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  1. Thanks for your email Patricia - don't worry about all the 'exchanges' on here - it happens sometimes and it's best to ignore.  The important thing is Toby and I have passed his details on to some contacts in the hope that their websites might attract some interest also.  Unfortunately a lot of us in rural areas are surrounded by all sorts of tempting animals for those dogs who have the strong hunt/kill instrinct  in them and it's hard to contain them for sure and I do see your problem and urgency.  Local farmers and neighbours will not take kindly to him chasing ewes in lamb and with lambs at foot and will not hesitate to get their shot guns out.  He could do to be a coastal dog with lots of beaches to run about on.........with this in mind - have you thought of logging on to AngloInfo in the coastal regions and posting his details there?  An energetic family with no small pets.  We'll keep at it for him.

  2. Wow, how unnecessary was that little acid comment??  We ALL pull together when it comes to helping the dogs, no such thing as 'little cliques' !!  I was merely asking about whether it was a valid UK passport as it makes a big difference and your initial comment to me, making out it seemed pretty clear to you (and therefore why not me!), was trite and unnecessary also!  What is the matter with you?  We sometimes know of people who specifically ask for dogs that have current UK passports......... hence my reason for asking AND to which I still have no answer!  Be blowed, I'll not bother another time!

  3. This lady will give Tilly a home if she is still available?  I will pm you her details so you can contact her?

  4. I have emailed the English lady in question - and will let you know and put you in touch as soon as she gets back to me!

  5. Christine - I have a possible home for one of these!  Will dig out the email and follow it up - they are gorgeous!

  6. Christine underlined exactly what I was getting at - there is a big difference in the documentation.  Also contacts that I am passing him round to would like to have his chip number please?

  7. I have spread the word on this one as the current UK passport often gives the edge.

  8. Alex........... drooling after my hens and relaxing in the sun.  He's doing well and enjoying his life - he is also a dab hand at opening doors....!!!



  9. Found a lovely lady who is going to get this dear boy away tomorrow and give him a lovely home!

  10. Merlin

    Another Loss

    So sorry to read this - all our pets leave a big gap when they go, but the presence and love of a Great Dane must be all the harder to bear. Time heals but memories will always bring tears as well as fond rememberance.  My gorgeous Wolfhound is with me to this day in my heart and I hope one day to find another one to rescue to have this presence once more in my life.  Feel for you.

  11. Alex has been with us for a week now and is just loving his new found freedom, warmth and TLC.  He has been to the vet for some treatment for his cough (lungs might not be in great shape but vet doesn't seem unduly worried as yet) some anitbiotics for his ears and some special medication for his kidneys.  All these treatments are short term and if he manages to put on some weight, he should have a real chance of some quality life!   We are hoping that Alex will come back to a level of fitness that we think good enough for him to find a home with people who understand and like English Setters and have perhaps been following his progress.  We shall see.  For the moment he is doing really well and we love him for his courage to come back from such a terrible state.  I don't want to detract from the urgent posts surrounding this one - just to keep people who have been supporting Alex in the picture.  We shall post some more pictures of him very soon. Lots of love from Alex!

  12. Crashed out after a busy day in the sunshine!


  13. Alex and Jojo arrived safely yesterday.  Alex is just gorgeous!  They both are - so thin it's heartbreaking.  Alex has a cough but otherwise is very relaxed and affectionate and has been really good so far - they are both keen do'ers - positively inhale the food so they are getting small and often (4 times a day) for the moment bit like puppies.  Alex is very chilled and just loves to relax but also amazed us by chasing round the garden after hens and cats..... and he's been living in the cat house at the refuge!  Not trusting either of them off the lead yet as I think they are both capable of clearing the fences at a run!  Jojo howled last night for a bit but Alex slept in his basket by the fire most of the night but I did hear him coughing - SO - I am taking him to the vet this afternoon just in case with the week-end coming up!     It's a bit mad at the moment but I'm sure it will all calm down soon - could do without Jojo cocking his leg everywhere on the furniture tho.........!!  I will not be cashing any of the donation cheques just yet folks....... I really want to see what the vet says about him first.  That's it for now - yes I will get pictures later today if I can manage it but might be the week-end...........

    My dog therapist friend Melissa is coming shortly to assess both dogs.

  14. http://www.seulementnaturel.com/site/ for food and http://www.vet-medic.com/  for meds

  15. Val - your cheque arrived this morning - a very big thank you!  My husband has just left to meet Rowan half way so Alex and Jojo should be snuggled down and on their way back home by late afternoon!  They will be tired by four hours travelling, so fed and asleep by the fire by early evening I'm guessing!  They will never have to spend another night in the refuge!  Whenever I do this, my heart goes out the ones left behind........ so we push on.... and on.....

  16. Val - a very big thank you!  I have pm'd you.  Be assured that Alex will want for nothing and once he has rested for a couple of days I am going to get my vet to have a look at him and see what he thinks we can do to help Alex have the best quality of life possible for what time he has left.  My friend at  http://www.seulementnaturel.com/site/ is sending Alex a special diet to help with his kidneys and boost his immune system by way of her contribution to his care and I do feel that with his huge will to live, the support we can all give him will make the world of difference to this brave and lovely dog.  Thank you!

  17. Oh that's very kind.  I will send you details by email - thank you so much!

  18. I like the bit about my 'magical kingdom' Rowan!  I wish I were a wisard and able to make dogs' lives everywhere, safer, kinder and happier.  Slightly off thread - for those who remember Scramble the paralysed spaniel we took from Rowan at Carcassonne........ he walked on his own on just a collar and lead last week, without his sling!  I will update when I have time with pictures and video.  Goes without saying that will keep this thread updated with Alex's progress also, as soon as he's had some time to relax and settle to his new surroundings.  cheers all

  19. That is just wonderful....what a save Christine!!  Would love to see the reunion and only imagine what poor Zoe has been through in her mind bless her.  Hey if you have a camera handy?

  20. OMG will you look at that poor dog!!  It's just disgraceful and so very heartbreaking.  S*d the owners, what about helping the dog??

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