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  1. Quick Theresa grab hold of the handbrake, now pull on it hard, see how easy it is to do a U-turn. Yep our 'Strong and Stable' leader has performed another U-turn only four days after launching 'her' manifesto proposing to screw the elderly. It seems that even her right wing press are unable to save her from this shambles, as the tories have taken out Google ads trying to defend their attack on the elderly, even the tories had to label it the dementia tax. So Ms May is asking the country to give her a landslide victory at the general election to see off those nasty Europeans. As she buckles at the first sign of confrontation God help the UK if she allowed at the negotiating table with the '27'.
  2. Well it is official now, in Berwick-upon-Tweed and the whole of the UK, except for Scotland according to the tories the temperature does not drop sufficiently to put any form of heating on in the winter. Whilst pensioners in Berwick are out basking in the winter sun with their swimwear on, just two and a half miles up the road in Scotland, the poor Scots are absolutely freezing, wearing several layers of clothing, and turning on their heating full blast, sitting back smugly knowing that the rest of the UK, or at least England and Wales are subsidising their heating bills to the tune of £300 a year! Yet another example of the tories well tested 'divide and conquer' routine that they use over and over again. When questioned today Damien Green would not confirm ordinary pensioners, i.e. not the stinking rich, will not have their winter fuel allowance taken away from them, you will have to trust the tories after the election, ha ha. Throw in that they are proposing a dementia tax and I think that May has well and truly shot herself in the foot, one can only hope.
  3. I fancy that hole that you persist in keep digging Donald seems to be getting deeper and deeper. It started off quite funny in the first instance, the biggest inauguration crowd ever, stating that he won the popular vote, when clearly he hadn't etc. But things now seem to have gotten more serious quite quickly. The investigation into whether the Russians interfered in the US election by the FBI, the sacking of Comey, the alleged memo, and whilst having talks with a Russian counterpart, psst do you want to know a secret. Things are not looking good Donald, any photos of the wall by the way. Still I expect Theresa will still hold hands with you when you visit the UK, and all the right wing comics will still tell you what a great guy you are. Oh and I expect a certain 'nutty' person will be along any time now on this thread to pledge his allegiance to you. Boy, the yanks certainly know how to pick their presidents!
  4. Thanks for posting that link lindal, I have read the relevant section pertaining to reciprocal healthcare rights in its entirety. I must say that I do not feel anymore confident now that the situation will be resolved to our advantage. The only thing that we can take comfort from in the section that you posted, is where it states it would be in the UKs interest financially to continue with the current agreement. On the other hand we now have an election in which May will be using anti-Europe rhetoric, and the right-wing comics will be stirring up hatred against the EU on a daily basis in an attempt to achieve a tory landslide. So I am not sure that any logic can be applied to the situation. I am personally not sure that May will really care about a million or so Brits living in Europe, and a percentage will not be able to vote anyway since the tories lied again, saying that the 15-year rule will be revoked. The one thing that I am confident in, is that the EU will not want to see its own citizens shafted and will be firm in protecting EU citizens rights before granting the UK any talks on any future trade agreement with the EU. I still cannot make up my mind as to whether a large tory majority will make May soften her stance on jumping off the cliff, or will embolden her and going completely flat out to show those nasty foreigners living on the continent how tough (she thinks) that she is. Judging by the slight rally in stirling since May announced the election, the money boys think that she will soften her stance, not convinced myself, I am getting ready to bring some more stirling over into euros before the rate turns south again. I think that you are spot on mint with your assessment of May and the tory party, the only aim can be to smash the Labour party and totally dominate British politics, a scary thought really, certainly no thought for the country. I was never easy when both Thatcher and Blair had massive majorities, certainly not a healthy way for the country to be run. The last strong opposition we had in the UK was when Blair was in opposition, he was snapping at the tories day in, day out, although I did not like him he was truly effective. Cameron was pathetic when he kept telling Tony not to worry, we will help you vote your bills through.Sadly with Corbyn, partly through his own making, but mainly through the totally right-wing dominated media in the UK carrying out a character assignation on a daily basis, and the Labour MPs that forced a second leadership contest trying to weaken him. Hope they are pleased with their handiwork now, as some of them will now lose their position at the trough in the forthcoming election.
