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  1. Hi, been a while since I posted, been getting on with life here in France (ye gods, have we ever!). Anyway I'd like to know if there are any posts anywhere (I have looked but can't see anything, so apologies if double posted), whether anyone has now entered the system of French healthcare after being here 5 years and were still regarded as inactifs? Having spent many years chatting with our Debs (God bless her) about this I wonder whether something should now be posted on Changes to Healthcare Entitlements if people have now entered the system and how it was done.  
  2. Use ours all the time, great for roast joints - fresh or frozen, just put in cooker and set to slow. If you want a glaze just pile it on! Depending on joint size 6-8 hours later, roasted to perfection. Going to use it for sticky spare ribs next week - great recipes on line from America on how they use their slow cookers!
  3. Sounds strange as a title, but having been here for a couple of years, I have the chance to exhibit and sell some of my art/craft work. This has set me thinking, could I register as an Artist/Craft worker (Artiste/Artisan?) to set myself up as an Autoentrepreneur? I was told about the Artiste Libre thing, but not sure if that still exists and whether it would cover my crafts - quilts/ sewing crafts etc. I already have got people wanting to purchase some of my paintings, but would rather see if being an Autoentrepreneur is the way to go. Also don't know how it might affect any future pensions from the UK. Does anyone have any experience of these questions? Many thanks. x
  4. We've got our shed on our bit of land - did a 'barn-raising' with friends and neighbours. Now houses garden tools, plus the camping gas cooker and facilities for tea/coffee and chairs - great when working in polytunnel and with our bees! Was a 'promo' at Bricomarché!
  5. Agree with Pierre ZFP - Bruce Willis has done it before, a doddle to do it again!
  6. Since we exchanged our licences in November and December, we have discovered that Limoges are now asking for a certified translation for the Uk driving licences, so be aware - that came in 19th January here. For many other legal stuff they have also been asking for certified translations of Uk birth and marriage certificates.
  7. Yes, I understand that, however I was on the Astra 2F Satellite page - it shows the new satellite having a much tighter band width and looks as if we are only just within the circle of receivership for the new satellite. I will have a word with John Sidwell - he's in our village (BDS), and would know what's happening.
  8. But I have a thought - could it be that the new 2F satellite setting was being tested prior to being introduced this month? This might be the future if you don't have a proper system?
  9. You're not going to believe this - but they've all suddenly re-appeared! From when I wrote what we were receiving, turned system off, then on again, and everything has come back -so what was that all about?
  10. Now just 950, 951,952, and 953,  then it jumps to 970, 971 and 972. That's it!
  11.  We seem to have C5+1, but C4+1 has gone as well. There is not even the number on the satellite channel!
  12. Hi Anton, The satellite receiver is a Amstrad model DRX280 Sky plus - was fine this morning, There is no snow here at all today, all rained away. All other channels working fine. Just BBC1 - 101, ITV -103, C4 - 104, C5 - 105 disappeared totally off the box. Signal strength and quality both show good
  13. Okay, so this morning turned on tele - watched Midlands news on BBC  - no problems. However now we discover we're watching BBC1 Wales, and when turning on the satellite box to check the channels, BBC1, ITV, C4 and C5 are missing, but I can find C5+1 etc. The satellite box starts at 102 - BBC2, then jumps to 116 - BBC3 etc. Where have these channels suddenly gone to? have tried seaching for new channels, but not there - mind you channel 8010 is - think that's the new BBC i-player channel. We watch via free-sat on sky. Any ideas?
  14. Yeh, it's a certified translation. We didn't need one for our change in November, but apparently now in Rochechouart, two months later, they are asking for a translation. I contacted my neighbour (he knows regulations etc) and he says they don't need to change their licence unless they have any driving violations, which they haven't - their problem is they've just discovered their English licence has run out - so might be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, unless they can get all the translations done. We know somewhere in Limoges near the prefecture - will suggest she e-mails the docs to the person, then pick them up on way to prefecture - will make it easier I think. 'Article 222-2. Toute personne ayant sa résidence normale en France, titulaire d'un permis de conduire national délivré par un Etat membre de la Communauté européenne ou d'un autre Etat partie à l'accord sur l'Espace économique européen, en cours de validité dans cet Etat, peut, sans qu'elle soit tenue de subir les examens prévus au premier alinéa de l'article R. 221-3, l'échanger contre le permis de conduire français selon les modalités définies par arrêté du ministre chargé des transports, pris après avis du ministre de la justice, du ministre de l'intérieur et du ministre chargé des affaires étrangères. L'échange d'un tel permis de conduire contre le permis français est obligatoire lorsque son titulaire a commis, sur le territoire français, une infraction au présent code ayant entraîné une mesure de restriction, de suspension, de retrait du droit de conduire ou de retrait de points. Cet échange doit être effectué selon les modalités définies par l'arrêté prévu à l'alinéa précédent, aux fins d'appliquer les mesures précitées.'  
  15. Apparently a new regulation is: asking for legal translations of old English Driving  Licences when you go to exchange your licence for a French one - will be interested to know if this is true and how many people might find this problem will crop up, as friends did today.
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