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  1. I think it must be the time of year.Either that or a certain person who will remain unspoken about has sneaked onto this forum [:)]  
  2. Excellent, feed the Christian infidels to the lions
  3. So after all that verbal garbage, you cannot justify your first post on this subject.
  4. [quote user="Gluestick"] Which personally, I find highly offensive: and a crass insult to my intellect, scholarship, research and deductive ability. As I stated earlier on, using the term "Racist" in a perjorative sense and other perjoratives is a clever psychological method being used to deflect and confuse ill-informed opinion.   [/quote]   First question then ,using your intellect and  research please point me in the direction of a proper news report from a proper newspaper or news channel reporting the alleged cancelling of the Film in the House of Lords. I have used my intellect, research and deductive ability to establish that the only reports of this are in BLOGS , forums or the BNP website.which I find rather strange .If it were true I wouls have thought the British press would have had something to say, but there is a deathly silence.    
  5. You have me totally wrong I am not pro muslim/anti christian   What I am  anti  is extreme  right wing propaganda  designed to make us  think that all Muslims are a danger to our western culture and civilisation and they are  hell bent on  making western europe another Islamic state.    
  6. [quote user="Scooby"] So the cruelty of the Crusaders was not a problem because they did what they did with the best intentions!  I'm sure musliims would argue those same good intentions.  Both aimed to 'convert' unbelievers and were cruel and barbaric in the process. As to generalisms v specifics - anyone here making a sweeping statement (like the many generalisations about muslims in this thread) are asked for specific examples.  Where they have been provided to demonstrate islamic cruelty these have been debunked as urban myths / set ups.  I provided a specific and verifiable example of such cruelty and cover up in a christian church.  I could quote many 'general' examples: sexual abuse of young boys by catholic priests, the cover ups which followed, maltreatment of single pregnant girls (particularly in Ireland), denial of contraception resulting in unwanted pregnancies, acute poverty and the spread of aids....   [/quote]   Scooby I said the self same thing on page 2 but was studiously ignored by the islamaphobes
  7. [quote user="sparkapuss"]I was receently sent a very descriptive e-mail showing an 8 year old boy who had been caught stealing a loaf of bread in an Iranian market. His arm was placed under the wheel of a truck which was then driven over it to presumably,"teach him a lesson", bad enough in itself but the photo's were obviously taken by someone and also showed an adult man holding down the child whilst in his other hand is a microphone so he can perhaps, give a running commentary. All this by people who will, one day, take over the world, glad I won't be around to see it.[/quote]   Another load of nonsense designed to have us all up in arms about the barbarism of Islam http://www.snopes.com/photos/gruesome/crushboy.asp I find it highly suspicious that someone with their first post just happens to have received an e mail recently, allegedly relevant to this debate.  
  8. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] I think people were puzzled at your original comment that you had absolutely no income and were a bit concerned that you'd made a silly error in imagining that the interest from your savings was not income..... Still, as you say, it's your business.....[8-)]   [/quote] I suspect that it will very quickly become the taxman and CPAM,s business if they declare they have NO income.
  9. [quote user="newbiee"] I find minding my own business works a treat !  [;-)] Vanman - you're quite right  [:)]  we (quite obviously) live off our savings. [/quote]   Which you have stuffed under the mattress in and old sock [:)]. You will be asked by CPAM to declare your income, and if you say nothing then you will be 1) Subjected to an examination of your lifestyle to establish just how much income you do have or 2) You may be refused entry to CMU as one must have sufficient income not to be a burden on the state
  10. If you have no income what do you live on
  11. [quote user="Clair"][Not quite correct... The form does not ask what the dwelling is built out of, but what type of property it is, i.e. a house, a flat, a hotel room, a room in someone else's house... The form does not ask who stays there, but who lives there. [/quote]   Just a small correction In Scotland people stay in a house or live in a house but more common to say stay so perhaps Dog is Scottish and is therefore perfectly correct  
  12. [quote user="Gluestick"] Then you would lose your bet. I watched the whole film early on and have been following the matter since day one.   [/quote]   So at least you agree that it is a racist rant
  13. [quote user="woolybanana"] And leaving mentally troubled people on death row for 20odd years is humane I suppose. As is allowing people to rot in alcoholic stupor because we have not got the sense to control the sale. And both young women and men behaving like bitches on heat and having kids left right and centre by any number of partners. We owe much of our scientific and mathemtical basis to Islam, Tegwini, just as an example. And if you do not believe that the Blue Mosque in Isphahan is one of the wonders of the world, then you have missed out somewhere. [/quote]   You forgot about locking up young girls who were pregnant(Magdalene sisters) . Not allowing blood transfusions, not allowing ,until recently, marraige outside the faith,not taking any action whatsoever against priests abusing young boys and girls, in fact obstructing justice by moving them outside the jurisdiction of the courts.
  14. Do you have any idea who Geets Wilder is or what the film which was to be shown is about.I bet not. The film is a racist rant, totally unbalanced.  
  15. I would think that most of us would be ecstatic about the thought of not having a load of whinging miserable morris dancing pl####rs as neighbours
  16. Ok so you are Swiss from the French speaking part of Switzerland altho you happen to live in the UK. It still does not diminish my point, you are a  native French speaker, so it is easy for you to google the appropriate words and phrases to find out the legal position.
  17. Firstly you submit a tax return showing your worldwide income, generally in April/May every year. In August every year you receive your Avis dímpots on which will show your Renenu Fiscal de Reference. The RFR is the amount of taxable income you have ,even if you have a Govt pension taxed in the UK/ From this RFR you deduct the amount of money over which you pay This year I thinkl the figure is around 8700 euros. You pay 8% on the difference between your RFR and your allowance. You pay every three months to URSSAF
  18. I thought you were French so surely it would be far easier to do an internet search rather than ask on here. What is the purpose of the question anyway.
  19. Very windy here about 1 hr ago some tiles off the roof seems to have calmed down a bit at the moment.
  20. [quote user="Bugbear"]Brilliant wind up. Love the comment from the mod at the end.........................but then notice that he/she is from switzerland and they are known for having no sense of humour. [:D] . [/quote]   Sadly Mod from Switzerland removed the whole thread, think it was because he /she suddenly realised that it was a wind up and as you say Bugbear they are not known for a sense of humour.
  21. There is more . People are trying to convince the OP that he/she is mistaken.
  22. http://www.totalfrance.com/france/forum/viewtopic.php?t=58289&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=0
  23. My humble appoogies, but I must be living on a different planet from people on AI[:'(] Advert  for ironing board with photo just spotted. [IMG]http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z98/grinchland/LindasInventory011.jpg[/IMG]   http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=22131
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