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  1. France or Britain? I'm wondering about this as it has just dawned on me that soon, I'll have been living in France just as long as I lived  in Britain.  I think I want to be buried in the village cemetary where my husbands grandparents are buried and where his parents will be too -  if we stay here until then that is.  Anyway - I'm sure it'll be a French funeral for me. Been absent from the forum for a long time and so sorry for coming back with such a maudlin subject -  but I'm curious?
  2. I think "I invite you to make an offer " is better French. "Je vous invite à me faire une offre"
  3. You are all stars! I live an hour away from Carcassonne and I am telling all my friends about the lovely dogs looking homes.
  4. C'est trop beau! Je reviens cette èté pour le festival Interceltic!!!! Il me tarde!!! Alors il a fait beau?
  5. [quote user="Pickles"][quote user="TWINKLE"]Has anyone blamed the erupton on the government yet?[/quote] Interviewer on Irish radio, talking to Michael O'Leary about the ash cloud, "So, who's to blame for this then?" MO'L: "Errr ..... God?" Regards Pickles [/quote] Begorrah! That Mick's a clever bloke!
  6. [quote user="Russethouse"]It's reported that a 16 year old girl is waiting for bone marrow from Canada and its critical that she gets it in the next few days[/quote] It's tragic! If it was my daughter I would be distraught with grief!  The thought terrifies me!  I am not making light of this  RH.  We have all been reminded in one small way or another big way that we are not the ones who decide what we do on this planet. 
  7. Has anyone blamed the erupton on the government yet? How DARE the volcano erupt while I'm on my holiday or about to go on holiday or waitng for my Curry Secret Book to arrive from Amazon...etc....etc...!!!  Mother Nature  can be s-o-o-o very selfish these days can't she?[:)]
  8. Salut les filles! Wow, Frenchie tes photos de la Bretagne sont magnigiques!  Tu les a trouvé sur une site?
  9. Pads told me about the thread and I have been following it[:)]
  10. You and Willy are the best!!!!!! Look forward to meeting Tigue soon x
  11. [quote user="hannah jenkins"]Thanks Twinkle. That's exactly why the ideal scenario would be for him to find work now that could continue when we move, or secure employment before we go. I'm not going with an idealised holiday-maker view of the place. :)[/quote]   I wish you all the best - be prepared to stick your heels in. 
  12. Won't be seeing my brother - flight's cancelled from Gatwick.[:(]
  13. My brother was meant to fly from London today - hopefully he'll be here tomorrow early evening.  Anyone know if Toulouse airport has been closed down?
  14. I have been living here for 21 years now and am married to a French musician.  I myself have earned quite a good living during this time singing professionally.  My French is fluent - I arrived here when I was young, free and single - the best conditions for learning a foreign language.  We have an 11 year old daughter and about 3 years ago I decided to start looking for a job - I wanted to cool down with the touring and late nights that come with the job of a singer. Three years later I have a two year contract working with children with diffciulties such as dyslexia, autisme, down syndrome - the list goes on.  It's great but not definate and I will have to work really hard to get myself noticed in order to move onto another contract of 6 years when this one runs out.   While job hunting here in France for all of that time I tried for cleaning jobs, teaching English, translator, tour guide,  working on check outs in supermarkets, all sorts of jobs really but I never got a single reply to any of the letters I sent.  There is a serious unemployment problem here and the only way I got this amazing job is because I hounded the department of Education Nationale for more than a year with phone calls and letters.  In all that time I managed to speak twice to the lady who eventually employed me.  Luckily for me she agreed to interview me and I got the job. I don't want to sound pessimistic but it isn't easy getting work here whether you speak French or not.  
  15. INDOORS Battling Tops Operation Buckaroo Spirograph Fuzzy Felts OUTDOORS Rounders Hop Scotch Charlys Angels [:$] (I was Kelly) Hide 'n' Seek Riding my Chipper while fantasising about a Chopper!
  16. [quote user="Jonzjob"] As the paint is new a chemical stripper should take it off quite easily. [/quote] Are you joking?!!! Last Saturday I spent FIVE hours stripping two doors (front only) and I thought I was going to go around the bend! I then spent my Wednesday and Thursday afternoon off re-painting the whole lot BACK to how it was - because I have learned that ugly CAN be made acceptably attractive with the right accessories but it can never become naturally beautiful - EVER!!!!  
  17. [quote user="Quillan"] I don't know Vista but as this function has been included since W2K it is probably included in Vista as well. I have to start with making an assumption, you have a modem port on your laptop and have a cable which allows you to plug it in to a phone socket. If you don't then it simply won't work. First look in the Printer and Fax area, you should see your current printer plus an icon marked Fax. If you don't have the Fax one proceed as follows.: In the Printer and Fax screen go to the top left and click on 'File' then select 'Install Local Fax Printer' and a new icon will appear which looks like a Fax machine and called Fax. Once you have the Fax icon proceed as follows: When you double click on the Fax for the first time you will be asked a load of questions like phone number, your name etc which is put on the fax when you sent it so people know where the fax comes from. You will also be asked about pulse or tone dialing (select tone), it should pick up the internal modem. I can't tell you exactly the order of questions as I don't have a modem so on my machine it won't progress through the screens so I am working from memory. When you have finished you will arrive at the fax window which is not too different to an email program with the usual stuff down the left side like Incoming, Inbox, Outbox (yes you can receive as well) and Sent. If you get in a muddle then delete the Fax Icon from Printer and Fax then start again. You can change things via the Properties by right clicking on the Fax and selecting Properties. To send create your document in Word or whatever then go File, Print and then select Fax from the list of printers as it won't be default and you don't want it as default because every time you click on the print button in a program it will fax it and you don't want that. If you have other things to send you can scan them and send them that way (a passport for instance). You can sent anything from your Laptop that can normally be printed from your Laptop. If you have VOIP via your router where you connect a normal phone to it then the fax will work as normal, just use one of those cheap two in to one adapters. If you use another method like Skype etc it won't unless you have a standard phone line. The Fax ability is nothing to do with Office, its part of the operating system, in your case Vista. Good luck, any problems get back to me via the thread or PM. [/quote] That'll learn ya! [6]
  18.   For just john   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avvkHK-lhM4&feature=related  
  19. I've been exceedingly good this week, sir!
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