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  1. I would be inclined to advise taking the train. All reports I've ever heard of taking a coach have not been good.
  2. I seem to remember an old calculator that looked a bit like that.
  3. OK. I'll have a guess. It's a magnetic drum storage unit.
  4. [quote user="Gluestick"]By now, the web should have had the benefit of  PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which predicates specific personal ID security based on pretty robust encryption standards such as Differ Hellman 250Kbit: which even the NSA using a bank of Cray Supercomputers has difficulty breaking. [/quote] I think we should all return to the days of Vernam stream cipher (1919). It's still unbreakable if used correctly, even by banks of cray computers [;-)]. Bit slow though.
  5. Will this help you? http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-1035_11-5053877.html It explains about dualview. Which is what I think you have. It might point you in the direction of how to switch it off. On another forum someone suggested that there is a keyboard key that selects which monitor is to be used.
  6. [quote user="pcwhizz"]Fulcrum, Sharing earths (even if it is allowed in the regs) can end up with an install looking like the inside of a pin ball machine! [/quote] Agreed. That is why I keep it all separate. It makes testing installed circuit impedances much easier when the install has to be signed off.. Anyway I don't want to get in to an argument. Especially on this forum. Perhaps I should have said, in my original post, No You shouldn't instead of No you can't. Peace  [:)]
  7. pcwhizz I am sure when reading the French Normes that it states that all wires for a given cicuit should run along the same route from Tableau de repartition and that lighting and power sockets must be kept separate.You yourself have pointed out that it isn't easy to connect 1.5 to 2.5 wires in the dominoes and make a good connection. It also makes sense to have separate cabling for each circuit for easier fault finding. If I'm not correct and it isn't in the French Normes, then I stand corrected.
  8. You must have an earth connection. Even if it means connecting an earth cable to the exterior of the amp. This will ensure that if anything comes adrift inside the amp that may be dangerous to you. Then the earth lead will ensure the fuse or breaker trips. In terms of power consumption. A 40watt amp consumes as much power as a 40 to 60watt light bulb. You are right about the high voltages inside. Probably around 600volts DC and very bad for your cardiac system.
  9. If it's any help. My ADSL router ia a Thompson Speedtouch 530 and my ISP is Wanadoo Orange on their 1mega service. A few weeks ago I found that sometimes the network connection would disappear and the only way to bring it back was to power off the router. It has been OK for the last couple of weeks. It only happened during periods of inactivity.
  10. Thanks Nick. I have studied extensively L'installation Electrique by Thiery Gallauziaux and David Fedullo, which covers the latest version of the normes and am from an electronics fitter, background in the UK. For this reason I have tended to do my own electrical stuff here in France as per the normes. When I moved into this house the circuits were very unsafe and there wasn't any earth so I have improved things a lot. 
  11. Does anyone know if there is a French equivalent of the UK Part P requirements for domestic electrical works. Part P is now part of the UK building regulations. It requires that any new works are notified to the building authority before commencement ofcertain electrical works.
  12. No you can't. Each circuit has to have its own earth running along the same path as the phase and neutral for that circuit. Also make sure you are using the correct diametre conduit. There are regulations for the number of wires and wire guages allowed down each conduit.
  13. This website has a cable calculations table that should help.. http://www.repereelec.com/index.php?page=edc
  14. Also. The notaire would be able to issue you with a new one if there is a problem with expiry.
  15. [quote user="opas"]I am a little confused here..........have I been told off for not saying: ............I have just opened a very innocent looking email and ended up looking at a picture of an erect penis with a couple of young girls with pink lipstick eagerly looking on..........or does the pink lipstick imply something I have missed! Forget it, some folks just love to nitpick.  [/quote] If you had mentioned the pink lipstick, instead of ethnic, in the first place. We could  have all  had a good laugh [:D] [;-)] [8-)]
  16. [quote user="Miki"] Inspiration of the head..................................... [/quote] Could be a naval term.[8-)]
  17. I believe that the phones only need two contacts. All the other additional strips are for older systems compatibility.
  18. I've now tried the Capital letters test and scored 55.56%. I knew about the dates and I guessed the Companies. It's a very good site for practicing as it explains the rules as well. However I'm not sure I fully understand the explainations.[8-)]
  19. Microsoft Works is an oddball. MS don't want anyone to convert Works files because they want you to purchase Word. Word unfortunately dominates the market but in all fairness it is a good product when set up properly. You can, if you have access to all the  options, switch off all the automatic stuff. Unfortunately Word comes with all the automatic stuff set so it's very confusing to new or inexperienced users.
  20. Missy You are much better than I am. My score was 26.7% on the first item. I was guessing.
  21. [quote user="Dick Smith"]One of our problems seems to be that some preferences in Word are set by the network administrator, completely without consultation... Can Open Office save files in Word format? [/quote] If you save your files in .rtf (rich text) format then they can be read by virtually all other brand word processors. When you save for the first time. Just choose rtf in the file type drop down.
  22. One of the more worrying things is that the safety instructions sometimes don't appear in English.
  23. Copy and paste the following piece of text from your post into Google. windows/system/config/system You will find quite a few posts about how to recover this situation. There is even something from Microsoft in one of the forums. I had a look at the first Google item but there are lots. Hope this helps.
  24. Thank you  to Judith but I wondered if anyone else could translate this following sentence for me. Le “Vendeur” n’est tenu que du seul trouble d’eviction. I have passed it through Babel Fish and also Im Translator but they seem to provide two confusingly different translations. Babel Fish = The "Salesman" is held only of the only supplanting disorder. Im Translator = The "Seller" is kept only of the only confusion of eviction.
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