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  1. thanks for the degroup test website, I entered my details and it came up with this reponse:

    Le test France Telecom ne répond pas

    Vérifiez que le numéro est bien attribué et réessayez plus tard ... en attendant vous pouvez tester l'IP ADSL

    does this mean that FT haven't set my line up yet or that it takes a while for it to be recognised with the internet companies?

    has anyone got Tiscali? how much was the set up?

    I know we can definitely get Tele2 in our town as my neighbour has it, but I guess I was just hoping the system would be quicker.........then again this is France!!

  2. we have signed up for a phone line with FT which they assured us would be activated this saturday gone. so now I thought I'd try and set up the internet.  we have been advised by our neighbours to use tele2 but I've also been looking at tiscali.  does anyone know how long it would take for our phone number to be recognised so we can sign up for internet?

    does any one know how much the activation cost for tiscali would be?  they seem to cost about the same in the long run so I was wondering if anyone had good/ bad experience of ease of set up and use and also disconnection?

    we've also seen these boxes that can be bought at the supermarkets with the modems in - are they more expensive or the same as signing up over the internet?

  3. This is a really daft question....

    what is the protocol with kissing? we've got to know some of our neighbours well enough to greet each other with kisses (4 required) but is it done every time we see them, at the start and end of the visit? what happens if we see them more than once in the same day, is the process repeated again? I assume that if we just saw them on the street for 2 mins we would give kisses once.

    I apologise that this is even being asked it's just one of those french culture things that doesn't naturally happen with us english, and it seems to take forever to leave a group after everyone has kissed!! then again maybe I just need to relax into the lifestyle!

  4. do the french have noncompetitive games. we live in 14 and are looking for a fairly social group to get involved with, nothing too skilled or would require hugh commitment. just fancy a bit of exercise and maybe get to know some more locals.  where is the best place to enquire?
  5. does anyone know the difference between these 2 options?

    I think the liste rouge is a little extreme for our needs as we still want our number published in the directory, but obviously don't want marketing calls from companies.

    I've had a look on the FT website but it's a little confusing!!
  6. has any one set up a phone line over the internet with France Telecom. I noticed there is a request form on the web site but didn't know whether it would be better to go into the local office.

    How long does it take to set up? we have a new appartment so all the wiring is installed, I think it would just require activation. I wanted a phone for our trip out at May day weekend and also try to set up broadband as well

    Maybe I'm being too optimistic!!

  7. I found out today that the price of uk stamps to europe will be increasing tomorrow from 40p to 42p. however the ones marked with 'E' are still valid after then. I stocked up for my future correspondance to France over the next year
  8. All the Peages that we have used and paid with our carte bleue just require the card to be inserted. no need to type the pin in.

    put the ticket in - check orientation of it with the picture

    put the carte bleue in

    take carte bleue back when it spits it out

    barrier will lift automatically

    some may ask if you require a receipt and you just press the button to the side and take the receipt
  9. has anyone tried booking this yet? my understanding was that 1 ticket could be purchased for £50 with an accompanying passenger for £99. can you book 2 people for £50?

    is there an end date for travel?
  10. I heard this morning that operation stack is in force on the M20. Does this mean that the motorway is completely closed or just the lorries are parked in 2 of the lanes with one lane for cars?

    is there any other way of getting to Dover and onto a ferry whilst avoiding this?

  11. has anyone travelled on this route recently and could let me know what delays were experienced?

    we are travelling on Thursday evening on 8:30 crossing but was wondering about booking a hotel the other side if it's going to take 3 hours to get into calais.

  12. does anyone know where I could get cheapish arche paper, I appreciate I will not find it bon marche as it is one of the best brands, however I find it cheaper to buy in England than in the local shop in France, even though the product is french!

    Shops would preferably be in Normandy but I would be interested in buying on-line or mail order.  Does anyone know if there is a factoy shop or can buy direct from the manufacturer?

    cheers: Cecil

  13. Just out of interest which company is it?  I am a structural engineer and would love to get a job in France and live there permanently but would need a reliable income, as the OH doesn't speak much french that would be down to me.

    I had previously thought that engineering companies would only employ french people with the correct qualifications, even though my qualifications are supposedly accepted internationally.  so thought that the only way would be to work for a large english company with an office in France and move to Paris.  As we have our place in Normandie, I would look to work in one of the large cities nearby.

    How would you target the CV towards the french market, or would the agency help with that? Were they looking for fluent french, I'm at post A level standard and would be fluent very quickly if living there full time.

    thanks for your comments/ advice


  14. we had a euro account with our bank - First Direct, I think it was actually a HSBC account.  We wanted to change all the money to Euros while waiting for the appartement to be built at a good exchange.  The only problem was the £20 charge to transfer money to France every time, even though we had a IBIN for the receiving account


  15. this topic has sparked some thoughts into my own inheritance, I apologise that it is not french inheritance.  My mother died when I was young and I was wondering what would happen automatically to my grandparents 'pot', when they die, assuming they don't specify.  Would my uncle get the whole pot as the remaining child of my grandparents? or would it get shared between him, me and my brother.  In this case do grandchildren need to pay inheritance tax?

    I could also fall foul of my dad's inheritance too, as he remarried and had further children.  If he died first then my step mum, would my half brother and siater automatically get the inheritance? again I presume this would pose the issue of tax as well.

    Is there any way of getting around this, I get on well with my step mum and have always regarded her as my mum so the issue could be approached, although there would not be a huge sum to be left.  It would be more difficult with my grandparents.

    cheers:- Cecil

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