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  1. Dry its been over 38 degrees is not the word its starts with an F and ends in, I wont bother I am trying to grow a 600 metre square lawn and the amount of water so far excreted is having an effect on my beer intake For storms this is a great site http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime
  2. Hi Go to Carcassone, Perpignan or Spain. The Costa Bravo is just over an hour For me its great its rained the first time in about six weeks 6 mm in the last 24 hours and I am just down river from you Or have a day in with your loved one and listen to BBC Radio 2 PS does Quillan live in said place or Axat 10 kilometers elsewere
  3. Hi It really depends on where and for how long you live in France For example if its a holiday home travel expenses are minimal but if you live as I do permanently on the Med the costs of purchasing goods in the UK are prohibitive regardless of the exchange rate. I am always popping into Spain for my cheap products I do use the internet for certain items and use sterling my pension unit
  4. Hi Sorry to hear of your best mates problem I had a Border Terrier Merlin who had fits every couple of days for 3 years I was told it was dog epilepsy No medical help suppressed it, perhaps its just old age, he passed away aged 13
  5. Hi Can you post a picture please Why is the commune responsible
  6. Hi Can you post pictures of the steps I am at a loss to understand your problem, is it life threatening
  7. but a hybrid?? No other family of flowering plants can match the Orchids in their tendency to hybridize as for natural hybrids of Serapias look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serapias
  8. Hi Can you post a picture showing the outline of the lip it looks similar to a plough share serapia from the side but may be a hybrid, they love getting together what type of soil do you have
  9. The original post was last year hope they made up their minds
  10. Thanks for that info ,as I do not need to tell the authorities I can write any address I feel applicable, brilliant, and getting close to the forth
  11. I have no idea what the fuss is about French licences do not show offences and if you change address you still keep the old one on the document, weird Is the UK saying their documents are crap and not recognized by any other country, surely not What made me laugh to get this document you need a National Insurance number since when did any one give this detail for a driving test
  12. Hi Our first home in France 1996 for 8 years was close to Objat near Brive a lovely area The best times here in France is when the Swallow like Brits flock off home
  13. Hi It seems daft to me to buy a car just because of its radio more importantly with the steering wheel in the wrong place many brits have bought cars in the UK thinking great price and then be stung for new lights and purchase tax its a dead brainer PS Having said that I am still in love with my UK 25 year old Citroen AX GT
  14. Hi Quote from Jonzjob The spirit, not the kind you chuck down yer neque, is a form of energy. As we all know, energy can't be destroyed, changed yes, but never destroyed. So when you pop-yer-clogs your spirit reformed to pure energy and will re-emerge as something different. Energy isn't alive or dead it just is. Therefore there can't be life after death, but your spirit will return. Maybe as a tree or anything. Nature is such a wonderful thing init Can I have a reference /proof that a " the spirit" exists and it is a known form of energy (let alone pure whats that ) because I suggest your argument has no foundation
  15. Hi Easter is from Eastre , from Eostre whose sacred animal was a Hare. Rabbits have nothing to do with this festival As for one poor soul, it was not happy Easter but who said hang on to those buns I will be back on Monday
  16. Hi The Mr Bricolage in Quillan/ Limoux are the worst Mr Bricolages I have ever come across I now never bother to go them but leg it to Leyroy Merlin /Brico depot Carcassonne/ Perpignan an hour away to visit their unfilled expensive shelves locally its just not worth the effort
  17. What's the problem I bet your house contains synthetic materials I never seen a wooden tv , plastics are everywhere Whilst I like wood with the exception of a few Clock surrounds garden implement handles and chair legs I dislike turned wood, its days are over totally impracticable
  18. A good job the wall was obviously crap makes you wonder why they filmed the incident and why others look on the internet to find to them
  19. I agree with Idun 20 years back I moved to France yes it was cheap in the Correze £20,000 we left 10 years later for another area sold the house with just £2,000 of works for 135,000 Euros the entire village is now inhabited by none French families In the Pays Basque our next home prices were expensive and few non French residents and very few unemployed personal, it took a while but we sold up with a little profit Now we are in the Aude its Correze time again cheap properties many Brits Americans and Aussies and dying villages In some towns there are young teenagers demanding money from you in the street
  20. This made me smile a way to get around French resistance http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws.english/News/1.2267618 There is a plan B I will love to see one in France
  21. Hi Are you using a BBC iplayer programme if so use repair if available or delete it and get a new copy it cured the same problem for me on a pc laptop
  22. Would it be cheaper to fell the pines and not spend so much time and effort trying to stick your finger in a d%ke (its been deleted but its the opposite of a ditch ) What ever measures you use to eradicate these creatures will not work if pine trees are nearby After 19 years my dogs and me and my wife have not suffered any problems despite living with them, yes they are dangerous but many other things are harmful but just be careful in their presence
  23. Some of the batteries I have had lasted 10 years no chance a fancy charger could have extended their life
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