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  1. [quote user="splishsplash"][quote user="cheminot"]Leader Price stock 'Creme Entiere, fabrique en Normandie' in white plastic 500ml bottles with red label. It is identical to british double cream (not soured). cheminot [/quote] Does this whip up really thick for use on a trifle etc? Also...Carrefour stock the Creme Professionelle in large cartons on the shelf with the evap etc. [/quote] It does say on the label 'ideal for chantilly' as well as some other uses which I have forgotten now. I have only used it for pouring so I cannot tell you for sure. cheminot.
  2. Leader Price stock 'Creme Entiere, fabrique en Normandie' in white plastic 500ml bottles with red label. It is identical to british double cream (not soured). cheminot
  3. I know of a french reflexologist based in Jarnac but whether she makes a living out of it I am unable to say. cheminot
  4. As was suggested earlier, if you google 'Radio code Renault uk' you will find several sites which, for about £5 will supply you by email with the code for your radio. I did it when I had the same problem with my Renault Kangoo. The dealer wanted €20 to provide it. You will need the serial number of the radio (about 14 digits) to do this. cheminot
  5. Are the french banks deducting cotisations on interest at source now? A friend of mine showed me one of his french bank statements which listed deductions/charges and included on it was an 11% deduction from the interest for cotisations. He has not lived here long enough to make a tax declaration yet so I suggested he queried it. He did so and was told that the government have instructed the banks to do this. It makes me wonder, if, when filling in the tax forms and declaring any interest there is a likelyhood of paying twice, as I assume we will still be obliged to include bank interest on the forms. cheminot
  6. No numeric keypad on my laptop so its back to the shift key! cheminot
  7. [quote user="Cat"][quote user="Thibault"]A French keyboard is no help if you are a touch typist!  [:@][/quote] That's what I thought until I changed over to one full-time.  I used to use French keyboard from time to time (mostly when fiddling with friends' PCs) and cursed them loudly and often for having their keys in such dumb places.  Since I bought a French PC and keyboard I have relearned the key positions (not intentionally, it just kind of happened).  My little finger now "knows" that the A is where the Q used to be, and once I'd realised that I didn't need to use the shift key to get at the full stop, I dropped all of my resistance to French key boards. If you spend any amount of time typing stuff in French, it is just so much easier to have all those accents at your fingertips, so to speak [:)] [/quote] So how do you get the full stop without using the shift key? cheminot
  8. I have just booked a return trip to the UK with Brittany Ferries. Before booking I did a price comparison between BFs French and UK websites. Price on the french website was €345. For exactly the same itinery on the UK website was £237. No prizes for guessing correctly which one I chose! cheminot
  9. Sorry Coops, I havent got a clue what the gearbox was except it was fully automatic, it had no manual option. It was a 2003 model. One of the last Mk2 versions before the present model was introduced. cheminot
  10. I second what John has said about the Citroen C4 Picasso. My previous car was a Renault Scenic diesel automatic which I thought was an excellent car but I have to say that this Citroen knocks spots off it.  I have had it for nearly two years now and cannot fault it. cheminot
  11. I am running windows vista with windows media center pre-installed. Although I have had this computer for nearly 18 months this is the first time I have tried to play/copy a music CD. I transferred some music from my old computer and have downloaded some from the web with no problems but Although wmc reads the contents of the CD it will neither play or copy it.  I have checked the device manager and it tells me that it is functioning correctly. After several attempts by various routes it came up with a message saying it had encountered a problem with the digital reading device and did I wish to set it up for analogue. I clicked OK but nothing happened. Can anyone tell me if this is home fixable please or is it back to where I bought it? cheminot
  12. Having phoned both Paris office and Nottingham I am confident that my FD5 has been binned or shredded, most likely on the english side.  I therefore made more copies and took them to the Impots and asked them if they would stamp them and let me send them direct to Nottingham. At first they refused, saying they must be sent via Paris but when I explained that Paris had processed the originals and that they had been 'lost' in the UK they were so delighted with the idea that 'les anglaises' were at fault that they processed them immediately and gave them back to me. One interesting thing came out of my conversation with the Nottingham office was that they asked me to send P60's for the period I have been resident in France (this is pension income) to enable them to process the refund. I was suprised by this as they are not asked for in the notes accompanying the forms but I was assured they would need them. Has anyone else been asked for these? One small piece of additional information, this number bypasses the switchboard at the Paris Center des impots des non-residents:- 01 57 33 82 13. cheminot
  13. [quote user="BobDee"]Just to reassure those casual browsers out there, that the system can work as designed,  this week we received the "official" claim acknowledgement from Nottingham Revenue and Customs, saying future payments would be net of UK tax and a "payable order would be sent shortly". Great news. It took however, almost exactly six months from sending off the FD5's with the tax forms, all to the local Tax Office (Agen), in May this year.  No chasers or direct to Paris etc. Interesting to note that this tax office is now called "Charity, Assets & Residence Residency". The charity bit seems especially appropriate! BobDee   [/quote] Not so reassuring for me. I handed in my forms last may and the Nottingham office are still saying they haven't received them. cheminot
  14. Direct phone number to the Nottingham office is  0115 974 1944.  cheminot
