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    [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="gosub"]I have to admit that it was a bit of a lie to say that my mother told me about the starch, I do remember it from my childhood.[:(] [/quote]Me too.  In the days before viagra, it used to be the subject of some rather rude jokes..[Www][/quote] SSH! dont tell everyone what I want it for! Btw, I found some in Intermarché! cheminot
  2. cheminot


    Does anyone know if spray starch is available in France, and if so, where to find it please? cheminot.
  3. It appears that I've missed all the fun! I havent had time to look at replies since I posted this so I suppose I'll just have to settle for the grass snake. I was hoping for something a bit more exotic but my 'other half' is quite relieved! cheminot
  4. I saw a snake on the road outside my house when I returned from the brico in my car this morning. It was about a metre long and very dark green with no visible pattern makings on it. As it scuttled off as soon as I arrived I couldn't take a photo of it. Can anyone identify it from my description please? cheminot.
  5. Many thanks Poolguy. I have now ordered a pump/filter setup capable of up to 8m3 per hour as I like the idea of some spare capacity. cheminot.
  6. I have had enough of the struggle to keep the pool clean with the pump/filter setup that was supplied with my Intex pool. It is totally inadequate for the purpose. I would be grateful for any recommendations for a replacement set-up. My pool has about 18000ltrs capacity. My thanks in anticipation. cheminot.
  7. [quote user="tj"]HI Just reread your original post, I was under the impression it was Astra 2/ Hotbird, as theres nothing much on Astra 1 all the BBC's and ITV's etc are on Astra 2. Simplest way is get a motor 75 euros, and the worlds your oyster as they say. [/quote] No, the dual head lnbs are all Astra1/Hotbird as far as I know.  I've never seen an Astra2/Hotbird configuration. I dont want to receive UK tv on it, I have a seperate sky dish for that, but to update events, I bought and fitted a new lnb today. Instant results!  I can now get either Hotbird or Astra1 but not both! I'm going to leave it on Hotbird, that has more than enough channels for me, many of which are shared with Astra anyway. cheminot
  8. [quote user="tj"]The dual LNB is attached round the body of one of the pair ? Try attaching to the other, so, if when looking from front the left is attached move it ove to the right one.  [/quote] Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that, it didn't work either! cheminot
  9. [quote user="Martinwatkins"]If you've got unlimited time and easy access,   my next step would be to connect the monobloc dish up to your existing Astra 2 box and see if you can align one of the LNB's onto 28.2 deg E.   Without Diseq signalling one of the LNB's will be "live" (although I don't know which one) but at least if you get it working on Astra 2 then you know that one of the LNB's in the monobloc is (still) working,   and then you could have another look for Hotbird/Astra 1.... [/quote] Thank you for your suggestion. I tried this yesterday with the same result, nothing! so the chief suspect is the lnb unit. Fortunately they are cheap to buy so I'm going to get another one and try again. cheminot
  10. Thanks for the input so far. To go into more detail, I also have a seperate sky dish set up which works fine. To test the cable I swopped the hotbird cable onto the sky setup and it worked perfectly so I am as confident as can be that the cable is not the problem.  Regarding the Hotbird/Astra setup, yes it is a double lnb on a single cable. I followed the instructions carefully so provided they are correct then I am trying to set it up on the correct lnb. I did try lining it up on the other one just to be sure, but with no result, not even any signal strength! The real puzzle is that it worked OK to start with. I am wondering if there is a fault with the lnb itself. I may have to resort to buying another one to find out! cheminot
  11. I've bought a digital satellite kit from the brico. It is one of those with a double lnb for Hotbird/Astra1 connection.  Fitted it all up and using coordinates obtained from the internet set it as per the instructions (most unusual for me).  Eventually I got a signal strength and quality of around 70% on Hotbird but nothing on Astra. This didn't bother me as there are enough channels on Hotbird for me. The next day I find that the signal strength is still around 70% but the quality is 0% and no picture.  I have tried 'tweaking' the dish as before to get the picture back but the signal quality remains stubbornly at zero. Any ideas what to do about this please? cheminot
  12. Many thanks Clair! cheminot
  13. Can anyone tell me what the french name for a sewing needle threader is please. Dictionaries have been no help on this one! cheminot
  14. I grew 'Desirée' and 'Julienne' varieties last year. They turned out to be very similar in their characteristics, ie; red skin, waxy. and they grow to a good size. I have used them for all methods of cooking and they have both proved to have excellent flavour. They also keep well, I have four sacks left to last me to the next crop and I will certainly be growing some more this year. cheminot
  15. Thanks Mikew. I went into Mr Bricolage today and found some which was a felt-like material which they sell by the metre, job done! cheminot
  16. We have bought a rug for our lounge which has a tiled floor. Is there any product available in France to prevent it from sliding that does not involve sticking it to the floor please? cheminot
  17. I paid for this camera by paypal. Under the paypal terms and conditions any claim has to be started within 45 days of payment. As I have had to wait 12 weeks for (non) delivery I am outside their claims timescale. Even if I wasn't, I doubt very much if it would achieve anything as they only say that they will try to recover the money from the seller (fat chance!). cheminot
  18. I ordered a camera from the above named french online store. The price was good but quoted a long delivery time (8-12weeks). As I was in no hurry to get it this did not bother me. I have now found that their website is closed as is their phone line and I cannot find a postal address.  By doing a 'google' have found that they are being prosecuted for non delivery of goods and there are a lot of other people who have apparently lost their money. In the circumstances I am quite lucky as the item I ordered was quite low value but I read of people who have lost in excess of 1000euros, even so, I would like to try and get my money back. Does anyone know how to go about it? cheminot
  19. Around here seems to be very light on industry of  this nature, but thank you all for your ideas. I will keep on looking. I'm sure I'll find supplies somewhere. cheminot
  20. I really dont know where to post this one.  I am looking for a supply of metal  bars predominantly round bars of varying diameters. When we moved here I brought with me my metalwork lathe and naturally I want to put it to good use. I did bring my small stock of metal as well but having done a few jobs for people it is gradually being depleted. I have been to a local steel stockholder, but if I buy from there I have to buy complete lengths as they do not cut it. This works out expensive and I could also potentially be stuck with a lot of metal that I have no use for. The local 'serrurie' will cut metal but does not stock the sizes I need most. Any ideas please? cheminot
  21. It would help to know what make/model your hedge trimmer is, but if it is of any assistance the name of the part you need in french is; 'le soufflet de la pompe d'amorçage'. cheminot
  22. Does anyone know where I can buy seedless grape vines please? I've tried the local garden centres, who not only dont have them also seem disinclined to order any. I only want a couple of them. cheminot
  23. I think the only modification is that it makes it clear that for anyone with an e106 which runs out in january 2008 will not qualify for any period of grace to obtain alternative healthcare. cheminot
  24. If you subscribe to free.fr do you have to write to FT to cancel your telephone or internet (livebox) or do they do this for you? cheminot
  25. Sorry Makfai I'm not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate please? cheminot
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