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  1. Re: Debra.....So, in a nutshell the revision is it saying that if you have NOT opted for a regime (I think no regime means you default to Napoleonic, correct me if I am wrong) then the spouse inherits all, as does if under a French regime. Freddy that is a great tip, thank you.
  2. Thank you. But yes, YES!! we did research and was originally Tontiene then changed to (See..Inheritance ....What if post!!!!) régime de communauté universelle. Its just that I am coming across more and more people that are making a Will in UK and specifically making a Will in France as well, would I presume that its for moveable objects if they are sharing between children. But back to original question are you saying that the UK Will is not worth the paper its written on. Thanks again.
  3. We made a Will in the UK for distribution of investments NOT properties) whilst still resident in UK. We are now resident in France but wish to make a new Will in the UK for those investments. Question... by making a new will for UK stuff now we are resident in France does it have any bad implications where u are resident when making UK Will.
  4. I have been told a good tip but correct me if u don't agree. When the doc writes the prescription especially on some homoeopathy there will be nil refund. So make sure either check with doc or at the chemist before they run it through the till and only by these nil refundable items direct over the counter thus saving you THAT 00.50 cts that is on each box that's written on the prescription. Recommended by one crafty Belgian women !! I thought it a brilliant idea.
  5. Thanks Parsnips. I will keep an eye on the link to see how it all goes and once we have been to Notaires and gained some answers I will come back with whats said. Ever the pessimist!!MBK
  6. Brilliant, thank you..most interesting and I am sure others might find it useful. As for the marriage bit... is there an equivalent to a PACS in the UK or is that the same thing in UK . Not really sure what I am asking but perhaps an alternative to marriage where her partner would be recognized with same rights as husband. Yes, marriage looks the easy way but I would like them to have an alternative. But at the same time we dont want to interfere!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the comments, its all very interesting and I am determined not to bury my head in the sand !! Yes, we are off tp Notaire in a couple of weeks but wanted a feel of whats what. We are régime de communauté universelle but as our daughter does not have children and has a partner of many years ....we want him to inherit if we (daughter & us) should perish. As said we dont want our brothers and sisters to inherit . So you dont think she has to make a Will in France as well as her UK Will to make sure he inherits?
  8. The scenario if us 2 and only child were wiped out in a car crash... is it the same as UK the youngest would be deemed the last survivor and our daughters Will would stand.? But then the question is as she is not French resident would she need to make a will in France for our house that she would have inherited? This notaires site http://www.notaires.fr/notaires/en/page/wills?page_id=732 would u interpretate it that you can now leave estate to whom you desire rather than family automatically inheriting? As you can guess neither of us want our brothers or sisters to have anything, only our daughter but if she has gone with us!! then we want her partner to have all. Would appreciate any thoughts.
  9. I query because it has been pointed out that having started paying health contributions & also towards a pension you have chosen to follow as a French person who continues to contribute through life therefore the S1 is no longer an alternative. How true that is I have no idea but if it can be clarified I would be grateful.
  10. Will a person still be eligible to have an S1 after closing down AE and retiring ( is in receipt of state pension whilst running AE) or because once having started paying into the system through AE does it some way make you become ineligible for S1. Thank you MBK
  11. Thank you all for the replies, ahhhhh I can sleep now! Sunday Driver hope you got my email. Thanks again. MBK
  12. Does anyone know if we have to apply for a new Carte Vital as ours is of the old design without a picture and if so is it simply take the pics into CPAM. Thank you.
  13. Thanks Cooperola.... yes, you guessed it, I have never used that !!! I cant surely be the only one, hey ho. The old syndrome of looking but not seeing! Thanks again.
  14. Doh.....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz Sorry!!!! OOp's I honestly have never looked at "Other Topics" before.....or if I have I cant remember! Look what Iv'e been missing! doh.
  15. Certainly one couple I know should be quaking in their boots..... but their reaction is they (DWP) are only after the big boys! But my thoughts are "if they rounded up all the little guys, they could still save a fortune". Do you think it effects anyone you know? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12081634
  16. Good to hear that there is the choice. For us we registered with this company many years ago you can either transfer online as little as £3000.00 or phone and transfer by direct debit ( and thats bliss for a panicky person like me!) and the rate is as good as HIfix and sometimes even better ! Worth a look here......... http://www.torfx.com/ Mrs MBK
  17. re...Let's try (I know this is a gross simplification, but...) Will, Thank you very much for your help. Castorama have a recepteur Optex at €44.90 it says FTA, I have researched on the internet I am thinking it has been superseded but that should not invalidate the guarantee ...before we buy can I hear anyone shout "Don't!!!!..MK
  18. Now I am really confused...doesn't take a lot! I thought free to air was freesat! I have googled it but it start off talking about free to air and appears to then call itself free sat, mind you they are trying to persuade you to employ then to install, so for me its still as clear as mud . So if I walk into a French shop wanting a box I can view BBC ITV and radio what am I asking for , please... I would die without this forum..thank you
  19. Thank you Will. I will be surprised even disappointed if they do not at some time ask for that minimum turnover.MK
  20. I had always believed that the AE was for a max stay (stepping stone) of 3 years in the regime. Then I was told another explanation of AE was that after 3 years your carte Vital was automatically taken away if you had not had a turnover in that 3 years of €15,000 ( could have been €14,000, I stand to be corrected here)it would not be returned to you. (Which again made sense to me, as they would by than have realised you were just using AE to get on the health system). If you had made that figure the 3 years would start again. Sometime after I was persuaded otherwise by someone in AE who claimed he new best (perhaps he is correct?) and as he speaks more French than I do ...who was I to disagree. Well, at last I have seen it in writing you are out after 3 years (perhaps sooner). Quote: "Representative of the federation des AE Mr Novelli has said he is ready to look at changes in the scheme in the light of what they have already learnt and may, look to strike off A entrepreneurs EARLIER THAN THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS LIMIT if they have not lodged turnover figures" End Quote. I would be grateful for some positive feed back re- there is a 3 year limit staying in AE. Thank you.MK
  21. [quote user="Richard51"]They will be facebook friends of the person who sent you the email.  The assumption is that you will have some mutual friends - the  (social) network concept. Mrs R51 [/quote] thanks for the replies,but Mrs R51 thats what I find so bizarre the one person that sent email through face book asking me to join can under no circumstances know of the 4 people I know out of the 6!!!
  22. For the first time I was sent an email through facebook because a friend has joined and wanted me to be added! Facebook is not for me but could someone please answer how out of 6 people listed with this message -: "Other people you may know on Facebook:" I know 4 of them (no way could these 4 be acquainted with the person that has just joined facebook) .... so how did facebook know I know them as I do not subscribe and this was the first request. I am confused.watsit! Thank you
  23. hello Suninfrance, this might help... http://computer.howstuffworks.com/wimax4.htm
  24. Interesting you mentioned this Norman H, I wondered about this some time ago as regards the working in France bit & losing the right to an E form and mentioned it to a couple who had just registered for auto entrepreneur status who were also approaching retirement. Their assessment of the situation was that simply they would apply for the E forms when the time came without stating they had worked. My slant on it was that the France side of it might not accept the E forms. Not being the sharpest knife in the box I thought I had it wrong.
  25. [quote user="krusty"]I wonder why they want proof of still getting a UK pension ?[/quote] Would it be simply because it allows them to be sure you are eligible either for the French EHIC card (without E121 &E106) or the English EHIC (E106 & E121). Nothing sinister ! I hope. MBK
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