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  1. [quote user="Will"]Cheminot - being on holiday in France I am trying to forget about work, but the Lloyd's List article is slightly misleading. Although, as it say,s the tighter limits for fuel sulphur content do not universally enter into force until 2015 and 2020, the Channel, North Sea and Baltic are all emission control areas where a 1% sulphur limit applies now - which means ship operators have to pay a premium for low sulphur heavy fuels, or use distillates. More importantly, ships are required under EU law to use 0.1% sulphur fuels in EU ports now. This effectively applies to generating set engines rather than the main propulsion engines, but even so because the normal heavy fuels and distillate fuels are not directly interchangeable, the gensets have to either burn more expensive distillates all the time - which has in turn meant costly changes to fuel pumps and associated equipment - or shipowners have had to invest in changeover equipment so that both fuels can be used. This is just one of several increases in operating costs that shipowners are having to face, so rising ferry prices are inevitable. http://www.ukpandi.com/knowledge-developments/industry-developments/marpol-annex-vi-air-pollution/ - the text of the EU legislation is also available online. [/quote] It is several years since I was an engineer on the cross channel ferries. Ignoring shaft driven generators, all the ships in the fleet used distillate fuel for gensets. Principally because the sets were running for comparatively short periods which does not suit residual fuel engines but all the ships were able to run thier main engines on both heavy and distillate fuels and were equipped to allow a quick changeover. Whether that is still the case with the modern ferries I do not know.
  2. [quote user="Will"]Before the conspiracy/cartel theorists get too worked up, don't forget the fuel restrictions which have recently entered into force, and which effectively mean that ferries using EU ports and travelling in designated emission control areas (of which the Channel/North Sea is one) can no longer burn comparatively cheap heavy fuel oils and have to use the much more expensive distillate diesel fuels. [/quote] This is not yet an issue for the ferry companies but could well be in a few years.  http://www.lubmarine.com/lub/content/NT0008E51E.pdf
  3. I planted 3 plants last year which produced only one butternut, so this year I planted 6 plants and have ended up with over 80! I think my neighbours will soon be fed up with me trying to get rid of them but it is a shame to waste them.
  4. Try 'Kit dureté de l'eau'.  Most brico sheds which sell 'adoucisseurs' stock them.
  5. All my peppers this year have been grown from seeds taken from ones I bought from the supermarket. It is the best crop I have ever had.
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    No need to be nervous. It is done very quickly and you only feel a kind of tingling sensation while it is being done.  The area will feel a little sore for a few days afterwards.
  7. We only get one card. I just photocopy it and carry the copy which I have used at the hospital, clinics and pharmacies. They are only interested in the name and numbers on the card, not whether it is an original.
  8. cheminot


    Put the garlic in the fridge for a few days before planting. This is to 'fool it' into thinking (if vegetables can be said to think!) that it has been planted in winter. The onions should grow OK as long as they are still firm. cheminot
  9. To get back to the original question. There are three main masonic organisations in France. The biggest is the Grand Orient, the next two, which I believe are roughly equal in membership are the Grand Loge de France (GLF) and the Grand Loge National Français (GLNF). The latter one, GLNF is the only one recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and as such is the only one that members of english lodges are authorised to visit. They will undoubtedly have lodges in the Chinon/Saumer area. A visit to the Hotel de Ville in either town would probably be the best way of finding out where they meet or you could contact the headquarters in Paris.   http://www.glnf.fr Hope this helps, cheminot
  10. Before you remove the carburettor, take off the fuel pipe from it and check the flow of fuel from the tank. The fuel line or tap may be partially blocked. cheminot
  11. A couple of months before your cover expires, say october 2010, contact the DWP at Newcastle and ask them to supply your partner with a new E121 which includes you as a dependant. You will need to take this to CPAM to get cover. Make several copies of this E121 as the impots will want one as well to prove you are not liable for social charges on your pension(s) cheminot
  12. I hope that below will be a picture of the bottle of cream I am referring to which may make it easier to find when in Leader Price. cheminot [IMG]http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr56/malced/100_0830.jpg[/IMG]
  13. [quote user="Alan Zoff"]When I last tried the Creme Fleurette Entiere, it tasted nothing like English fresh cream to me. Have searched in vain for some time to find an exact equivalent.[/quote] Until I found the Leader Price product I would have entirely agreed with you but this is not like any other creme fleurette that I have found. All I can say is get some and try it. cheminot.
  14. Leader Price sell fresh 'Creme fleurette entiere' in 0.5 litre white plastic bottles with a red label which is identical to UK double cream. There is no need to add 'fixe' or sugar to it as it whips up easily and is not 'soured'. cheminot
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