  15. [quote user="Keni "]As a train driver, my OH contributes to his pension fund. The difference was that originally he was part of the government pension fund (BR), upon privatisation, his pension went into the big world to be administered unto by fund accountants. We calculated that if we retired in the UK, on his pension, paid into for 34 years + top up where possible, we could not afford to stay in the UK - our council tax for a small 2-bed terrace is over 1K, upon reaching 65 Chris's pension will be around 2.5K, because it is designed to decrease, year on year. Because he has paid into the BR fund all these years, he is considered as 'contracted out'. So, no bonuses etc, all he has is what he has paid. So, stock market fall = pension fall. Admitted there is the lump sum, but that will be needed for living on, house repairs etc. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that when the Government split from BR and privatised the railway, they took a lump sum from the pension fund, leaving a 12mill hole - which the workers have had to plug! So, we want to move to France to be able to maintain a stable level of income - a smaller home with a smaller council tax, a bit of land to be able to grow our own veg.... Oh yes, we have paid our pension in, so why not be entitled to benefits - as you are within all EU countries? [/quote] This post puzzles me.  I retired from the railway after just 11 years service. Firstly with BR then with a private train operating company and on a lower salary than a train driver.  My pension is more than £2.5K per annum. Admittedly I always paid in as much as I could to top it up but I am astonished that someone in this position with such long service could end up with so low a pension. cheminot
  16. All mass-produced items will inevitably have a few 'lemons' amongst them. If I am unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of one I judge the worth of the supplier by the way I am treated when this becomes apparent. In the case of Intex I could not fault their after-sales service so, yes, I am happy with them.  The matter of the pump/filter arrangement is more subjective. Some people are quite content with the setup supplied with the pool. I was not, so I chose to replace it, but I regard the change as desirable rather than necessary and it benefits other suppliers of pool equipment when people like me choose to upgrade such items. cheminot
  17. I have an Intex pool which has 'wood effect' cladding around it which is actually plastic but it looks quite smart as a result and was easy to assemble. It did not start off well however. I didn't get round to laying the base for it for about 6 months after I bought it and when I started filling it I found that it had many 'pinhole' leaks in the bottom of the liner.  I contacted Intex who were very helpful. Initially they asked for photo's of the holes in the liner including some showing it leaking which was a bit of a performance to achieve but I managed it and sent them by email. They then asked me to cut out some of the pieces of the holed part of the liner and send them to them. On receipt of those they sent me a new liner which has been fine.  The only downside I have found to them is their pump/filter/ skimmer setup is totally inadequate for the size of pool and so I have replaced these, which then gives the problem of pipe connections, as intex use a different size to everyone else. I ended up making my own adaptors. Despite all this I still think they are good value for money and am very pleased with it. cheminot
  18. ( 2 copies of the form from this page: http://www2.equipement.gouv.fr/formulaires/formfiche.asp?IdFormulaire=91&NumFormulaire=11247This can be completed from your computer, in which case, 2 copies will be printed automatically. Don't forget to sign them. If completing by hand, you will need to complete, sign and print 2 copies ) I have tried to use this form, firstly by completing it on the computer. The result being that it would only print patches of the form. I could not get it to print out unfilled from the pdf format so I copied it into word and printed it from there but it comes out blurred and barely readable. Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong please? cheminot
  19. Regarding sending the tax 'avis'. Is it OK to just send  copy of the front and back pages or do you have to send all of them? cheminot
  20. Thanks very much Ernie. I will pass this on to him. cheminot
  21. A friend of mine wants to register his uk bought 2005 VW Golf in France. I understand that as this car is not very old it should have a coc supplied with it when it was purchased. He is adamant that it has not got one.  Can anyone tell me where, in the paperwork supplied with it, it is likely to be? It may be that he just doesnt know where to look.  I've checked all the paperwork that came with my Citroen but I cant find one for that either so I cant help him on this. cheminot
  22. [quote user="Magoo"]A colleague of mine had a similar question a couple of years ago re unsecured debt and was advised to ring the UK National Debtline who's advice was if you are leaving the country the chance is you will not be pursued.  I was shocked by this and rang myself with a bogus enquiry along the same line (unsecured debt of around £10,000 moving to mainland Europe, blah blah blah) and to my amazement received the same advice!!  With an extra snippet of information saying if in a few years (I think it was 5 or 6) you have not had contact with the collectors and they have not issued a court judgement in your absence you can claim your creditors are out of time ................ However, I must add that I am lucky not to have ever been in this position but realise that some people are faced with horrific debts through no fault of their own and no situation is black and white.  Here is the link to the organisation mentioned: http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk[/quote] The 5/6 year cutoff is not strictly true. It only means that provided the debtor has had no contact with, not admitted to the debt or received no demands for payment within this time then the creditor cannot use the courts to pursue the debtor for payment, but it does not wipe out the debt. In the case of smaller amounts this rule tends to make the pursual of debts by collection agencies less attractive but does not rule it out. The creditor is entitled to pursue the debt for as long as he likes. cheminot
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    [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="gosub"]I have to admit that it was a bit of a lie to say that my mother told me about the starch, I do remember it from my childhood.[:(] [/quote]Me too.  In the days before viagra, it used to be the subject of some rather rude jokes..[Www][/quote] SSH! dont tell everyone what I want it for! Btw, I found some in Intermarché! cheminot
  24. cheminot


    Does anyone know if spray starch is available in France, and if so, where to find it please? cheminot.
  25. Obviously this depends on if you are going to do all or part of it yourself or pay someone else for the complete structure. I also live in a protected area and had to comply with the regulations similar to those you describe. I paid an artisan to do the foundations and walls and completed the rest of the work myself. It cost me around €5000 for a structure 4m x 3m. cheminot
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