIA cajal
  17. cajal


    We are at present, prior to our permenant relocation to France later this year, in the process of seeking financial advice in the form of investments, tax liabilities, capital gains etc. etc. Last year we acquired Blevins Franks publication " Living In France" which we have duly trawled (twice)and have recently approached the company with a view to them setting out a financial plan on our behalf. Before we commit ourselves to their services ( we have been quoted just shy of 1000 for their assistance in these matters) we would be interested to know if any other forum members have contracted the services of Blevin Franks. If you have we would be interested to hear of your experiences with this company. Did you find their service relevant to your cicumstances? Did you find their service useful to your circumstances? Did you find their service good/bad/indifferent? If, searching again for financial advice, would you use them again? Any other comments you would care to make regarding your experience with this company would be gratefully received. Finally, if anyone has any experience of other financial advisors and would care to share their experience with us we would be most grateful. TIA cajal
  18. I am in the process of sourcing a sky dgibox & FTV card for use in France. One supplier is advertising, on their web site, a Pace 2600 including a viewing card. I called them and they stated that their viewing card does NOT need activating and the box is supplied with the card fully activated. So, firstly, is a Pace 2600 digibox a good and reliable box? And secondly dak if the so called viewing card which appears not to be of the FTV variety work? ie has anyone got one, tried one or know anyone who has one of these cards? TIA cajal
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