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  1. I have read most of this thread but am confused. Can someone explain what the aerial socket on the Sky box is used for. It's just that I've never used it.
  2. Thanks for all the replies Are there any diagrams of how to lay "collecteur Principal" pipes, inspection traps etc.. to provide a connection to the sewer inspection trap (above). I already have a book titled "La Plomberie" by Thierry Gallauziaux, David Fedullo and Maurice Jaquelot which is excellent but doesn't detail the heavy plumbing like soil stack "collecteur principal", inspection traps "tampon de visit" etc..
  3. Thank you BJSLIV I have already got the digger booked. I asked my French (but English speaking) notaire, at the time of purchasing, to check for this very thing and she even advised that even if the sewer connection is there it would be wise to ensure that it is in fact connected. I really don't know how this slipped through the net. I am certainly not going to get all legal about it as I should have checked, myself, that all paperwork was in order. The notaires in France are only there for making sure the goverment get their revenues due and can't get involved in wrangles with clients. A word of warning to anyone buying. Ensure that all services are signed off and not just stated to be there. Insist on proper documentation for everything. That is if you care. As it happens I'm not too upset as the house is rather nice and we feel at home here so maybe we put it down to experience. You can't, after all win EVERY trick.
  4. Thanks Nick and Sue. I typed the original text into Word. which tends to make corrections. Maybe I should have used Notepad Anyway it seems that the important bit is "tout a l'egouts". Our house is a town house and was originally on a fosse as the evidence is still here. However the public sewer trap outside the front door is bone dry at the moment even though we are using quite a bit of water for the WC, Washing machine etc. The only reason  I noticed something may be wrong is that there is a grey plastic 100mm pipe, that runs under the footpath from our house to the street gutter, outside the front door that had water flowing out of it yesterday. It looks like it's only grey (sink) water but I am now wondering if the house is still on the old fosse and someone has made a connection from that to the new sewer trap and that has become blocked in the last few days. Would the connection to the sewer have to have been made official by someone from the town assainissment department at the time it was done or would someone just be able to bodge this connection. I am hoping that the "collecteur principal" has just become blocked because of something else but then I wondering where has the water etc.. been going for the last few days???
  5. I have obtained the following from my house purchase contract under the heading of Assainissement . "est raccorde a un système d’assainissement autonome par tout a l’egoût" I am hoping that it says that we are connected to the public sewer as that is what my notaire clarified. However when I get a translation from Babelfish I get some sort of gobeldegook.
  6. Have you had the Prise de Terre's (earth spike) resistance checked and signed off. I'm asking this because the resistance has to be entered on the Consuel application form before they come and do a check. If you get a proper electrician to check the earth spike then he/she will tell you what colour the gaine should be.
  7. Bill Are you sure that the connection between the two batteries doesn't have a wire that drives something at 6volts. Just wondering why someone would have fitted two six volt batteries in place of a twelve volt one.
  8. I recently changed from Wanadoo dial up to Wanadoo ADSL and was able to retain my dialup connection whilst sorting things out. As another poster stated you can use dialup through the ADSL line but make sure your not trying to use the ADSL as well as that takes priority and you will find your dialup will be very slow. The ADSL username and password should be the same as you used for dialup. However on ADSL the username and password are held in the ADSL modem whereas on dialup they are contained in the dialup networking software on your computer.
  9. Pauline One thing I would add as I lived in Cyprus many years ago, for several years, is that the weather is more predictable there. France only really has July and August for more or less guaranteed sun. However, I prefer the French climate as I hate long periods of sunshine. I think the idea of living in France somewhere along the Mediteranean  coast would probably suit you.
  10. [quote user="Christine Animal"]... or try asking someone like this http://www.harnesshorse.co.uk/   [/quote] Thanks for that.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. It would seem that horse tack/harness may be it's most likely origin. It is quite heavy and is solid brass. I particularily liked the colour and so I won't be cleaning it. I just wish I knew what sort of horse harness would have used such a nice piece of brass as most of the harnesses I've seen are made of steel. Maybe someone else may know.
  12. Twinkle It's not Wanadoo that causes the probs as I have used Wanadoo for nearly four years on DialUp and have just recently gone to ADSL 1Go. However I have never used their (Wanadoo's) software to connect to them. I just use the default windows internet connection. I think you will find that Wanadoo's software may cause a lot of problems.
