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Carpet Layers

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Are there any carpet layers with the necessary tools in the Gers (32) area.  I understand the French way is glue with no underlay......!!!! Woot! [:-))]

I am bringing carpet, underlay and gripper edge for one med bedroom and landing down from UK beginning of Aug and would like it laid.

Many thanks for any help, Kiwi

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Hi Kiwi

I'm only replying because your post seems to have drawn a blank. 

I don't know anyone personally but if you go to Yellow Pages France in English:

Yellow Pages

and put in the Business Type box


and put in the bottom box


you'll get a list of retailers who also fit carpets, but also some appear to be just one man operations so they are probably fitters.  No idea how they would get on with British grippers, though!  You may have to buy a knee-kicker and do it yourself if you want it done UK-style.  It's not that hard to do, I've done it in the past with results as good as those of a pro and most decent DIY manuals show you how.  Here's a website that tells you how:

Lay a Carpet

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