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Builder/Plasterer needed.

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Hi everyone,

We have a house in Mussidan 1/2 north of Bergerac which is stuck in a 1970's timewarp.

We need a reliable builder/plaster to sort house out. 4 beds /2 lounges/dining room/ Kitchen/ Bathroom/Hall.

We want all the walls plastered, pipes put into walls(have had central heating fitted and the pipes run like a race track ) and ceilings sorted.

The French builder we have used for a few bits wants to insulate the walls with 8cm thick plasterboard and cannot understand that we just want to skim over the walls. Also he does not turn up until we are due to return to France.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

I would prefer someone who can speak English as my French is getting there but its still English French  

Email address is [email protected] 

(Browser wont let me access the one on here)

Regards Amanda

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