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  1. how does one set up an association in france? thanks in advance.
  2. how do you get the equivalent of legal aid (aide juridictionnelle) in france? thanks in advance
  3. i have read up on this a bit but not sure of all its aspects. how much in social charges are you actually supposed to pay? and is there anything else to be aware of ? what is situation with students ? does this work the same way? i studied in france years ago and remember gettign some jobs via the CROUS which helps students to get jobs. I dont think that the employers ever pay social charges for me or did they? how do i check up on this too?
  4. i went into Credit Agricole today and told them that needed to look into loan to do up a gite and our main house - anything from 20k to 70K . he asked about income and i said main income is from gite business (maybe tea room too with other things). so was told if got some quotes together he would try and get something through for me at the above rate with little or no penalty? this sounds quite good as an option but has anyone else used the loans from gite de france or any other schemes such as ANA (which is run by maison de l'habitat I believe) and what are your thoughts on it?
  5. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Aren't they also called Saniloos or Sanilavs or something? You can buy them in camping shops. Some towns have caravan parking areas where you can empty the sweet-smelling fluids. Don't worry too much about builders, just try to persuade them to pee on the weeds, not the lawn... [/quote] Dick, I'm not too worried about builders but would like to take someone on a few hours a week to help with my child and worried if no facilities might not want to have the job?
  6. i read in french news or french connexions about a cheap way of calling the uk with a ringback option that enables family to ring back at 2 pence per minute from the uk but we pay for it and i believe they set you up with an alternative number. unfortunately i have misplaced the number for this. can anyone help? or let me know of options? thanks in advance.
  7. does anyone know of a fast way of setting up a provisional toilet in a house (bearing in mind the sceptic tank is not in place yet) . we've heard that there a toilet that can do this? as we are renovating a house and need to take on people we are worried that they will not have anywhere to have a p. thanks in advance
  8. I have noticed that when we ring some numbers on our france telecom line (which are correct numbers for people we know) we are getting through to other people. obviously we then get charged for these mistakes. what do people recommend? apart from double checking each number is there an easier way of checking up on this as this seems to be happening quite a lot. some kind of monitoring system???
  9.  forgot to pay the france telecom phone bill and they say they are adding a fee on the next bill of 10 euros . are they allowed to do this?   thanks in advance!
  10. I am trying to get my head around wealth tax. could someone explain how this works exactly. thanks in advance.
  11. hi everyone again   was supposed to go and visit it but did not have chance so far .good idea to call up and find out. will report back if is really the case!
  12. [quote user="sturner"]I have been an agent for the last few years in the area, and although I have recently taken a break I will give you a ball park figure. This is very dependent on the position and you can pay a bit less or alot more, it must be special to pay alot more! Say 6 to 8 euros a square metre with CU but negotiate on the services being put into place. Do not buy without CU or a suspensive clause for CU if you want to build, and if possible use a recommended local architect to get full planning permission.Ask EDF and the water board (SAUR) for an official devi so you know what the services are going to cost. Also keep in with the maire as although he does not make final decisions his support will be invaluable.[/quote] thank you very much for your very useful comment and for everyone else for that matter! may i pm you sturner if i have further questiosn if decide to go down this route? thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks Tony for your help with this question and others. Appreciate your input. we are going down this route of business plan which is what i was working on anyway. sorry for delay in responding to you.
  14. thank you very much for your help. it may look like a silly question but believe it or not some insurance companies in the uk do offer quite varied help under their legal advice. If you dont ask you dont know! i prefer to ask questions that may be  silly as i know for a fact that things never seem as they appear and I have learnt a lot on things.
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