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  1. Thank you very much for your reply it is much appreciated.  This sounds like a better option and I will follow up your suggestion and locate a builders yard.
  2. I am looking for some advice on where I can purchase a chimney pot cover in France.   I have a circular chimney pot which I intend to use for either a wood burner or open fireplace.  I found it difficult to find any chimney pot covers in France, but have found a good selection in the UK.  I have checked out most of the French DIY stores but no real luck.   Is it worth buying one in the UK and fit it in France or will this go against my house insurance in some way?

    Thank you for any help on this.

  3. I will soon be moving with my wife to the South West of France between Toulouse and Pau.  One of my main concerns is to find work and whilst we will have some finance to carry us through I will want to find work as soon as possible.    I am currently studying TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) and will expect to complete my studies before the move to France.  I do of course realise that it will not be easy, particularly with winter approaching and for many other reasons.   However with a career in training I am looking forward to a teaching job and hope that this will be possible.

    I would be very grateful to receive any advice on the best way to secure a teaching job.   I accept that it is probably only possible to work a few hours a week, and that work will be limited, but I will be happy with that.

    Thank you for any help and advice.

  4. Thank you all for your responses they were very helpful.  
  5. My wife and I will be moving to France someitme in October 2009 and we would be grateful to hear from anyone who can recommend a reliable revoval firm, able to take our furniture etc from the UK to South West France.   We have a cat who will also be relocating to France with us, and we would be grateful to hear from anyone who knows the best way to make her journey comfortable and with the minimum of stress.  We have a choice between flying or driving to France but have not yet decided on the best option.

    Thank you again.

  6. Thank you for your link to the Esse discussion forum.    I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had experience of using a Thermo Rosa multi fuel cooker, which I believe can be purchased in France.    With a range cooker that heats up radiators, is it necessary to have a water tank system in the loft or is it connected to the existing hot water boiler which I already have in the ground floor utility room.   Having read some of the comments on this subject it would seem that water pressure could affect the efficiency of a wood burning cooker, and that a secondary pump is necessary to overcome this.   I was hoping that it was just a question of installing a cooker and radiators and that would be it.   Thank you for any assistance on this.
  7. My wife and I are looking at installing a multifuel range cooker in our kitchen, which will provide heat to the kitchen and also provide heat to no more than 3 radiators.  We want to be able to use it like a stove as well as a cooker.  We have seen two we are quite keen on namely Esse (Ironheart) and Broseley (Thermo Rosa) but would like to hear from anyone who has experience of either and whether one is better than the other. If anyone can provide some feedback on these or other range cookers we would be grateful.   I have provided a link to both range cookers.  Thank you.



  8. I have recenlty bought a house in Gers(32) near Mirande and have a septic fosse which needs draining out.  It hasn't been drained out for a number of years and I would be grateful to know who I should approach to arrange for this to be done and how much it is likely to cost.   I will be at the house for 2 weeks in July and ideally would like it drained whilst I am there.  

    My house also has no insulation at present and therefore I wish to lay down rolls of loft insulation if that is possible to find in France.   I also feel that the walls will need insulation and would like to know if there are any products available such as insulation panels which could be attached to the walls and maybe later plastered.  My house is fairly old (1940's) and I do not believe it has cavity walls.   It would be really helpful to hear of your experiences and also the likely cost if possible.

    Thank you for any help on this.

  9. My wife and I are in the process of moving to Gers, near to Mirande/Mielan from the UK and are in the process of buying a house.   Naturally this will be a big move for us, and would be grateful for any advice on minimising the sort of problems which are likely to come our way.  (we expect that it will not be trouble free but hope that we can at least try to avoid major problems).    We are also interested in knowing more about the area and what social activities there could be available and the best ways to meet local people.  Thank you for any help you can give us.
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