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  1. That's odd Will, as I get........ [IMG]http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t26/jayjaysbucket/ChooseNormandy.jpg[/IMG]   Monika, you may want to look at Will's www. There again, you may not!
  2. What a great race & a brilliant result. Vale picking up Angel Nieto was quite special. [:D] Shame about James Toseland though. [:(] Jorge was incredible, he must have had a burst of adrenalin or the drugs kicked in.
  3. It's lasers, probably because the first laser was demonstrated on this day in 1960. I read somewhere, that the Google logo is going to be changing every day. Can't remember why though.
  4. You could ask in your local pharmacie, it's acid citrique. Also, I remember reading somewhere, that you can substitute it with acide tartarique, you can get that from your pharmacie.
  5. If you look at the lower left corner of every post, you'll see email & pm. Just click on the pm button of the person you want to contact & it will open up the window for you to type a message. BTW, pm does not appear under your own posts, although you can e-mail yourself! lol!
  6. JayJay


    [quote user="5-element"]Not yet.... Might confine my responses to PMs from now on.[:P][/quote] LOL or LMFAO! [;-)]
  7. JayJay


    With the risk of being taken for Rolf Harris, but 5-E, do you know what it is yet? [;-)]
  8. JayJay


    Mmm..........yes, that's put us in a hole! [;-)]
  9. JayJay


    Really 5-element? Here's 2 more for you. FIIK & FUBB, so that's the bottom of the slope. [;-)]
  10. JayJay


    And of course..............FFS! [Www]
  11. Look here & you'll even get a map! http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/ 
  12. JayJay


    In My Humble Opinion http://www.mob1le.com/sms.html
  13. He's a superstar & it's great to see him back on the top step of the podium,[:D] 7 races without a win was just too much!
  14. I had problems loading it onto my laptop that's Vista. First failed attempt was caused by a missing patch, so loaded that. Several more failed attempts & it turned out that it couldn't replace AVG 7.5. So I unloaded that manually & now all is working perfectly. [:D] (That's with a now defunct Norton still on my machine, as I daren't try & remove that.) I like the new version, well done Grisoft! [8-|]
  15. Do tadpoles not eat mozzie larvae? If you get rid of the frogs, drain the pond, if not you'll have real problems. Have you heard the cicadas & mole crickets? [blink]
  16. Jeez! JR.................I'm saying those things because I AM getting the problems too, loads of us are & we're not posting about it every day. We've seen what mod's have replied, that's fine. Oh forget it...........!
  17. LOL! I was wondering how to get back to the technical bit. [:D] JR's problem first though. [;-)]
  18. Goodo! Please can you get one for me too? [:-))]
  19. It could be, so get a life Tressy.[kiss] I think maybe JR, you should just pull the plug on here for a bit, a few of us have problems with the forum, but don't keep on about it, annoying as it is. There have been replies from the mods, they can't do anything more. Plus blue would probably not be your colour. [;-)] Yer, while you're off, you could get a few more pairs of glasses. [:D]
  20. Not as much as I'll regret this Tressy! [;-)] Belle, I envy you, I absolutely love the noise they make. We don't have them around here, which is a shame. There's a place I like to stay just because of the pond & frogs. I was sad enough to record them on my mobile. [:$] I hope you find a decent solution for you & the critters.
  21. [quote user="Jonzjob"]Oh blimey Bugsie baby for cryin out loud don't bring moles into this!![:-))][+o(] Next thing we know Quillan will be joinin in wiv 'is shotgun? JayJ I still recon that I'm the only sane 'ne 'ere. I'll bet you aint even goin' to bother to try to be wiv us on the 13th. Probably claim the limp excuse of 600 Km?[Www][6] [/quote] Or Megs will, with the save the moles campaign! [:D] LOL! OK Jon. [Www] I don't know what's happening on the 13th, but I do have a limp & it's more than 900km. Put the 2 together & that's a limp excuse. [;-)]
  22. Belle, there have been a few posts like this lately & as it happens, they have also SHOUTED the title. Forgetting the latter, it's a very stange way to start posting on a forum. Weegie, no problem, just pour yourself a whisky. [;-)] BTW, I agree with most of the above, JJ's "I am the only sane one here " is a bit dodgy though! [kiss]
  23. Hide all knives! [;-)] Vitamin B6 supplements can be helpful, but why not go & see your Dr, if things are really bad.
  24. “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster. ”   Isaac Asimov
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