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  1. Here is the link for the on-line registered mail
  2. As a scot I have to say Scotland were very disappointing against Wales. I only hope they are better against Italy
  3. I have had a firm called First Rate FX recommended to me. Does any one have any experience of them?
  4. After taking antibiotics Yoghourt can help to restore the good bacteria that have been killed off by the AB treatment. In the same way even a small amount of yoghourt can help to restart a septic tank. Given that bacteria multiply very fast the quantity is not so significant
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    Parsnips, Thank you for your advice.
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    I am currently in the proess of planning to move to France. ie We have had an offer accepted for a property but it's still early days in the process. I was wondering if we should move our money from ISA acounts in England before becoming permanently tax resident in France. Who would be the best people task for advice on this?
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