  5. 'We have to trust that governments, not just the UK, will behave in a civilised manner towards their own citizens'... Trust the tories, ha ha ha...[:D][:D][:D] https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/28/brexit-european-health-insurance-card-ehic-healthcare-europe-uk Just remember how vindictive they were when it came to the winter fuel allowance, the odious Duncan-Smith lumped in some exotic Caribbean Islands under French control to justify that it doesn't get cold in winter in France, and thus stopped paying the winter fuel allowance to British migrants in France. Be very afraid...
  6. Gosh so the left-wing parties have the Guardian and Socialist Worker putting forward their 'left-wing propaganda' whilst the all truth telling right-wing parties have: the Mail, Express, Sun, Star, Telegraph, Spectator, Metro, Times, Murdoch controlled Sky News, oh and not forgetting the side of large buses. Then you have the nasty Trade Unions spouting their 'propaganda' standing up for their workers rights, whatever next. You will be telling me next that millionaires that donate to the tory party, receive knighthoods in return.
  7. Well Norman, after watching the video I think she would even make Pinocchio blush. God don't you just hate lying lowlife politicians, I include all parties in this statement, before any right-wingers start jumping up and down.
  8. All aboard the bus for the cliff-edge, hard Brexit this way, I guess you can kiss goodbye to your S1 with presumably a tory landslide, nice to see Ms May putting her party before the country.
  9. Great line from Macron replying to Le Pen when she brought up 'Project Fear'...  “All those who said Brexit will be wonderful … ran away and hid”. Oh so very true Monsieur Macron.
  10. Well done parsnips, you certainly deserve your refund for all the help that you have given to all of us. If you are buying just a beer will be sufficient.[:D]
  11. Thank you all for your replies. andy and Norman you are quite correct that I do indeed have a copy of the notes for the four operations that I have had, I had completely forgotten that I had them. So no problem in taking them to a new surgeon, although one of them is very long, I guess doctors over here are used to the situation of people seeking their treatment from different specialists. WoolyB yes indeed Poitiers is probably the hospital that I will be looking to transfer to, as my oncologist is based there, although one day a week he practices at Thours, which is only about a 30 minute drive for me, so very handy. I have an appointment with my own doctor shortly so I will seek his advice regarding the colonoscopy and transferring hospitals. Norman you certainly have been going through it with all your operations and complications, it really seems unfair that some people get almost everything dumped on them and others escape unscathed, unfortunately my wife falls into the category of 'dumped on' like yourself. Apart from all of the operations that you have had I hope things are good with you at the moment.[:D]
  12. Could anybody advise me if it is possible to continue having my 6 monthly check-ups at a different hospital other than at Bordeaux please. I ask the question because last Friday I had to make a six and a half hours round trip to Bordeaux to see my surgeon for 20 minutes! As things stand at the moment after 22 months since my operation my latest CT scan was clear again, thankfully. Unfortunately after having a full stomach hernia repair January last year, my surgeon advised that I now have another hernia, not as big as the original one. He told me that he does not think that there is anything that he can do to repair it. He also stated that I have had too many operations in a short space of time, to really perform another one at the moment. He left the situation that we will continue to monitor the situation. So basically assuming my scans continue to show no recurrence, and the hernia cannot be repaired, there seems little point in continuing to see my surgeon at Bordeaux, and to continue my check-ups with a surgeon closer to home. If it is possible to switch hospitals, would my surgeon send the case notes of all my operations, and follow-up appointments to my new surgeon? Also I need to have a colonoscopy, which can be carried out locally, as I never had one when first diagnosed. How would I go about organizing the colonoscopy, would I need to see my own doctor to obtain a letter from him, or do I just telephone my local hospital for an appointment. Any advice on the above would be most appreciated.
