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Septic Fosse/House Insulation

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I have recenlty bought a house in Gers(32) near Mirande and have a septic fosse which needs draining out.  It hasn't been drained out for a number of years and I would be grateful to know who I should approach to arrange for this to be done and how much it is likely to cost.   I will be at the house for 2 weeks in July and ideally would like it drained whilst I am there.  

My house also has no insulation at present and therefore I wish to lay down rolls of loft insulation if that is possible to find in France.   I also feel that the walls will need insulation and would like to know if there are any products available such as insulation panels which could be attached to the walls and maybe later plastered.  My house is fairly old (1940's) and I do not believe it has cavity walls.   It would be really helpful to hear of your experiences and also the likely cost if possible.

Thank you for any help on this.

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I expect some of the forum experts will come back on this but you could try looking for Vidange (can mean an oil change in a car)in the yellow pages or  la vidange de fosses septiques. Ours is a fosse toutes eaux and should in theory be done every 4 years with a certificate to show the fosse inspector should he call. I thought fosse septiques were supposed to not need emptying but I don't know what the recent rule changes say about it.

On the subject of insulation we have all sorts installed by the previous owner. Something like vermiculite in some wall spaces and in other places polystyrene sheet, which I don't like because of the gases given off in a fire, fibre glass in others and lastly rockwool which is more expensive but less unpleasant to work with than fibre glass. Prices vary but checkout your local brico. Our place has had inner walls built using some sort of thin, hollow red brick although a lot of people use the metal frame stuff which is then covered with plasterboard and that works quite well for stud walls as well in my experience....................................JR

See http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1738685/ShowPost.aspx

and http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1509151/ShowPost.aspx

also http://forums.futura-sciences.com/habitat-bioclimatique-isolation-chauffage/201166-prix-dune-vidange-de-fosse-septique.html


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