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  1. Am I to assume that  all the feverent anti religious  persons or atheists do not celebrate Xmas(as Big Mac says it is to celebrate the birth of Christ). What do they do that day, how do they explain the non celebration of Xmas, or if they do how do they explain away Santa Claus , who is based on St Nicolas a Bishop in the Catholic Church, or are they just hypocrites and say nothing .
  2. I did not see the point of your original post [8-)] You said I havn't paid them yet as I wanted to get an idea if it was a fair charge. Which in my English implyed  that you were perhaps intending to refuse to pay. Now that you have explained yourself more clearly I can see the point.
  3. [quote user="baypond"] I have read a few of the posts about closing swimming pools down for winter, and I will certainly be attempting it myself next year. This year I asked a local swimming pool company to do it for me ( as I am knew to running a pool) and they sent me a bill for EUR 410. Can anyone give me an idea of how much these pool companies usually charge, or is EUR 410 par for the course. It seems excessive. I havn't paid them yet as I wanted to get an idea if it was a fair charge. Pool is 10 x 5m , saline. [/quote]   What are you going to do if people tell you that it is too expensive, refuse to pay them ?
  4. We're still having fun and games with our local CPAM office in Tulle. Our E106 expires in January - we've been resident since March 2007 and are in the French tax system. Chris     If you have been resident since March 2007 you should have completed a French Tax return in April 2008 detailing your worldwide income for the year 2007. You would then have received in August/Sept  your Avis de imposition with your revenu fiscal de reference which is what the CPAM are looking for.
  5. I have compassion for those who are really suffering , but not for those who are whinging about not being able to afford meals out , apperos or  even heaven above having to take their children out of private school. Sorry Sweet 17 I cannot see how you can equate that with people dying in Zimbabwi or others here who have seen their meagre pension slashed.  
  6. [quote user="Renaud"]Boiling a frog What exactly are your circumstances that you can remain so smug?[/quote]   Well Even before the decent of the pound I could not afford going out to restaurants twice a week, and I wish I could have a salary which ,when affected by the exchange rate, loses me 20000€ a year.  I am therefore amazed that these people have the audacity to go bleating about how poor they are to the English press. Is that me being smug?   
  7. I would have thought that evenings were apero time ,not lunchtime.
  8. Some more sad tales http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/dec/21/france-currencies-expats   Poor chap has lost 20000€ off  his salary because of the exchange rate [:(]
  9. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5375708.ece   They cannot even afford to go out to the restaurant twice a week now [8-)]
  10. http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/britishcitizenship/eligibility/naturalisation/spouseorcivilpartnerofcitizen/   But I think she hase to be living in the UK
  11. His brother works for EDF [:)]
  12. On a serious note ,all you ever needed to know about Bananas http://www.rbooking.com/banane/index.asp
  13. The legislation regarding registration is not yet in force so NO NEED TO REGISTER L'obligation d'enregistrement en mairie des citoyens de l'Union européenne, d'un autre Etat partie à l'accord sur l'Espace économique européen et suisses s'applique aux seules personnes entrées en France après l'entrée en vigueur d'un arrêté qui doit fixer le modèle de l'attestation d'enregistrement délivrée.  Cet arrêté, du ministre de l'immigration, de l'intégration, de l'identité nationale et du développement solidaire, n'a pas encore été publié.  Nos fiches l'intégreront dès sa parution. 
  14. I do not know what the fuss is about, the police in the UK have been using skin colour and ethnic origin codes for at least 20 years  to impute into the PNC (police national computer) and is one of the search facilities available . On The Bill when you hear someone say that the person is an IC one it means white european List of codes http://www.tilehurst.net/infopool/ic.html
  15. I think that a sense of reality has to be injected into this subject . As you are a UK passport holder there are no controls on entering or leaving France, no stamp in passport, no visa requirements,and at the moment no requirement to register your presence in France with the Mairie ,the prefecture or indeed anyone. No one is going to come knocking at your door asking if you have comprehensive medical assurance or if you have sufficient funds not to be a burden on the state. It is also highly unlikely( but not impossible)  that the tax people will hunt you down especially if you are only renting a house from friends. Problems will happen if you fall ill. Due to the new rules you are not entitled to join the French health system so if you do not want to fork out money you will need  health insurance. The French have stipulated that this health insurance must give the same benefits as their own health system.This is perfectly logical ,ie stipulating what health cover is required.Why stipulate a lesser cover? If you end up in hospital you will need to pay up front and then claim back the money from you assurers, but I doubt if anyone is actually going to ask you for your medical assurance policy. Individual assurance coys have differing ideas on what is excluded or included, what are preexisting conditions and what level of cover one gets. It is a simple matter, when asking for quotes for insurance, of telling the insurance coy if you have any medical conditions and then they will determine whether you are or are not covered.   Regarding having sufficient funds, again no one is going to demand proof but on the other hand, do not expect any hand outs from the French state, because you will not get any. Lastly the 5 year residency rule. No one ,at the moment, has any experience as to what proof the French will require that one has lived in France legally for 5 years. These rules have only recently been introduced so it is anyones guess just what type of proof will be required.  