  13. Thanks for posting that Norman, we are in the process of changing banks, and I was going to hit the button last week, but never got around to it. Now I will wait until Monday, when supposedly the existing bank will have to transfer our account within 22 days, we will see. I know that we live in France and that banks charge for current accounts, but with the latest increase in charges I feel enough is enough, so as from Monday I will put wheels in motion to switch to an internet bank, with no charges.
  14. Well mint, as I have already posted on another thread, our 2016, 2015 income, social charges have been refunded in full. I received a revised bill showing that the two earlier payments had been refunded, and no further payment was due on the third balancing payment that any adjustments are made. Regarding the three earlier years that I claimed for, I received the refund in two tranches, I received interest on the French income within my assurance vie that I had claimed for, but on my 'Little England' sorry UK interest no interest was paid. I have decided not to pursue the missing interest as I have been refunded the 2015 social charges, and as it seems a lot of other people have not. So I have decided to take the money and run.[:D] Glad to hear that you should finally receive your refund parsnips, you are not a 'marked man' after all in instigating all these Brits claiming their social charges back.[:D]
  15. I would just like to say thank you to parsnips, after just over a year of submitting our claim for our social charges refund, things were finally sorted out just before Christmas. It took just over a year in total. So thank you very much parsnips for all your assistance that you provided, and the template letter that you generated. I hope that you have had your social charges refund also.
  16. Sorry Gluestick I forgot that you know everything, the next time that I decide to post I will run it past you to see that I have my facts correct.
  17. Well how would describe them, left-of-centre? I think not. The tory party has most certainly veered to the right under May, maybe some would not class them as far right, but with the rhetoric that came out of the tory party conference they certainly are in my mind. I would go as far as to say that May makes Dave look decidedly left wing, never thought I would say that. I would have thought the article that I posted the link to would have been more relevant to people living in France, than which wing the tory party play on.
  18. Anyone for opting in? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-eu-citizenship-freedom-of-movement-passport-how-to-keep-parliament-live-move-abroad-a7405196.html Cannot see it happening unfortunately, but I would love to put two fingers up to Ms May and her bunch of far-right nutcases.
  19. Well Norman, it is a good job that one party in parliament has a grasp as to to what is going on, and it trying to lay out a plan to ensure some sort of smooth Brexit. It is very clear now that the tories haven't got a clue how to steer the UK out of the EU, all the hard right-wing leavers are all too busy strutting around and being smug that they have 'won'. Whilst the pound keeps crashing against the dollar, and all other major currencies, banks are threatening and in some cases laying out their plans to exit the UK in early 2017, whilst Ms May is under some illusion that she has this massive mandate to do as to how she feels. Whilst her popularity is riding high at the moment, I feel that Ms May is heading for a very big fall in 6 to 12 months time, when the penny finally drops with the average Sun reader that the economy is heading for a really big crash. May is continuing her nasty party rhetoric, with her 'name and shame' policy which is now not a policy, that was a quick U-turn Ms May, her health secretary demonizing foreign doctors and nurses, saying you will not be welcomed once we have trained up are our supremely white British doctors, Fox boasting that us British and EU migrants are a major bargaining chips in the forthcoming negotiations, ghastly little man. Now we have her right-wing press stooping even lower than I thought possible, and to be honest I find it really scary what is happening in Britain now. If you don't accept the decision of the referendum they are basically saying that you are a traitor. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/daily-mail-brexit-daily-express-the-sun-tabloids-language-political-intolerance-traitors-a7357591.html
  20. Sadly Mint, it means that the lunatics have taken over the asylum...
  21. Grecian


    Just another thought Michal, if you would like someone to talk to about your situation in English, I would strongly recommend contacting the nurses on the Beating Bowel Cancer website, I found them extremely helpful and understanding when I was going through the whole thing. I know that yours is not bowel cancer, but they are used to dealing with people who have had their cancer spread to their lungs. I know that you would be telling complete strangers you personal details, but I found it very helpful posting on this very public forum when I was going through the whole process.  Link: https://www.beatingbowelcancer.org
  22. Grecian


    Hello Michal, I can't answer your first question regarding the seeds as mine are en route from America at the moment, although I have read somewhere that you can put them through a coffee grinder if you find them too hard, and maybe sprinkle on your cerial. If your order the capsules on UK Amazon search for Apricot Kernels, the first entry that comes up is made by a company called Health Leads, with the attached information they confirm that the capsules are made from bitter apricot seeds, which are the ones that you would need to take. On French Amazon you will find the same company, Health Leads, if you search for Amandes d'abricots amers, again it will be the top entry on the page. All the best.
