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  1. Immokalee It may be your dream property, but unless your are after something really specific, and that ticks all the boxes (which it doesn't seem to hence this post) I would keep looking. This is a lovely big country and I am sure you will find your dream property again and again if you need to.
  2. Scrap inheritance tax for 95 per cent of the population because "the fruits of a lifetime of work should not be handed over to the government" . I knew I liked this man![:D]
  3. That would have definately turned me off her, if I had been able to vote. I thought Sarko's speech was very good yesterday when he acknowledged her and her voters. He seemed to want to unite France and she seemed ,even after the event ,to be divisive.
  4. That was quick off the mark. I am pleased, as much as a  having a female President in France would be nice, she is not the one.  
  5. I also struggled to understand everything that was said, but I thought Sarko's body langauge was better than Royal's, he seemed to be firm but polite as far as I could tell. Whereas she interupted him several times and I didn't like her facial expressions when he wanted to continue. He made me want to listen to him, she didn't.      
  6. I see that on the LF homepage there is a ' Have your say ' poll asking Do you read Living France Magazine or just visit the website?   Is this poll just a lighthearted bit of fun or market research eg are there plans afoot to limit access to the website or whatever?
  7. The wrist bands that are sold on most ferries do the trick for my sister. They supposedly work on the pressure points. My sister always eats and drinks something because she finds it too painful to be sick on an empty stomach . She tries to eat things that won't 'burn ' on the way back up [+o(]
  8. When I first saw the design, I thought Nazi memorabilia,  I think it is just the eagle's head at that angle . I look forward to seeing the end result though. Ok , bigger hole being dug by myself, I think the beak looks a bit Dodo ish.    Dives for cover!   re the cd bit. Can't you make some grooves and slide in bits of wood  (like the bottoms of flat pack drawers) ? Sorry if this has been mentioned, haven't read all the techie bits!
  9. Tresco I have never seen such hideous things before, do people seriously have them hanging in their houses by you ? I would simply have to move. We have brand spanking new trolleys now that have a drop down flap at the back to put a 6 pack of bottled water on, oh the technology.
  10. [:D][:D][:D] Very astute , your daughter. I always liked the story I heard about the Queen ( probably an urban legend but it tickled me!) The Queen was in her carriage with another Head of State and one of the horses broke wind rather loudly. The Queen turns to the HoS and said words to the effect of 'Oh I am terribly sorry'. The HoS replies 'That's quite alright, I had thought it was the horse'.   [:P]      
  11. [:D][:)][:D] "And a survey also revealed two-in-five Britons admitted to not washing duvets every six months", I just think this figure is too low or maybe I just know some grubby people ( me included [:$][Www])  
  12. I did put a single one in the washing machine once, but everything sank to the bottom .
  13. TV How long are we supposed to discuss mosques in London for ? [:)]  The newpaper article turned out to be a round robin about something that may not happen ! [8-)] The topic then evolved into something about Iran and the hostages ( granted I gave it a little nudge) but even then I don't see as the thread needs separately particularly now the thread has again been diverted into a debate about what we should post and where we should post it. [:(]
  14. Me, not often enough I'm afraid. I don't even do the French thing of throwing them out of the window. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hereford/worcs/5170400.stm Come on 'fess up and be honest!
  15. Whatever anyones political persuasion, I am sure that most people would accept that every effort is being taken by the UK Government to secure their release. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear ( reading media reports)  that Iran has made its mind up what action it intends to take or what it wants from Britain.
  16. We haven't had any hostility at all. When we have met anyone for the first time in our village, they have been genuinely pleased and proud that we have chosen 'their' village to live in.  It may well be discussed behind the scenes, but if they don't like us, they disguise it well !
  17. [quote user="Russethouse"]If you follow the BBC link Beryl there are links to other discussion including what Iranians think about the situation[/quote] Quite moderate really aren't they ?  I saw images of a few Iranian people protesting with placards demanding a nasty fate for the servicemen and woman and thought they had probably been hired to try and up the ante . Not very subtle propaganda but probably very effective in some Muslim countries. 
  18. I thought it was an EU directive that cattle for eating had to be killed prior to 3 years of age. [8-)] I will report back.[:D] I am out of date! Since 2005 there has been testing on animals older than 30 months to try and ensure that BSE is detected and doesn't enter the food chain  ( might revert to eating veal!) . There has been incidences of BSE in French cattle but not to the same extent as in the UK or should that be just England ?
  19. [quote user="Russethouse"] Lets hope the 15 Royal Navy personel held by the Iranians are free very soon and do not have to stand trial [/quote] Obviously those that have spoken publically about their detention have done so under duress but it wouldn't help their case if they do have to stand trial.  I gather that it is policy to co operate with captors, I wonder if this will be reviewed now.  Would the UN ( who don't seem to have done a great deal so far, unless I have missed it ) be involved to ensure that a fair trial takes place if it comes to that ?
  20. I shall send Barclays a letter and charge them £30 for it !
  21. When I read Jane and Danny's comment first, I thought it was a bit off. Then I re read it with Steve's signature line. FREE ! The Tehran 15 and the St Malo 1. ( my emphasis)  Hence Danny's reply, I don't want one even if they are going free. Might not push everyones sense of humour buttons but that was how I interpreted it .    
  22. [quote user="Logan"] Supermarket beef is cheap and tough because it comes from old cows. Farmers keep some cows into old age to continue to receive the EU payment subsidies. Then the only organisations that will buy the meat are supermarkets who sell it as a promo. This reality was explained to me by the manager of my local Supermarche. [/quote] I thought any cattle that was for human consumption had to be slaughtered quite young to prevent BSE ?
  23. [quote user="TreizeVents"]   A reminder to all those of you who have knee jerk anti-American reactions.  Both the Brits and the Yanks are attempting humour when they talk like that.  I am told. [/quote] I don't have knee jerk anti American reactions [:D] I just get irked when I read nonsense about the French role in the 2 World Wars, it is too serious an issue and too insensitive to be humerous.  I read a story last week about a French woman that helped allied soldiers escape through the Pyrenees. Her network was betrayed by one  ( British)  she had helped. I understand why he did it, he had been captured by the Gestapo and was afraid but the point is that even whilst  France was occupied, people were still willing to put themselves and their families lives in peril to help others.  In a graveyard near me, the remains of allied airmen are interred and even after 60 plus years, the locals still put flowers on these graves.   The French remember what the all Allies did for France, yet it seems some Americans have never known what the French have done for them. Sorry to get so heavy on such a lovely morning, but this topic presses one of my buttons.[:)]
  24. I discussed acents with my neighbour after she watched the Full Monty without dubbing ! She is from Normandy originally. She did an impression of an accent from Lille and it rather sounded as though she had got something stuck in her throat. I wasn't sure if she was hinting that it sounded gruff or garbled.[8-)]
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