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  1. As another "rear end covering" excercise, I have found P&O are offering a frequent traveler deal 9 crossings pre booked for £27 per crossing.
  2. Nell "How did you manage this??? - I have just tried Seafrance and was quoted 98 euro - am I missing something?? I can't even get a sterling rate because I need crossing France to UK and return." Well it may have been just dumb luck! I was considering a back up plan, and as luck would have it e mail from Sea France arrived, and I clicked the link within the e mail, and put in a date for a single crossing, ticked the box for a pet, and that's what came back. I have since recieved the e mail comfirmation, and to make you feel worse, it was actually £21.50, with a compulsory contribution to marine conservation of £2. Dover-Calais on the SeaFrance Berlioz departing Friday 12/12/2008 at 05:00 - Saver The 02.30 crossing was cheaper! The only thing was it did have a 5 digit promotion code in the  email (which I have deleted, sorry) so maybe that's the difference? Curiously I have often noticed variations in price and availabilty, depending which country I am booking it from
  3. I waited as long as I could, but have made a back up booking with Sea France (£23 including the dog!!!). If it is curtains for Speedferries, I for one will miss them.
  4. I didn't watch the video, nor did I read all the posts, it's an entire thread about folding towels!!! Why, I made a sort of multi size wine rack, and I roll the towels, not much folding required!
  5. [quote user="Anton Redman"]<< Give me a Ford Cortina engine any day, fuel, spark, bang (or not if its a diesel) and off you go >> The day I see a pre cross flow, Kent or Pinto engine with 200,000 miles up without a rebuild I will be amazed. I have made 150,000 miles out of an A series but it did have an oil cooler with thermostat,K&N air filter and oil changes very 3,000 miles.and a lot of tender loveing care in the engine build in the first place [/quote] An A series? bloody hell!!!!!
  6. I loved it when we got Lotus (Loti??) in, seeing what bits were on it! Excels and Eclats were awash with a mixture of Marina/Ital switches, Cortina/Escort stuff. Elites were the same of course, but had the addition of some "parts bin" air vent parts, even down to the stickers with the "hot/cold/screen/floor pictures.  During my apprenticeship I created and was eventually given the job title "parts sourcer", and every time we got anything obscure in it was my job to get the bits. Most obscure one? A Wood and Pickett Mimi Clubman Estate, the front bumper was a cut down and re-chromed Aston Martin DBS rear bumper! Now that was EXPENSIVE!!!
  7. These diesels have a soot filter known called a FAP. It works by burning the soot off every few thousand miles. The additive is called Eolys which is stored next to the diesel tank with a computer controlled dosing mechanism. Now you should be able to buy it somehwere, but I wouldn't like to guess where!  Lorry air brake anti-freeze used to be carbon tetrochloride (drying cleaning fluid), and for years it was difficult to buy over the counter, because the dealers want to sell it! I bet this additive tank it's just a plastic bottle with a screw cap!!!
  8. From what I have seen, the sale of Factored parts in France is less than the UK, they seem to keep to OE parts, regardless of who made them (e.g. AP brake parts as sold to a manufacturer). The other factor (no pun intended) could be that the DIY maintainence of cars seems to be more common in France, and someone is cashing in on that! Ducati Paso brake pads in Italy, Brembo = 30euros a each caliper. UK, EBC, full set (three calipers), £28, France Brembo 60euros a caliper, EBC 85euros a caliper.
  9. I can't say I'm that impressed. I did 98,000 on my FJ1200, from new. Gone are the days of the CBX1000, which would get to 12,000 and detonate! There are some BMW's in London, used by couriers with huge huge huge mileage, it's just a case of preventive maintainance. My Volvo 850 did 257,000 miles (which is considered low for the model) and there is a healthy 250,000 mile club for certain Lexus models with one having done 500,000. Bikes don't have to be thrashed, but your right, can't see a Yam 350 LDC doing over 12,000!!!
  10. Ah, a road going R8, that would be rather good! It can't be long before the bike manufacturers follow Enfields lead, and try diesel, my money is on Honda having a large muliti-cylinder diesel bike on the market soon. Wonder if it would go in a road going Radical? Years ago I was part of a team that had a Perkins dieselised Rover V8 in a Westfield chassis with a 10 speed stepper box. Designed to run on Rape seed oil, synthetic oil etc etc. Had an entry into the Snetterton 24 hours, but it was turned down! I like to think we were ahead of the game!