  16. [quote user="Hagar"] Taking a broader view one can argue that ALL state benefits,pensions, public service pensions etc are actually paid for by taxing those in the "private sector" . Taking contibutions from public sector workers to then pay them benefits later is simply the treasury recycling the taxes paid by the private sector. rgds Hagar         [/quote]   Well  Blow me down I did not realise that Public sector employees did not pay income tax, National Insurance, VAT or excise duty.
  17. And just another correction. Manchester Airport fire brigade are NOT public servants like the  Fire service. They are employees of Manchester Airport .All airport fire brigades are employees of the owners of the airport, pay scales, terms and conditions of service therefor vary and I bet that a private coy are not going to allow employees to take ill health retirement just on a whim . 
  18. [quote user="NormanH"]"My personal view on the winter fuel allowance is that if you are a UK taxpayer, resident or not, you should qualify to be means tested to receive it." I agree with that. [/quote]   The problem with that is that the most deserving cases for winter fuel allowance will not be paying tax as they will be on a low income.
  19.   Please do not make rash statements when you do not know the facts.Compulsory retirement age for constables and sergeants was until recently 55 yrs of age. Having completed 30 yrs service.and having paid in 12% of their salary to the pension fund they can retire even if they have not reached 55yrs of age. On reaching 55yrs of age these officers must retire, they cannot continue working even if they wish to therefore they are forced to retire. . As for ill health retirement  approx 33% of all retirals are due to ill health and after a medical examination. so hardly dubious . Regarding winter fuel allowance my view is that there should be an increase in the OAPension of 200 pounds then the rich would be taxed on it, the poor would not, and people living in Spain France etc would be paid it.
  20. [quote user="Ron Avery"] Judith good to see you know what you are doing I hope you have not confused CPAM with your application.  The others who have quoted timescales which vary hugely between departments probably applied iin the normal way as couples and did not create unecessary problems for themselves. [/quote]   Ron, I wonder sometimes what you are on about There are countless couples,ourselves included, who are both entitled to E106's or as in this case one with an E121 and the other with an E106. We are living in the 21st Century where it is not uncommon for partners both to work, and that includes the French.  We have never experienced any problems when we both had E106's and the kind people at CPAM even suggested when we moved over to CMU that the health care should be in my wife's name as she reaches 60 and an E121 entitlement some 3 years before I become entitled so I will piggy back on her E121 for three years and then have health care in my own right on reaching 65. 
  21. Coming from a different angle The ex police officer was forced to retire at the age of 55, and immediately his income was halved. As someone else says he would be on a pension of approx 15,000 pounds per year minus income tax ,which actually equates to approx 1100 pounds per month. How could he live on 1100 pounds a month taking into account council tax, electricity, gas etcetc. He was forced out of the country because of the policy, there are not many jobs around for 55yr old ex police constables, but is forced to pay income tax in the UK without receiving one single benefit, is that fair.    And No one ever mentions that the 200 pounds goes to every one over 60 yrs of age residing in the UK ,millionaires, people working, people who have never paid a penny into the system.  
  22. Your attestation can take anything from a week to several months but in general around the 6 week mark, if you are worried about non receipt ask CPAM where it is, it is not unknown for them to loose paperwork. You may or may not be issued with a carte vitale, depends on the individual CPAM,s The first time you go to the Doctor take this form with you http://www.ameli.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/formulaires/S3704.pdf and have the Doctor complete it. You will then have to hang onto it until you receive your attestation as the form asked for your social security no which you will not get until you receive your attestation . After you receive the attestation send off the medicine traitant form to CPAM along with any feuilles which you have for reembursement. Simple. [:)]
  23. That is wonderful news, I have been concerned about this for the last 40 years. [;-)]
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