  13. [quote user="Lautrec"]I downloaded for free the Photobucket from the Internet. I found when attempting to use it for the first time that it was full of adverts trying to persuade me that my computer was vunerable to spyware and I should download one of their anti-spyware systems forthwith. When I tried to ignore them, it persisted and I was made aware that I could not get rid of these promptings, no matter what action I took. So without more ado, I uninstalled the programme as it would appear to be  a potential danger to my PC. Did anyone else have the same experience? Lautrec. [/quote] I registered on the photobucket site today and it didn't ask me to download anything. No popups . Nothing. I just wanted to place a couple of pictures there for others to view. Maybe you have other requirement that require a download.
  14. [quote user="Forum Admin"]Hi, It's linking to: http://f3.yahoofs.com/users/41b1a39fze4eda1a0/8dc0/__sr_/e81dre2.jpg?phI8GbEBcXT9sixs and there is no image located there. [/quote] When I copy and paste the link I get this address which is different to the one above. So maybe some people are getting a different link address to others. http://f3.yahoofs.com/users/41b1a39fze4eda1a0/8dc0/__sr_/45dare2.jpg?phgLcbEBt8z8iZOS Weird huh! Maybe the browser you use interprets the link code differently. Internet Explorer versus Firefox for example. I'm using Firefox but I'll try IE.
  15. This page has information but you'll have to get it translated. http://www.finances.gouv.fr/DGCCRF/04_dossiers/consommation/ficonso/b26.htm
  16. I purchased this at a vide grenier for a couple of euros as I liked the look of it. Does anyone know what it might be. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i172/unowaroona/Loopleftside.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i172/unowaroona/Looprightside.jpg The internal diameter if the ring is approximately 4cm and the loop thickness is 5mm through to 2.5cm at the end that has been attached to a wooden shaft or pole at some time. You will note that the left view of the loop shows some wear at the bottom edge as if something, passing through the loop, has been chaffing away at it during it's lifetime.
  17. [quote user="Christine Animal"]... Possum, don't know if it's just me, but can't see the Diva anymore.  She was there when you first posted it yesterday, but now just the empty frame with a red cross. [/quote] Me too. Just a frame.
  18. Thanks Ian. I'm sure I'm also on an unlimited account. I just assumed that meant 24/7 and not to do with data downloads.
  19. [quote user="Will "]- if you have acceptable French TVA receipts for such works you can use these instead - [/quote] I made a mistake when I had my roof replaced and paid the contractor using a copy of his DEVIS not realising it wasn't an invoice. The DEVIS looked just like a TVA invoice as far as the figures were concerned. It only came to light when I presented it to my notaire for the CGT calculations. She kindly pointed out that she was unable to consider it but fortunately  the standard allowance covered the roof repairs. Moral is. Make sure the piece of paper that you pay the contractor with says FACTURE and not DEVIS.
  20. We are signed up for Wanadoo 1Go Haut Debit ADSL for a monthly fee of €24.90 TTC. My understanding is that 1Go is the speed of access that my connection will permit. I am sure I had read in the terms and conditions that there is also a ceiling of 5Go of download per month for all Haut Debit accounts. However when reading the Terms and Conditions today I cant find any reference to it. Can anyone confirm if there is a ceiling of volumes that one is allowed to download per month.
  21. << We have some South African friends who would like to come and stay with us during their holidays . They are UK residents with permanent residency permits . They have been advised that it is lots of paperwork and awkward for them to visit France . They have also been told that they would be unpopular !? >> So my point is why should they have a problem if they have permanent residency permits. Even if you are a proper UK citizen you dont have the right to live in France for ever so why can't some Soud Afriques come her on a holiday? As I said previously. This is a load of bolox.
  22. This is all BS. South Africans have been the butt of many jokes but this is all too much. What is different from your average English person. I would be tempted to give a two fingured salute. Why dont they just apply for a UK passport and travel on that? What a load of bolox.
  23. [quote user="Deimos"] and to be honest, for me another reason was that SFR coverage in my house is not great whereas Orange coverage is good. (I believe NRJ run over the SFR network). Ian[/quote] For me. This is quite an important consideration.
  24. I am not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I would appreciate any information that anyone might be able to come up with.. Is there is a French website that outlines the specifications or minimum standards/facilities that properties must adhere to. For either long term or short term letting. 1. Does the property have to have a CONSEIL inspection for electrics. 2. Does the plumbing have to meet a certain standard. Any information would be much appreciated.
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