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  1. Just amazing. What an inspiration. Patricia
  2. If you are using the telephone through the computer and livebox and are on the call package then yes you can dial 0845 numbers. Just call the same way as any other UK number (leaving the 0 out). They are free of charge on this package. Regards.
  3. Turnaround time as "Just John" says. The thing that took the most time was waiting for the rain to stop before digging could commence because of the clay soil. Also you have to think about the inspector re-visiting when the whole thing has been laid, drainage bed etc, to ok the work. Our re-inspection came wthin one week. I suppose that part is dependent on how busy they are. Regards.
  4. Our cost of just under €6000 was for last year and included the ventilation, removal of some of the clay and bringing in and spreading new top soil. It also included a visit about three months after to ensure everything was working correctly. Regards.
  5. I am on the system you are considering with Orange. I am the last one on our line and 7.2kms away, but have no competition for the ADSL as we live in a remote area with very few neighbours and even fewer who have a computer. I have been told by other suppliers, on many occasions, that I cannot have ADSL as I am too far away. I was the first one in our village to go on-line so it worked straightaway but it can be slow on occasions. I notice it most when it is a weekend or school holidays when it is being used by neighbours' visitors. My friend regularly brings her laptop here and uses it by wireless connection to mine (which is plugged in) and we have not seen a noticeable difference. Regards - Patricia
  6. From speaking to other people that we know, the price seems to vary from department to department. We are in the Indre and paid just under €6000 for a similar lay-out to yours. But do not rush into anything you have up to 4 years to put it right. Hope this helps. Regards.
  7. Many thanks for that Merlin. Yes I have put Toby on Angloinfo also. Tried this route last year without any reponse at all - but here's fingers crossed. Let us hope Toby does not have to wait too long before he has a permanent and loving home. Regards - Patricia
  8. Thank you Christine for trying to help. I cannot understand why the situation with regard to Toby was not clear. I did say that his owner had returned to the UK with the promise of returning to collect Toby when his passport was valid for travel to the UK - ie: when the six months wait was up after the bood test, etc. I also said that the owner, after a while, said he did not want Toby. In fact, he did say get him put down. This we could not do as, apart from the problem with other small animals, he is a lovely dog and deserves to have a good life in a more suitable home. We also had his brother to rehome but he was more successful. So if there is anyone out there with anymore queries with regard to Toby please contact me and I will do my best to answer. Regards - Patricia
  9. Sorry about the delay in replying. Yes, Toby has a full passport that will allow him to travel to the UK. He is fully vaccinated and ready to go. He has been chemically castrated which will last until about July. He is also chipped and we have the paper to transfer his ownership. We did not transfer him to our name as we thought we would have been able to rehome him before now. His next rabies jab is due in January next year. He does have the positive blood test result. So as I say, he is fit, well and ready to go. Regards - Patricia
  10. Just to let you know that Toby is still waiting for a new home. As yet we have had no response for him and time is not on our side. Our farmer neighbour will shortly be bringing his sheep and lambs down into the field next to us and we will be on tenterhooks all while they are there. Apart from the smaller animals Toby is fine. So if you do not have rabbits, guinea pigs, baby goats and lambs please consider giving him a forever home. Best regards - Patricia
  11. My husband took part in a similar event a couple of years ago and paid 5€ for the table. There was no money made out of hiring out the tables, the increased profit came from people using the bar. Hope this helps. Patricia
  12. Yes he is. Very cuddly and loving. He is very good with children and our other dogs and cats. However, his downfall is the smaller animals. In the last few weeks he has killed my three rabbits, our best laying chicken and tried to kill a baby goat that we are hand-rearing. On saying this he would be ok with a family without these other pets. I hope we find somewhere soon for him but as yet we have had no response. Patricia
  13. We would like to rehome Toby, a cross Lurcher. Toby is now 2.1/2 years old, chipped and with a current passport. Toby was left with us when his owner returned to England saying he would be back when his passport was valid. Shortly afterwards he said he did not want Toby. Toby is house-trained and loves a cuddle. We have persevered with Toby for nearly two years and he is very good with our other dogs and cats. He is a large dog and not good with all our other animals (goats, chickens etc) so needs to go to a home without these types of animals. If you can help by rehoming Toby it would be most appreciated. We would prefer him not to go to the SPA as he is a lovely dog but not suitable for our home and animals. [IMG]http://i978.photobucket.com/albums/ae268/patricia-crabb/toby014.jpg[/IMG]
  14. I use the Anthony Worrell Thompson method for my Yorkshire Puddings - equal quantities. Take two eggs and break them into a small bowl, then whatever the volume of the eggs use the same measure of plain flour (T45) and then milk, plus a pinch of salt. Beat well and place in the fridge for at least half an hour.  Heat your tray at 200C with a generous amount of oil, or preferably duck or goose fat until very hot.  Pour the batter into the tin and bake for 15-20 mins until well risen and golden.  Makes 12.  (If the tin and fat are hot enough you will see the puddings start to cook whilst pouring in the batter.) It has never failed me. Regards - Patricia
  15. If you already pay your Tax d'habitation or Revenue by monthly payments then you do not need to send off the form (RIB) to your bank.  Payments will be taken automatically.  Regards - Patricia
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