  11. Many many thanks, I now have something to work with, excellent!
  12. I've had a quick look, very interesting, but I can't see wood burners in there.
  13. Can anybody point me in the direction of a website/s that may have a log burning Arga/Raburn or equivelent with a back boiler. Ta muchly
  14. You'd have thought as a writer, I could explain myself better! Anyway, my question has been answered, and it was much as I thought, just have to set ups, one in each country and a wi fi card for the missus. Easy! Ta muchly
  15. That's much as I thought! I suspected it would require somthing (probably IP numbers) each time, plus power plugs etc. At least I can now tell the better half, "no, we need two!" Ta
  16. There is a fine balancing act between having a car with too little power, that has to be thrashed to get it to do anything, and one, where somebody, with little or no skill can happily kill themselves without trying. A little car, thrashed is not ecologically friendly, nor is a huge engine. The current road tax reg's in the UK are a joke. I know of restored 70s cars that are tuned weekly, and are very very efficent, and modern cars that get no maintainence and kick out clouds of smoke, yet the UK government tax "low emmisions" without really knowing how to measure them, on a day to day basis, instead they are happier using a very broad brush to say "modern small car efficent, old big car not", which isn't always the case. As to the dangers of powerful cars, no, the danger is always, but always the nut holding the wheel. Whereas motorcyclists are legally required to advance through a system, if you rich enough, you could by a HUGE car after just passing a test, bizzarre!!
  17. Now I'm not a total techy, nor am I "Mr PC", so I think this must be possible, but I'm not convinced it will work! We spend as much time in the UK as in France, and have one PC on broadband  (Wanadoo ASDL modem in France), and  broadband, supplied through Virgin's digi' box in he UK. My laptop is wi fi enabled, and I can get a wi fi card, or dongle for my better half's laptop. What I would like to do is have one broadband router that I can use in both counries, e.g, plug it on to the modem in France, use both laptops, then unplug it from the modem, take it to the UK, plug it into the Virgin box, and use both laptops in the UK. Is this possible? Me thinks there will be an IP number problem, but that's where my know runs out!!!.................
  18. [quote user="La Guerriere"]that's the way to go.[/quote] I didn't think "going" was the problem!
  19. Just in case you haven't seen this, Lapeyre now have a UK website, where you can order on line for your house in France. http://www.lapeyre.co.uk/
  20. We are going to do one in our apartment (for use by guests) but only because it is big enough to have a barrier between the washing area and the drying area, while leaving room for wheel chair access. We are considering glass blocks (it's a solid concrete floor), glass wall or a shaped tiled wall. There are quite a few products to ensure what ever happens to the grout/tiles, water doesn't get through. as I said, water liners are featured in Laperye , which you tile straight on to. It is also interesting that there is now an English web site for Laperye, where you can order stuff for delivery in France!!  http://www.lapeyre.co.uk/
  21. Do you mean a wet room? Lapeyre do a drain hole that is bonded into a sort of rubber sealing membrain, designed to be used under tiles in just such a way, but if there are floor boards, and you have something like wires or plumbing running underneath, you may, one day, have to get to them!! Bathroon grout is waterproof. The chap that sold us his house grouted our shower with kitchen grout, which isn't! There are waterproof palsterboards, or even marine ply, but it all boils down to that access problem!!
  22. surely if they are boxes, your getting into cubic metres??
  23. I think I should wait until I get home (12th Dec) and weigh and measure these gates! Watch this space, but a ratio of 2/3s above, one below seems about right, but I have a habit of over engineering every thing I do!
  24. I have two gates to install, approx' 3 feet high, and approx' 14lbs each, I want the post to be one foot higher than the gate, so four feet posts, added to which,  how much under ground??? two feet in concrete, therefore  six foot posts? There's no bracing and no fence to add them too, so it's a hole in the ground and ballast and concrete.
  25. Marina?? No way would I race one of those! But a well prepared MG, maybe! Lower suspension trunion from memory at least, I believe a lot of people who upgrade Morris 1000s, uprate the brakes by doing a near straight swap, "plod" for Marina suspension and brakes, although as I recall if you braked hard from speed in a Marina it would change lanes automatically, so I cannot see why! It was more years ago than I care to remember, but BL Austin Rover, moved stuff around their range quite a lot.
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