  23. Grecian


    Hello Michal, I hope that things are as well as can be expected at the moment, I know what you are going through is very stressful. Since your post regarding B17 I have been searching out information, I guess that you will have done some of your own, so maybe you already know a bit about B17. The only two ways that you can obtain B17 seems to be either by eating the raw apricot seeds, or take them in capsule form. If I understand things correctly laetrile was derived from the apricot seeds and trials were done to test if it would inhibit cancer cells. The drug was then banned by the FDA, maybe they experienced pressure from the major drug companies, who knows. There are a few books about all this for sale on Amazon. In the UK , US and France you can only get B17 by either eating the apricot seeds, or taking them in capsule form. It is imperative that the seeds are bitter, the sweet seeds do not have the same qualities. You can purchase capsule form Apricot seeds either on UK or French Amazon. If you are contemplating eating the actual seeds, these can be purchased from an excellent company in the US called iherb, just Google the name and you will find their website, there are three different companies selling them on iherb, two are selling the bitter seeds and one sweet ones, so be careful if you purchase them from there. I think I will be purchasing the actual seeds from iherb, my wife already using them regularly for all our supplements. Have you decided to start your radiotherapy treatment? I know you are not keen on the conventional treatments. Wishing you all the very best Michal.
  24. Well Hereford I think you should move to Deux Sevres then, received our paper tax demand this week showing no social charges to pay! Up until this week I had been totally confused by a refund paid into our bank account, as I have not yet had a refund from the three years claimed, the figure paid into my bank account did not match any years that I have claimed a refund for. The mists cleared today when I looked up how much I had already paid  in social charges for the current tax year, and bingo the figure matched exactly. So still waiting for a refund from the 3 years claimed, but our local tax office did not deduct any social charges for 2016 (for 2015).[:D] I guess this being France all departments will interpret the rules differently dealing with 2016 social charges.
  25. Grecian


    Well Victor I am glad to read that you will be offered a treatment plan next Wednesday, I know none of us want to be put in your situation, but up to now I think you have been really brave and have managed to get this far. Once I was offered my treatment plan, I started feeling much more positive, and just took it one day at a time. I too lost weight before my operation and my surgeon prescribed high energy drinks, I think it was something like 350 calories in each drink, I had to drink three a day. I am surprised that you have not been prescribed a similar thing, I would contact your own doctor and maybe ask for a prescription. As others have mentioned try and build up your strength the best that you can, easy to say I know. I too used CSF, and as Norman mentioned in his last post the lady dealing with me was not exactly brilliant, she needed constant prodding to make the telephone calls that I asked her to make for me. Saying that CSF certainly did help, I only used them to make telephone calls on my behalf, as have you mentioned trying to understand French medical terms can be very daunting. So yes she helped, and made any telephone calls that I asked of her, but could have been better, maybe that is being a little harsh as she was a volunteer, but at the same time if she is putting herself forward to be offering people help, then she should do it in a professional way. Try and hang in there Victor, I know it is hard but if it is only for the sake of your two dogs that you care so much about, then do it for them if not yourself. The people on this forum really helped pull me through a very stressful period in my life, and I am sure you will find the same for you. In the end my initial post turned in to a blog, something that I would never have considered doing, or have done since, but reporting every stage of my 'journey' really helped me through the whole experience. So if you feel it will do the same for you, then please feel free to post anything that you want to. Wishing you all the very best Victor.
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