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when did desks get so ugly?


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I have been looking for a nice, wooden desk, with drawers and sensual to the touch with rounded line.

So, what have I actually found?

Horrible, sharp, square lines, brutal-looking, like something you'd stretch someone on to torture them and not the least bit user-friendly[+o(]

Now I spend a fair bit of time at my desk and I have my scanner and printer, telephone, pens, paper trays, etc on it.  I have a pine affair at present, a flat-pack from Ikea.

Oh, for the joys of a desk at which I would like to sit and do all the admin stuff that I always find an excuse not to do.

Admittedly, I HAVE found some good-looking desks but only on leboncoin and they always seem to be at the opposite end of France to my home.

Any suggestions, anyone, please?

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I was going to suggest second-hand too . There are several huge depots here, but the pieces tend to be overpriced compared to the UK. Called brocantes, lots in the yellow pages.

Or a saleroom (auction.) That's where we got ours from, in the UK.

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All things got ugly when we became the older generation [:D]


Emmaus, I get all my hard furniture from there although recently I have been giving it a re-looking, removing (and saving) some of the carved ornamental panels replacing them with believe it or not laminate flooring, I'll have to upload some photos and then painting with a Lidl paint that gives a better than scabby chica effect.


My computer desk, or what I used for that purpose before the laptop containg the computer, the printer, drawers etc with a kneehole if needed is all hidden behind the front doors of a bow fronted mahogany unit (now scabby chica) you could not design a better unit yet I never knew till recently what it was in a previous life, it had some weird fittings, a top that would slide back and then flip down behind the rear exposing a strange hole, I surmised it was a bedroom wash stand, then I saw one in a museum, it was the case for a very bourgeois antique sewing machine which used to be made in our town.


I also have the best wardrobe in the world although it has always been une armoire penderie, its relatively small but has a lot of space, two doors one for hanging, the other half heigh mirrored with adjustable shelves behind it using a wooden ratchet system beneath 3 drawers, its several units in one and vety compact, it still has the paper delivery ticket from the makers to the first customer in Paris.


All of these meubles were made between the wars, some maybe before, they have lasted several lifetimes not like the paper wrapped chipboard self destruct modern stuff, they looked very old fashioned hence no-one wanted them, I never pay more than €20 and all can be made to look modern with little money without destroying them, that is to say they can be returned to their original finishes.

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Thank you, everyone, for your excellent suggestions.

So the quest goes on.  As soon as the weather improves, I shall be out and about nosing around brocantes and trocs, etc.

I might also put the word around friends and acquaintances. 

It has to be the right jobbie (Chance, I congratulate you on your useful find) and it's worth waiting for because a good desk is such a comforting thing to have[:)]

It's depressing to say the least looking at these nasty made-for-computer so-called desks with their sliding trays and flimsy construction.  To be fair to Ikea, my desk is actually stable and solid.  However, I long for an old-fashioned, traditional desk.  Could it be because what I yearn after is a bit of stability in our fast-changing and uncertain world?[:-))]

Yikes, have I at last become one of these aging types who can't let go of the past?  Oh dear...........

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 I had a little look last night and saw a few things. on Pier Imports and Amazon France.

And you are right, there are some UGLY looking desks, I was actually surprised when I saw some of them.

No idea what I will end up when we rehash our sitting room. but I reckon that OH will have to get some decent wood and make a good job of one for me[;-)]

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Some good ideas here, and Chancer, you have obviously done a good job on your findings.

We need a new office chair as our current one is falling apart; it came from the company our son used to work for - they were relacing their office furniture, having been taken over by an American company and all employees were invited to take their pick before it went to the local tip.

The old chair has been very comfortable, apart from me needing a cushion at my back as the seat is too long. We looked at a lot of office chairs this week, but couldn't cone to a decision. My husband spends many hours at the laptop in the current chair and he's had back problems for years; I use my ipad mostly and have back problems at times, and sometimes need to spend quite some time at the laptop too, we need something to suit us both.

Our son has set up our small spare bedroom as his office, having changed jobs recently, and has bought a very cheap Ikea office chair that both my husband and I tried and found terribly uncomfortable; he really needs something more supportive as he has terrible back problems, had to have an op last year.

There was one office chair we tried that seened to suit us both, but need to actually decide; my husband is a true Yorkshireman whereas I think, what the heck, it's only money - if it seems really necessary..........

Good luck with your hunt for a suitable attractive desk, Mint.
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Showing off! this is like ours, only we haven't done anything to it to improve the wood or the metal handles or the ? leather covering on the top:


I can't remember how much it was, bought it in the 1980s.

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Believe it or not, Pat, I had one very like it years ago, oak and red leather, but I think we had to get rid of it during one of our many house moves.

Just been thinking I'd like to have it back!

I wouldn't want leather now, just a nice wood top but bois verni (is that polished wood?) and I'm happy to accept a few scratches and signs of use.  There is something reassuring about slightly battered furniture, I think.

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Not bad for the price, add a bit for shipping?

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